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Cammie Cat portrait by Jackie Rabbit

uploaded by Jackie Rabbit on 21 March 2012


Last week i had the pleasure of hanging out with and tattooing blogger and all 'round cool chika Janeson Keeley. At age 52 she decided to get her very first tattoo... a portrait of her lil kittie Cammie. Being a retired school teacher without tattoos and all around very professional looking she didnt seem like my usual client. I have to admit that I was indeed guilty of judging a book by its cover. But we bonded over the ink and the blood and the good conversation. She was a hoot and we had a BLAST! She sat like a veteran and took it like a woman. For a first timer I was very impressed. Of course she blogged about it. Here is the link : http://janeson59.com/2012/03/17/what-my-ink-really-means/
Artist: Jackie Rabbit
Studio: Star City Tattoo
Location: 4202 Brambleton Ave. Roanoke, VA


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