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My name is TIFFANY. I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, a Commissioned Notary Public, and an amateur photographer.

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or Email Me at: tiffany@tmhahn.com

My Piercings:

  • 1" Lobes (bottom hole)
  • 4g Lobe (second hole)
  • 14g Bridge Piercing
  • 12g Septum Piercing
  • 16g Philtrum Piercing
  • 6g Labret/Lower Lip Piercing
  • 14g NIpple Piercings

My Tattoos:
  • Full color butterfly, left forearm
  • Blackwork Butterfly, right forearm
  • Blackwork Crop Circles, left calf
  • Infinity Symbol, back of neck

My Cuttings:
  • Squares Inside of Squares, right calf

Suspensions and Pulls:
  • (dates coming soon)


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You probably came from my "ABOUT ME" section. Here's what was on that page:

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About Me - Shaman


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(That picture to the left looks like a mugshot. But for some reason, I like it.)

This page will provide greater detail than that on my main BME/IAM page. This is mostly to deter anyone who might be viewing my page from a (non-iam) status, and will probably be completely overlooked by anyone just cruising through IAM.

My name is Tiffany Monique LeClair.  I am 28 years old.  My birthday is on February 15, and I was born in the year 1979.  I am an Aquarius.  I am currently living in Southern California, just north of Los Angeles.  I travel for work (as a private investigator and a Commissioned Notary Public).

I am currently enrolled full-time in college, determined to get my degree in Computer Science. I am hoping that, combined with my Private Investigation experience, will make for a good background in security and internet related software building. We shalll see!

I also enjoy website design.  I am experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Wiki formats.  I also enjoy writing, both as creating reference material (wiki) and creative writing.  I am proficient in PhotoShop, and frequently make customized graphics and banners for the websites I edit. I have mastered custom layouts in BME's IAM, LiveJournal, and MySpace. 

I am good at burning bridges and saying the wrong thing.  It's not that I'm insensitive, but rather that I am willing to use my vocabulary when angered.  Wait.  Maybe that does make me insensitive.  I think that stems from two things - documenting observations from my private investigation job (which I started doing in 1996) and from writing.  If you want to know what's on my mind, I'll probably do a good job explaining it.

I have two wonderful children.  Maximus (age 3-1/2) and Leona (age 2).  I had a tubal-ligation after Leona's birth, and thus, am voluntarily sterile.  I did not believe that I had the resources to raise more than two children.

My defining characteristic is my spirituality.  I have had a relationship with the "unseen" aspects of the world for quite some time.  My first specific related memory was around age 8.  I honestly assumed it was an imaginary friend, which I had heard about on television.  But the longer I interacted with this "being," the more I learned about things of which I had no previous knowledge.  The first exercise involved feeling colors with my hands, and progressed from there.  By the time I was about 12, I realized that this "imaginary friend" was teaching me things.  How could something that originated from my mind teach me something I did not already know?  I began searching for an answer.  I immediately discovered magic, witchcraft, Wicca, angels, and other related topics.  I also discovered material on extra-sensory perception.  Which was it? Magic or ESP? I soon realized that the source does not matter.  I was a loner, a solitary creature.  This certainly wasn't anything I was going to be discussing with my limited number high school friends.  I decided that, what mattered, was continuing to learn and develop.

Many modern "pagans" were raised with some sort of spirituality; frequently, some flavor of Christianity.  I am of Norwegian descent.  My family lineage includes quite a bit of traveling. The Norwegians moved to Scotland.  Their Scottish children moved to Canada.  Their Canadian children moved to Southern California.  My grandmother was actually born and raised in Manitoba, Canada.  My family's own version of spirituality seems to be passed down verbally.  It seems to have some "flavor" from pagan or native-people's spirituality from Norway, Scotland, and North American Natives. 

I am a duality.  I like technology and a complete lack of technology.  I like science (the seen) and magic (the unseen).

