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Babylon Berlin

uploaded by NickOZuchthaus on 08 May 2020
Location: Berlin, DE.


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Saturday, May 9, 2020 @4:44 a.m.
http://www.bme.com/s/Y7t1 I guess that [IAM] the best person to comment..... Because this picture is of me, taken in my own prison, the wonderful JVA Grossenhain prison, in Grossenhain, Saxony, Germany. About 35km away from Dresden, our beautiful State capital. Babylon Berlin is a German TV series about the tumulteous times, crime/drugs/intrigue/politics sex in the 1920s. All these things DO IT for ME! Hence my Babylon Berlin tattoo, ably done in Berlin, last year! Fang Hell, ably done by my tattooist mate Greg in Northwood Hills, London, has an Icelandic prison and language interpretation..... You also see here my KwaZulu scarification. Any enquiries welcome..... [email protected] last

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