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ink-  back-ribs-ankle-wrist-shoulder

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Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people

                          - Eleanor Roosevelt



9/29/2005 | 4 comments


topic: ~Karma~

talk amongst yourselves

9/26/2005 | 0 comments

so... i got to work at the shelter yesterday. it was nice to be there, but i know that right now my "job" is to finish all of this custody bullshit with EvilX. sometimes, i feel torn about what i SHUD be doing- working, not working- working...

no- i don't feel torn, i feel scared, paniced even. my profit from the sale of the house was SOME cash. the attorney has 10K so far, and rent and utilities, phones... are slowly chipping away at the little lump i do have.

still- i am NOT going to fuck up my "position" at all by being unavailable for the little guy! too bad it has to go like this, huh?

hopefully, we'll be done by, shit... December?

oh well- in this moment, in this week, i feel that life IS good, and i am happy, and... thankful for all of the loved ones i have in my life

9/20/2005 | 3 comments

so- i hear that Kitty is down in the Swamplands, and that she is safe.
i don't know though...

i wonder if this is a ransom kind of thing...

i might feel a bit more at ease if i could see a video tape of her or something!!

oh well- i gotta go file a report-

9/15/2005 | 2 comments

she will finally feel the chaos,
like the tide,
quieting down.
and then, there will only be him.

he is all she knows,
he is all she sees.
he is like no one she has experienced.
he is like no man she has ever let inside her world.

he is home with her.
and she is healed by his connection to her.
she is whole because he met her where she was,
and he wasn't afraid to go wherever she wandered.

he makes her laugh,
and when he loves her,
he brings her to tears.
he has brought her life.

and she has given herself to him completely.
there is no other.
he was always hers,
and she has always belonged to him.

she has waited for him
since she was child,
and now...
he is here-

~ catalaioch~

9/14/2005 | 0 comments

so- by tomorrow night at this time, i will be quiet. well- alright, i'll probably still be draining my brain but i'll be trying to settle down.

and my sweetie, while his tongue's busy, he doesn't even care if i talk and talk and talk. and sometimes i just can't even help it. it kinda sucks, but i do what i can to help myself along and him not minding when i get distracted is really the only way out of it.

i DID pick up some new CDs, that usually helps. well- "wait baby, too loud." "one minute baby, too quiet." "shit baby, i'm sorry, this music is distracting me!"

and then- IF things go as usual...


I wish...

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ohsuzanne "( I wish I could take a shower right now.)"
barcode "(IAM will find a way to come back to life)"
northern lights "(for inner peace....and lots of chocolate!)"
MeShell "(for joy)"
bodybuilderef "(I was indenpendently wealthy)"
prettypinkkitty007 "(my student loans were paid off.)"
ubuntu "(my teeth were fixed)"
Curt "(you great happiness!)"
.caitlin. "(I didn't have to worry about money)"
ShaggyDope "(i wish i was on a freight train.)"
-Matt- "(..I never had to work, and that noone would ever get sick anymore)"
rayneofsorrow "(I Could be at peace in my head)"
VEAL "(Where did I end up? lol)"
sane "(, i wish i wish i'd never eatin' that fish)"
mountainmansamiam "(I would have had a soul mate, but my number was never drawn)"
sweetcheeks "(For piece of mind, that's all I want.)"
CorruptedChuck "(Peace)"
death kisses "( )"
visiblydistorted "(that our grandchildrens' grandchildren won't be corporate slaves)"
BadlyDrawnGirl "(that i could shower ALONE, i have 2 kids. )"
paulo4127 "(I wish I could time travel)"
chemically_lobotomized "(perfect health, smaller boobies, HAWT boyfriend with a big wang!)"
shalla_bal "(I wish for one more day with Gary)"
cirrin "(for peace, inner as well as world)"
catalaioch "(I knew what to wish for. . .)"
Guilt of Eve "(I could breathe under water!)"
charlie_ihsan "(For my Dad's cancer to go away. )"
vizante "(... to play piercing right now )"
The Rainbow Panda "(That every guy was at least Bi. lol)"
HEDGEHOG51 "(I could be content with what I have)"
Lethalgirl "(for respect, love, honor, passion, commitment, learning)"
xJAXONx "( )"
Modster "(For a content life)"
nopek "(for guidance and acceptance)"
Plaid "(i was an oscar meyer weiner. that is what i truely wish to be...)"
thepiercedbird "(for a tuna sammich)"
vmaxgirl "(to love like I have never been hurt before)"
GnomeChomsky "(for my work to be miraculously closed tomorrow)"
DejaMoon "(to just let go. )"
fluffykins "(i could leave )"
Sugar "(for permanent remission from lupus!)"
MizzGrell "(To win the Super 7 so I'll get all that money and help people)"
urban.herbalist "(I had ten fingers.)"
Saline the Salt Cake Queen "(you lived closer and under a rainbow)"
Dawnie "( )"
i say death "(i could just give up and sleep forever)"
Jim "(I had more time)"
Mariposa "(Things would have worked out differently...)"
Miseraya Companya "(To be healthy, mentally and physically.)"
Jol "(I didnt have to always worry)"
Rawiri "(love for everyone)"
Hell on Wheels "(for only the best for the people i care about)"
Jae "(travel was faster and easier)"
TheJestfulPoet "(Dirt)"
CausticTwin "(inner peace as well as being financially able to not work. )"
aack "(I was back home)"
Starr "(i wish i could really fly high above it all...just like in my dreams-)"
darthlaurian "(I could be with my love)"
Eclipsed "(this was easier..)"
Chadgrisly "(I hope you enjoyed passing through. Visit our souvenir shop....)"
Amadahy "(winter will be over quickly)"
kleptesvirgo "( )"
())crayon))> "(I had someone to cuddle)"
You.Are.Beautiful. "(happiness, well-being, peace, and harmony for everyone.)"
EziliGede "(to keep it together and raise my sons well)"
Morning_Star "(Dreams that come true.....)"
helena "(Eternal vacation!)"
HeadlessLego "(Upon a starr...)"
Granger "(for peace, happiness and enough money to get more tattoos)"
YoungMom "(For health and happiness for my friends and family)"
Madsteel "(i could look like before pregnancy...)"
Deeeluxxx "( )"
Celticgent "(happiness to everyone.)"
rebekahsXrevenge "(that we could all see the beauty of life without having to suffer)"
Kalinkina "( )"
lost and found "(to be at peace)"
Alledria "(it would continue raining so I have an excuse to stay in)"
blackandblue "( )"
Sean_P "(Early retirement!)"
dazedeagle "(...oh how I wish.)"
Zobot "(I was a baller!)"
EvenFlow "(My vacation started today)"
3mmy "(i had some monnnnney)"
Caroline452 "(The world wasn't so quick to judge me by my appearence)"
TMHahn "(To learn to live with remembering.)"
Veasy "(I can go Home some day. )"
Nikkimodifiedbeauty92 "(That more people could see me for the girl I am and that everyone could accept each other without judgment )"  

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