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23rd January 2012

uploaded by nexizydrate on 24 Jan. 2012


this is my ears as they are today. i can fit a 3mm glass spiral in my right and my left is still a slit. i am awaiting seeing a plastic surgeon to fit my right earlobe as i dont want to mess with the left. fingers crossed that the plastic surgeon will say yes and my right lob can be fixed on the NHS. or i will have to go private and pay alot of money. I wanted for years to be 20MM and now due to an artist doing too much in one hit, using unclean clamps and acryllic tapers (which BTW he offered to me as jewellery) i now have a mishapen earlobe and another which needs skimming and stitching. no more 20MM lobes and it is highly unlikely i will ever have them now. (right ear lobe being scalpelled http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqx4rbs0Au4)


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