I am fascinated by the spiritual side of body modification.  I frequently ritualize new modifications.  Further down on this page you will read about one of my featured experiences, my ritual septum piercing.  I am also very interested in learning and knowing about various jewelry styles and materials.  The following is a list of my piercings and the jewelry I have in them.
Current Piercings:

  • Bridge Piercing - Straight Barbell, 16g, 9/16" Long, 1/8" balls.  316LVM ASTM F138 Steel with Counter-boared Balls.  Industrial Strength.
  • Both Nostrils Pierced - Nosebones, 16g, 1/4" Long, 1/8" balls.  316LVM ASTM F138 Steel.  LeRoi special order.
  • Septum Piercing - Crescent/Pincher, 8g, 3/8" Diameter, Silicone O-rings, 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel.  Body Circle Designs.
  • Lobe Piercing - First/Bottom Hole - Double-Flared Eyelet, 1/2", 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel. Industrial Strength.
  • Lobe Piercing - Second Hole - Double-Flared Eyelet, 4g, 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel. Industrial Strength.
  • Lobe Piercing - Third Hole (Left Only) - CBR/Ball and Socket Ring - 8g, 3/8" Diameter, 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel. Body Circle Designs.
  • Tragus Piercing (Left Only) - Double-flared Eyelet - 8g, 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel. Industrial Strength.
  • Navel Piercing - J-curve, 14g, 1/2" Long, 3/16" Ball and 1/4" Ball. 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel. Body Circle Designs.
  • Helix Piercing (Right Only - Industrial Remnant) - Flatback Labret, 14g, 1/4" Long, 1/8" Ball. 316LVM ASTM F138 Steel. Industrial Strength.

I usually perform piercings on myself.  However, I have two favorite piercing shops that I frequent: Enigma in San Diego and Anomaly in Pasadena.  My most recent modification, my bridge piercing, was done by Matt at Enigma.  My most recent tattoo, a near-photograph quality butterfly on my left forearm, was done by Chris at 1st Amendment Tattoo in Simi Valley.

I first created my IAM page in January 2003.  I believe I first found BME in 1997.  I remember, it my early days exploring BME, I came across the most incredible "risk" I had ever read about.  It was titled, "change of ideals."  In essence, this risk entry warned those new to body modification to take into consideration that, someday, they may not want the modifications they have.  The tattoos and piercings may fit a current lifestyle, but a "change of ideals" may make one have negative feelings towards their modifications.  I remember laughing and thinking, "this WAS my change of ideals."  My change was to modifications, not away from it.  Frequently, I read about how people started modifying their bodies at an early age.  Not me.   

Interestingly, I did not receive my first non-ear piercing until my 21st birthday in February of 2000.  I got my navel pierced for my birthday.  Then my matching left and right ear industrial piercings.  After that came the first of many attempts to have both nostrils pierced.  I had a variety of problems with my nostril piercings including poor placement and a jewelry metal allergy.  Ultimately, my left nostril was pierced in 2003 while I was approximately 7 months pregnant with my son.  My right nostril was then pierced in 2005 when I was pregnant with my daughter.  After learning from previous hardships, I have found proper jewelry and symmetrical locations for my nostril piercings.  Then came the navel piercing stretch, the septum piercing, a third hole in my left lobe, and the bridge piercing.

My piercings have been in a fluctuating status up until recently.  I had my septum stretched up to a 4g, but found this was too big to be comfortable.  I returned to an 8g, and believe this is the perfect gauge for my septum piercing.  My nostrils have fluctuated in size between 18g to 16g; I believe 16g is preferable.  My navel piercing has fluctuated between 16g and 12g; I believe 14g is most comfortable.  I like the aesthetic value of my lobe piercings - 1/2" and 4g seem to look nice together.  And the third hole on my left ear looks good in an 8g.  I feel like I've found the perfect gauge and perfect jewelry for all but one of my piercings.  I have a relatively large CBR in the third hole on my left ear.  I believe I will ultimately put an 8g double-flared eyelet in it once it heals a little more.

After creating my IAM page in January 2003, I immediately wanted to know what more I could do to help out the greater cause.  That cause being, of course, to spread knowledge and information regarding body modification.  I greatly support BME.  I review experiences as often as I am able. I am currently ranked in the top 250 reviewers, and hope to make the top 200 very soon.  I have also made original contributions to wiki.bmezine.com on a number of occasions.  The two largest entries that I have contributed to have been on Mycosis (fungal infections) and Spirituality.

