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uploaded by viciouspanda on 16 June 2020


this really was done poorly, and I'm embarrassed. I told the artist to use as fine a line as possible.. and the print I made, brought to him, then he transferred was super-thin lined.. but he immediately went over it to thicken it up. I STRESSED beforehand to make it thin, he said of course of course.. and ..nope! SO, be sure you trust your artist knows what to do, and is capable of doing what you require of them! my sleeve was also done horrifically different than intended, but then I was under-age and nervous to question the artist.. live and learn! Easy to covour that one up though, but not this neck piece -however there is still plan to add more to it, so maybe it will be nicer. Originally just this, in delicately-fine lines, then add secondary more intricate design in UV/glow-in-dark pigmented ink of an electrical circuit.. haven't found an artist for this yet.


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