"I have come too far, and I cannot return..."


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I am:

  • 32 years old 37 years old 40 years old
  • Looking at BME pages since the BME/WORLD started.
  • Member of IAM since August, 2002
  • Former maker of body jewelery.
  • I have lived in the Wizard's Tower... (In fact, it's "mine") A funky apartment in Kensington Market, in a building covered in psychedelic paintings, I've been there for 5 years as of April 1st. 2011 Now live in my dead grandparent's derelict and disintegrating house since end of May, 2011
  • I live with a girl named Gilly-Bean, a busker named Jamie who is about to move out, my long term girlfriend/fiancée (see below) and my two four kitties Aurynn Pants Magnificence (a magnificent tabby) and the Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes ("Goldie") (a gold, white and black calico) AND NOW Rudy (a grey tortie) and Norman (a beautiful sealpoint himalayan)
  • After about a decade of polyamory and womanizing I am in a single recent (1.5 months) long term (5 years as of tomorrow) (8+ years) awesome(sauce) relationship, with DJ Perple Doorknob Broomstick AKA City Center. 
  • Now recovering from a major depressive episode that lasted since late 2009/early 2010. still struggle with depression and anxiety sometimes but doing pretty ok in the grand scheme of things as of 2016. rarely suffer from serious depression or anxiety anymore.
  • I make art-objects, art installations, sacred spaces, and sometimes paint or draw (badly). Sometimes I make electronic music or mixes. I throw raves and volunteer at parties and festivals. Frankly these days I mostly work, drink beer, embroider, paint, play video games, do gardening and the occasional nature walks and sometimes cook a fancy meal for the ol' lady. I am a member of the local NDP so actually have to volunteer to do political crap. This is a lot more occupying during campaign season.
  • I have a propensity for breaking into impromptu dances and/or improvised song (this has still not changed as of 2016 2019)
  •  Can't wait for 2020 so I can compare the state of the world to the old RPG Cyberpunk 2020



    100 percent all-canadian beefcake! Who do you think of when you mastrubate? K-HOLE


12/5/2003 | 0 comments

SO we drank a bottle of vodka. (40oz) Then heddi and brie took pinup pictures. I was not to be included. That isnt important to heather, to do things with me.

Another Dai!
12/4/2003 | 0 comments

It was an OK day! OK?

Yeah, I slept in and my neck and teeth hurt (I had my head propped up while I slept funny i guess and was prolly grinding my teeth again) I had slept in, funny I don;t remember turning off my alarm. Anyway, I polished all day again, well, for four hours. See, I got in late but thats ok, because Ian was still out front waiting for someone to come let him in! Then Keary showed up and then Hillary came and let us in finally. Um, yeah, then I polished - first CBRs on the cone, to finish them off, then some nostril screws, which Tom asked me to round the ends more but Keary took them and tossed them back in the tumbler. And then I started on the labret studs. Keary said he'd show me how to make the titanium pinchers/claws I like so much, with notches even! Anyway, I left around 4, went to Java and did my chem assignments and then went class to turn them in, then went home. Finally. Meg came by cuz she was locked out! She forgotted her keys at work! ( Poor Meg! yeah so I also got a christmas card from blueeyedvixen8 cool eh!?! Then Brie showed up andwe are drinking. And, Heddi and brie are putting on makeup now.

That's the story of my life.

did I forget to mention...
12/4/2003 | 0 comments

That I got my lip back up to 10 ga last night, but its with the blue titanium CBB instead of black niobium one (which has now landed in my septum) hmm, I want septum claw. mmmRaw!

12/4/2003 | 0 comments

What a wierd day


So I woke up and I did stuff and I went to the streetcar stop at about 10.35 and it was right there so I got upon it.

Lo and behold. Paul, of all people, Jacob's friend, got on the streetcar. I didn't recognise him at first, I was groogy and tired and he gained a lot of weight since the last time I saw him. Turns out he's working now as a bouncer at Tonic. That's cool, so maybe we'll go down there with Jake on the weekend.

Then I went to stainless, it was great - however, I got there at about 11:15 so I went to Java for a coffee to go and then stood outside until about 12:15 this guy started talking to me for about 20 minutes. Wierd, he said he might come by and we can go out to hotbox cafe. Anyway Hillary showed up at 12.15 and I got to work - Long story short: I buffed CBRs for a foxx werks wholesale order for 8 hours. Keary said he'd show me how to make CBRs tomorrow. Yeah! so I did the rings really good, but tom made me start at them with the cone, which I think kind of undid the good work I did with the soft buffer. That's just MY opinion. What do I know

Dustin came by. That was nice! But I was very busy, I wanted to finish all the CBRs. And I did, sort of. ARGH the order is so big, and it's got to be done as soon as possible.

On the way home I ran into Rivera, formerly of grassroots, and she is moving to the country, apparently she is a big fan of stainless and so is her brother and sister. Isn't that nice? Yeah. She said she was coming by there soon to get presents for them anyway so she might see me at work.

I called my mother. That was unimpressive. She doesn;t seem to be at all interested in my life. I decided to unload the pin-up pix tomorrow. I called my dad, but he's in Belfast, Ireland so I talked to Dawn for a long time. that was nice. I found out what they're getting us for giftmas. She's far more interested in our lives than my mother. That makes me sad.

I met heddi after she got off work and we went to a fox&fiddle near there and guess who was there? Crazy Genevieve or however you spell it (Like John- Vie - ehve) It's one of those run-into-people-days I love those days!

Now I'm going to review experiences, but wait... look at this logo I pasted togehter!

Mmm sweepy
12/3/2003 | 0 comments

I have to leave in about 1/2 hour. I am sleepy, didn't get done till late late late!

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