What's next?  Piercing-wise, I believe I will be piercing my nipples sometime soon.  I am still breastfeeding my daughter, and once she weans, nipple piercings are on my agenda.  I would also like a vertical clitoral hood piercing, and possibly a triangle piercing.  I intermittently contemplate a labret, especially since I believe it would compliment the facial piercings I already have.  Every piercing I have, I intend to keep for life.  With the labret, I am concerned that I would have to take it out at some point to allow gum-erosion to heal, as gum-erosion seems to be an unavoidable side effect of this piercing.  If I learn of a way to prevent long-term problems and find I will be able to keep the piercing as long as I like, I would definitely consider a labret piercing.  Tattoo-wise, I have a lot of blank skin.  I have begun efforts to prepare my skin for some rather large, rather lengthy tattoo sessions.  This preparation amounts to staying out of the sun, using moisturizer regularly, and other activities along those lines.  I feel I will ultimately design the perfect tattoo for my face also, and will have it done shortly thereafter.  

There are a few last things you should know about me.  People who really know me, know my answer to these questions.  I think the answers to these three questions will give you a better understanding as to the way my mind works.  

What is the funniest thing you can think of?

Strangely enough, the funniest thing I can think of is a scene from "Pulp Fiction."  "Why'd you hafta go and shoot Marvin in the face?!"  The scene where John Travolta's character accidentally shoots the man sitting in the back seat of the car - that is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  It's just so random, so senseless.  Here he was, carrying on a conversation with the guy in the backseat when, bam, he accidentally shoots him in the face and brains fly everywhere.  That's awesome.  What a fucking weird movie.  It's probably one of my favorites.

What flowers do you like?

Actually, I don't really like flowers.  I think they are a waste of money.  I would rather see flowers growing wild, or even in a garden.  That said, I would probably say that sunflowers or johnny-jump-ups are my favorites.  Especially the huge sunflowers.  When someone gives me flowers, I usually take it as a sign of how little they know me.  If it's my birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or any other flowery-holiday, I would rather have something functional.  Or, even better, a piece of someone's time.  Time is valuable.  And by "time," I mean, spend time with me.  Do something with me that I like.  Walk around Fry's Electronics, for example.

What annoys you?

Separate but equal was deemed unconstitutional a long time ago.  But for some unknown fucking reason, men and women still have separate bathrooms.  If I bring up this issue to a woman, a common answer is, "men are gross, and their farts are gross, and their poop is gross, and why would I want to share a bathroom with them?"  If I bring the issue up to a man, a common answer is, "women are gross, tampons are gross, pads are gross, why would I want to share a bathroom with a woman who can't even stand to pee?"  Okay people, you know what?  The bathroom is where everyone takes care of their dirty business.  Grow up.  As a woman, I agree that tampons and pads are gross.  The thought of a man standing to pee doesn't phase me at all, but it's not something that I would stand and watch if given the chance.  (Well, okay, maybe I might.)  Let's make one big bathroom.  Plenty of urinals all around.  Lots of stalls.  Everyone's shit stinks.  And it's not like we toss the used tampons and pads on the floor.  They go in the trashcan, fucktards.  Get over it. 

[Edit1: Someone suggested that there is actually a privacy issue with men and women sharing a bathroom.  Huh?  Are you telling me that a man can't look at a man, and a woman can't look at a woman?  Sure, there are perverts out there, and yes, perverts have to pee too.  But that's a lame excuse.] 
[Edit2: Another response - what about children?  Shouldn't we protect the privacy of children?  Yes.  Small children usually accompany their mothers or fathers into the restroom.  Bigger kids do go into the bathroom alone.  But what if big brother and little sister didn't have to go into separate bathrooms?  What if mom and dad didn't have to go into different bathrooms?  And think of all the other moms and dads out there; don't you think if they saw something happening to someone else's kid, they would step up?  We have become a mass that is afraid to get involved.  Well, enough!  Let's take care of each other.  Let's start with the children.  And the bathroom.  Let's start with the bathroom.]

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I hate sleeping alone. I always have.


15th Annual So. Cal. BME & IAM BBQ!

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The 15th Annual BMEzine.com and IAM, body modification professional ...


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