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Abney Park Logo-Patch in Gear

uploaded by Nixie_Nocturne on 21 Sept. 2015


I got this tattoo to commemorate becoming a promoter just to get my favorite band (Abney Park) to play in my section of the country! The whole band LOVED this tattoo ♥ They used to sell this patch of their Jolly Rodger logo on a striped background; I wanted a gear to help tie it in with my planned biomechanical high-coverage tattoos. The gear I chose ended up also being the costume contest entries I handed out to worthy costumed attendants, which ended up being my first time on-stage in many years, so it's extra-special! Yes, that line is messed up - entirely NOT the fault of my tattoo artist, as I had already had another tattoo just before I got this one, and I began to reject ink :( Due for a touch-up, although I've grown attached to the imperfectness on that line! Photo by "Captain" Robert Brown of Abney Park
Artist: Kylan (my partner)
Location: Denver, CO


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