"I have come too far, and I cannot return..."


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I am:

  • 32 years old 37 years old 40 years old
  • Looking at BME pages since the BME/WORLD started.
  • Member of IAM since August, 2002
  • Former maker of body jewelery.
  • I have lived in the Wizard's Tower... (In fact, it's "mine") A funky apartment in Kensington Market, in a building covered in psychedelic paintings, I've been there for 5 years as of April 1st. 2011 Now live in my dead grandparent's derelict and disintegrating house since end of May, 2011
  • I live with a girl named Gilly-Bean, a busker named Jamie who is about to move out, my long term girlfriend/fiancée (see below) and my two four kitties Aurynn Pants Magnificence (a magnificent tabby) and the Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes ("Goldie") (a gold, white and black calico) AND NOW Rudy (a grey tortie) and Norman (a beautiful sealpoint himalayan)
  • After about a decade of polyamory and womanizing I am in a single recent (1.5 months) long term (5 years as of tomorrow) (8+ years) awesome(sauce) relationship, with DJ Perple Doorknob Broomstick AKA City Center. 
  • Now recovering from a major depressive episode that lasted since late 2009/early 2010. still struggle with depression and anxiety sometimes but doing pretty ok in the grand scheme of things as of 2016. rarely suffer from serious depression or anxiety anymore.
  • I make art-objects, art installations, sacred spaces, and sometimes paint or draw (badly). Sometimes I make electronic music or mixes. I throw raves and volunteer at parties and festivals. Frankly these days I mostly work, drink beer, embroider, paint, play video games, do gardening and the occasional nature walks and sometimes cook a fancy meal for the ol' lady. I am a member of the local NDP so actually have to volunteer to do political crap. This is a lot more occupying during campaign season.
  • I have a propensity for breaking into impromptu dances and/or improvised song (this has still not changed as of 2016 2019)
  •  Can't wait for 2020 so I can compare the state of the world to the old RPG Cyberpunk 2020



    100 percent all-canadian beefcake! Who do you think of when you mastrubate? K-HOLE


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7/25/2019 | 2 comments

Wow end of the 2nd row. Impressive.

Election planning meeting tonight.


Rosie is being difficult about feeding. God damn reptiles so picky.

I'm tired.

I woke up on Tuesday with a broken incisor. I don't even have a dentist here.


It is Thursday

Getting rid of the old armchair
6/12/2019 | 0 comments

I loved that chair but I hardly use it anymore and it takes up such valuable real estate.


Our rings arrived and they didn't fit so we are exchanging them. Somehow when we got our fingers sized the results were way off. They're gorgeous rings but.... Well what are you going to do. At least the vendor didn't give us any hassle about an exchange.

New Accounts
6/8/2019 | 0 comments

One of them is even real and not spam.


We both feel sick and tired today. Our big list of major action items appears to be a bit too daunting and many items will be ignored in favour of quiet and easy hobbies

I have been neglectful, my pretties.
6/6/2019 | 0 comments

Between working 6 days a week and all the pet care and housework, and taking reading time or other kinds of cool-down before bed I simply haven't been getting much screen time. I keep telling myself that I'll do a big diary entry here and big post on the secret reddit community on such-and-such day but then it doesn't happen. I also am supposed to be filling in for my NDP RA communications officer but I've been highly neglectful of the RA social media.


I will be in the Rose Festival Parade again this year.

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5/18/2019 | 0 comments

My parents bought us fitbits.


We are going to go on a shopping expedition to get plastic bins and a new scale.

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