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Book - Corpo ao Extremo

uploaded by chubby_vegan on 21 Aug. 2012


On the 11th of August at the Bienal do Livro, an unpublished report book focused in body modification was present by the “In House” publishing house. With the title Corpo ao extremo – A nova face de uma cultura modificada, the book can be considered the first one, approaching journalistically the subject of extreme body changing in Brazil, also it shows how the people who have their bodys changed acts, being seen and feel about this extreme changing which is not as known as the normal body modification (body piercings and tattoos). The body modification world’s, which has many techniques – some of them brought from ages ago and some of them created nowadays like the subcutaneous implant, scarifications and tongue splits, are seen with some rejections by the actual society – are explained and illustrated on the book. The book brings almost 30 interviews including psychologists, doctors and some of the principal professionals of the body changing, it talks not just about the prejudgement, but also religion, healthy and history. Focused on the capital of São Paulo/Brazil and some other nearby cities, Corpo ao Extremo – A nova face de uma cultura modificada brings opinions and comments of some people, changed or not, and also who knows at least something about the subject, the body changing.


BME Culture


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