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my first face tattoo

uploaded by jamesdrew on 06 Feb. 2014


you're probably thinking this kid is a batman fanatic,Wrong,Though I'm a fan of DC,(I like marvel more)the dark knight wasn't my inspiration for the bats tatted on my face. I thought awhile and long,for the decision I really don't have to give anyone a specific reason on why I choose bats,or why on my face in general,I'm not being defensive.I feel im entitled to keep that to myself. the fabulous katie ohara did such an amazing job b t w this picture was taken after I got them. Follow me on IG:jamesdreww
Artist: katie ohara
Studio: Hurtswell Tattoo Co
Location: 401 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA


available sizes:

small medium large
180x120 640x480 1024x768

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