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My first cartilage

Ever since I got my second holes in my ears, I had really wanted my cartilage done too. As cliched as this sounds, piercings (as I'm sure tattoos) are really addictive. The only thing stopping me from going ballistic with piercings is getting a professional job out of college :-( (it really sucks that people are still so freaking judgmental today). I'm usually very good with needles, but I had heard stories where people said it was painful and that some people's ears had swelled up after infections and it made me nervous.

I researched all the possible things that could go wrong with not piercing correctly and all the deformities (keloids, cartilage collapse, etc) that could follow. I talked to some friends who had multiple ear and body piercings and I looked on BME a lot and read a lot of other people's stories and it made me more confident in my decision.

Although I am 18 and am in college, my mother despised any piercings that weren't ear lobe piercings; she hated my second holes (she found out about my cartilage because someone had commented about it in a picture of mine on facebook; she just thinks I'm weird for getting it). I knew that if I got it, I would have to hide it (once I came home one saturday to get my car and wore a hat to cover my ears and it was warm outside, so I was sweating... hopefully my mom didn't know about it then otherwise, that was mean of her!) I had contemplated it for a while and decided one day with my roommate to both get our cartilages done.

I made her go first and she got very lightheaded and had to lie down for a few minutes. That unnerved me (especially because she already had some tattoos and other piercings) and I started feeling hot--but I couldn't back out at that point. I felt so much adrenaline pumping, but I was also kind of excited. The guy was getting the needle ready and I was looking at my other friends while they were giggling. My other friends were idiotically dancing and my piercer was cracking up, so I didn't really focus so much on what was about to go down. I held my roommate's hand and within less than a minute, the needle was through. Maybe it was because my friends were distracting me but, in all honestly, there was minimal, if any pain. It was a kind of "That's it? What the hell was I flipping out about?!"

Then, when he put the ring through, I could feel the pressure of something being squeezed through my ear. It took a longer time to get the jewelry through (obviously), so I was also more impatient than when the needle went through. However, because I knew what was going on, it didn't really make me nervous but at the most, slightly uncomfortable. It sort of felt like someone was pulling your ears slightly. I was lucky because unlike my roommate, I didn't bleed at all.

I couldn't sleep on my left side for about two weeks and while there was no blood when my cartilage was pierced, it tended to crust up blood afterwards sometimes for a few weeks. Now, it's been about a month and a half and it gets occasionally crusty, but it's healed up a lot and doesn't bleed anymore.

Now, I'm contemplating on where to get my next piercing. If you're worried about the pain or whatever discomfort that follows, it honestly does not hurt getting pierced, just some mild discomfort. Just remember, all piercings will have some sort of pain and if you don't psych yourself out, it will not hurt as bad as you think it will. The after piercing isn't so bad either-- just a little throbbing and discomfort (and I don't have that high of pain tolerance). Remember not to sleep on the side that was just pierced because it'll hurt and it'll get irritated if you do. Just ALWAYS make an effort to clean it one-two times a day with either a solution they gave you or just dial soap and water. Also, like with all new piercings, turn the ring; it will be easier and less painful to do it in the shower.

Also, depending on how you usually react to ear piercings, a BCR might be a better option than a regular stud because bacteria doesn't get trapped like it does with a stud and a butterfly backing. I got my ear lobes all pierced with studs and butterfly backing and it took nearly a year for all four holes to heal because there was not enough ventilation between the backing and skin (now I keep them slightly stretched with horseshoe rings, which are more comfortable to wear to sleep than studs).


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on: 09 Feb. 2011
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