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My Conch : Favourite Piercing To Date

I'd been thinking for a while that I wanted a new piercing, and after having my lobes pierced twice on each side and then getting a helix at the top of one ear, I wanted something to fill the gap in the middle. My ear looked like it was missing something, and I felt that a new piercing was it!

I had a look around on the internet and waited for the little granulation on my helix piercing to disappear before settling on getting a conch piercing. I'd seen someone with one and thought it looked cool, and merrily coerced my mum into driving me to the piercing shop. She wasn’t best pleased that I was getting another piercing, but agreed under duress to take me.

I got to the piercing place (Marks and Punctures, Aylesbury) and filled out all the necessary paperwork. I was nervous, but instantly relieved when I sat down in the room at the back that I was going to have the same piercer (Mark) that did my helix piercing (and has gone on to do all my other piercings since).

Mark came in, pulled on a pair of rubber gloves (Latex intolerance can make life interesting!) and began discussing what size jewellery I wanted. All of my current jewellery was a 1.2mm size, but because I wanted to be able to wear body spirals in my conch I decided a 1.6mm might be easier.

He pulled out a variety of coloured barbells in their sealed packets and I chose a dark blue titanium bar. He got all the equipment out in front of me (sterile needle, cork, numbing spray, lubricant to help the needle go through easier, marker pen, cleaning wipe), and told me to relax.

He cleaned my ear, and asked me where I wanted my piercing. Sods law that I choose the bit right in between two veins - (why is it when I get nervous, all my veins pop out and get in the way?!) - He said he was willing to pierce it, but it would be tricky and there was a risk he might catch the edge of one of the veins. He seemed confident enough that he could do it so I was quite happy to leave it up to his better judgement.

He got me to lie down, because he could see I was crapping myself, (What a girl!) and sprayed on some "numbing" spray. I use the word "numbing" loosely because it didn't actually take any of the pain away, just made my ear feel cold for about 2 seconds until the needle went through and then I remember thinking that it was hurting. After that i got a huge adrenaline rush and putting the jewellery didn't hurt any more or less than the actual piercing itself.

I sat back up, and felt a little bit nautious afterwards, because the pain felt quite "deep". It was more painful than my helix for example which just felt sharp and pinching. However, there wasn't any blood, and i spent pretty much the whole car journey home looking at my new piercing. I wasn't really aware of it the next day until I managed to catch it with my hairbrush - OUCH - but I quickly realised as long as I didn't lie on it, or catch it on anything, it seemed happy enough in itself.

2 weeks later I had to go into hospital to have a tonsillectomy, and they told me I'd have to take all my piercings out (much to my dismay), but I managed to sort out putting plastic PTFE jewellery through all my piercings to keep them open. (I didn't really want to go through another conch piercing, especially as it would be through scar tissue if I had it pierced again). The PTFE served me really well, as I don't heal particularly well from most piercings, so if you've got problems I'd suggest getting a PTFE bar instead of a titanium one.

I was really really ill after my tonsillectomy, so much so that I didn't really move for about a week, and was almost taken back into hospital. This meant that I didn't actually clean my piercing at all during the time i was healing from my tonsillectomy (about 2-3 weeks all in all). Not to be recommended under normal circumstances, but as I was so ill, it meant I was too ill to fiddle with it, catch it on anything or sleep on it (I was propped up due to my bruised neck).

All in all, it healed REALLY quickly, and without any complications/bumps or problems at all. It was literally healed completely within about 6 weeks. I have yet to have another piercing that heals that perfectly. 6 weeks is pretty good going for a cartilage piercing considering i've had other cartilage piercings take 3 months to heal and then still be temperamental for no apparent reason for another 6 months.

To anyone who's looking to get it done, yes it did hurt, but it wasn't unbearable, and as long as you leave it well alone except for cleaning, then you should have a gorgeous new piercing without much effort!

My conch was my favourite piercing when i got it, and is still probably my favourite to date.


submitted by: Linzi322
on: 05 April 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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