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8/31/2005 | 3 comments

so- it's a strange time right now (what else is new)-
not working for... oh my god- almost 6 months and goin' a little stir crazy-

still- i haven't kept track of how much cash i've lost, but- i just don't see it as loss- i have some money from the sale of the house, and sure, i might miss it later on when i want to purchase another home, or pay my freakin' student loans-

but i think that i was more of a mess than i realized- and we wonder why women stay! damn- i knew way back when that leaving was going to be sooo difficult. not because of love and grief, but because guys like EvilX just don't let go-

research shows that it takes 7 times for a woman to leave before she stays gone, AND for those who have dealt with real violence... the most dangerous time for her is AFTER she's left-

oh well- i really hope i could get back into the shelter (for work that is!) or maybe the DV agency for this county- it's my niche, it's my passion- and now- i even understand a bit more about all of the twisted power plays that occur when a client DOES leave-

and u know- it's one thing to know as a professional that any given dad probably won't get the "full residential custody with visitation granted to the child's mother" but- shit- i think i now have the real life experience to be OH so understanding when the threat alone is freaking out one of my clients-

oh freedom- oh freedom- still callin' my name

8/27/2005 | 1 comments

well- i finally did it.
i opened up a private forum for women and girls dealing with domestic violence. i've been putting off since i got here in IAM, because i wanted to be sure that i could put a bit of time into it. but u know, if we wait until the right time to do things, well some of them just do not get done.

8/15/2005 | 10 comments

today has been a good day- so far-
had my coffee in hand before the little one woke up, and then when he did wake up, he was in a decent mood! you just never know with that one, but today, he just hung out in his bed talkin' to one of his stuffed dogs.

the big one showed up with girlfriend and their little one. i told...

oops! Hillary Duff's Disney music video just came on, and i think the little guy has a crush on her. he just gave me a glance and then stopped everything to watch her. ahhh- young love.

and yes Baby- we can throw snowballs at each other, but i don't like them in my face-

ANYway- the visit went well. it seems that we have really come back to the general territory of having a decent relationship. and this is one of the most valuable things in my life.

oh well, the little guy's garden has given us another zucchini, one more cucumber to throw in with the mutant pumpkin-pickles and enough cherry tomatoes to feed the whole neighborhood.

food shopping went well... chocolate soy milk, apples, bananas, cool whip... oh wait- Baby, you hate cool whip, yes?

hm- what else? it's amazing how good it feels after a serious rainstorm, with a full moon on the way, and of course being POSTmenstrual

and for THIS moment- i think that life is good-

8/11/2005 | 4 comments

u know... i wish i could stay focused on the positive & on what's really important here-

death, sickness- these things wake us all up right? a feud suddenly ends with a hug when the real things are before us, grudges gone, bonds strengthened... it happens. I've lived it myself.

so- i read that a friend of a friend lost her unborn baby a few days ago, had to labor thru and say her goodbyes.

and i think- does it matter if EvilX has the little guy for 2 nights midweek? does it really matter?

and i laugh- out loud, my eyes still wet with the sadness i feel for a mother i don't even know. and i say to myself, quite surprised... "yeah-it matters!"

so there we have it. i WILL continue to fight my fight with an angry, obsessed, immature man- but maybe for a little while, i will fight will better perspective-

a baby girl she was~

8/8/2005 | 7 comments

well... it was completely unexpected and i love it! i can hardly contain myself- but somehow- i will most DEFinitely manage


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