My name is TIFFANY. I'm 37 years old, and married with kids.

I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, and an amateur photographer.

I've been on IAM since 2002, previously as "Shaman."


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Too Much Faith
3/4/2003 | 0 comments

I was driving to work this morning when I realized/remembered that driving is based totally on the faith that the other drivers are going to do what they're supposed to do. I stopped at a red light. I mean, I actually stopped because some light was red. Nothing else in my life has control over me like that. I took my foot off the break and slid forward... Then I decided, for convenience's sake, that I would stop, *not* because the light was red, but because I *wanted* to stop. Crisis averted.

Interesting Events
3/4/2003 | 1 comments

*APP CONFERENCE - June 1 to June 5, 2003

*BURNING MAN - August 25 to September 1, 2003

Looking for...
3/3/2003 | 0 comments

...people to talk to about suspension in the state of California. I live in Southern California, but at this point, I would be willing to drive the distance just to learn SOMETHING. Nevada and Arizona are relatively close too.

Something Else
3/3/2003 | 0 comments

I have a remnant of a dream lingering somewhere in the back of my head. Strange. It sorta tastes like Green Tea, or maybe that Mint Ice Cream from Ben n' Jerry's that has those huge chocolate chunks in it. Or maybe it's something else. Maybe it's not a dream, but rather, a forgotten memory of something I never experienced. Damn that inter-dimensional travel.

3/2/2003 | 0 comments

I have designed a tattoo enhanced brand for my calf. It started off as a tribal tattoo, but it wasn't quite right. So I kept designing and re-designing. I'm going to see Cynthia at CMHurt in Garden Grove next weekend to discuss the design. Once the brand heals, I'll add the tattoo portion, probably by Roger at Action Tattoo.

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