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My name is TIFFANY. I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, a Commissioned Notary Public, and an amateur photographer.

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My Piercings:

  • 1" Lobes (bottom hole)
  • 4g Lobe (second hole)
  • 14g Bridge Piercing
  • 12g Septum Piercing
  • 16g Philtrum Piercing
  • 6g Labret/Lower Lip Piercing
  • 14g NIpple Piercings

My Tattoos:
  • Full color butterfly, left forearm
  • Blackwork Butterfly, right forearm
  • Blackwork Crop Circles, left calf
  • Infinity Symbol, back of neck

My Cuttings:
  • Squares Inside of Squares, right calf

Suspensions and Pulls:
  • (dates coming soon)


Very Bad News
7/23/2009 | 2 comments

Apparently, I have hyperthyroidism. There are a few ways to combat it, but the best way is one radioactive iodine treatment. Radiation. Great.

Think Happy Thoughts!
7/21/2009 | 0 comments

My appointment with the Endocrinologist is today at 1:30pm. I can't imagine what it's going to be like. I'm hoping they just look at the bloodwork that's already been done and just prescribe me some medication. That would be simple.

When we're done with my appointment, David and I are going out to anniversary lunch at a steak joint inside the Viejas Casino, and probably shopping at the outlet malls afterward. Fun stuff!

Population One
7/20/2009 | 0 comments

Something pathetic wiggled its way into my soul and made camp. I refuse to let it stay. I refuse to live my life this way. I keep saying, "something has to change," but that's bullshit. *I* am what needs to change.

Poor Woe Is Me
7/19/2009 | 0 comments

I'm stressed out about the Endocrinologist appointment on Tuesday. My mind wanders down a hundred dark paths, making up as many twisted things they could do to me, supposedly "in my best interest." I worry about the things they'll make me consent to, making me feel like I've brought the torture upon myself willingly. Every second that ticks by brings on a new horrid image. I am afraid.

Good/Bad News
7/16/2009 | 1 comments

It's hard to tell if it's good news or bad news, but apparently I have a problem with my Thyroid. The doctor said the anxiety may be caused by my hypothyriodism. In essence, my Thyroid is barely working at all. On one hand, yay for finally finding an answer! On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to my trip to the Endocrinologist on Tuesday at 1:30pm.


15th Annual So. Cal. BME & IAM BBQ!

Aug. 1 @ 11 AM
Category: BBQ/Munch/Meet

The 15th Annual BMEzine.com and IAM, body modification professional ...


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