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Angel wing tattoo on back by Jackie Rabbit

uploaded by Jackie Rabbit on 07 March 2012


First off... this is this girl's FIRST tattoo! Secondly...we did it all in a single 6 hrs session. she was a BEAST! But aside from the bad-assery there is a great story. She had some awesome inspiration to keep her going. She told me that when she was very little she spent most of her time being taken care of by her grandmother. They were very close as you can imagine. She was a very religious woman and always told bed time stories from the bible but was able to make them seem amazing and magical for her little grand daughter. She always called her her "little angel" even after she grew up. Nikki was lucky enough to be at her grandmothers side when she passed away a few months ago. She was very old and had made her peace with the world. Before she passed she told her grand daughter that it was ok and that she was going home to be with the angels. With all this talk of angels and the greif of her loss it seemed pretty clear to Nikki what to do :)
Artist: Jackie Rabbit
Studio: Star City Tattoo
Location: 4202 Brambleton Ave. Roanoke, VA


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