"I have come too far, and I cannot return..."


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I am:

  • 32 years old 37 years old 40 years old
  • Looking at BME pages since the BME/WORLD started.
  • Member of IAM since August, 2002
  • Former maker of body jewelery.
  • I have lived in the Wizard's Tower... (In fact, it's "mine") A funky apartment in Kensington Market, in a building covered in psychedelic paintings, I've been there for 5 years as of April 1st. 2011 Now live in my dead grandparent's derelict and disintegrating house since end of May, 2011
  • I live with a girl named Gilly-Bean, a busker named Jamie who is about to move out, my long term girlfriend/fiancée (see below) and my two four kitties Aurynn Pants Magnificence (a magnificent tabby) and the Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes ("Goldie") (a gold, white and black calico) AND NOW Rudy (a grey tortie) and Norman (a beautiful sealpoint himalayan)
  • After about a decade of polyamory and womanizing I am in a single recent (1.5 months) long term (5 years as of tomorrow) (8+ years) awesome(sauce) relationship, with DJ Perple Doorknob Broomstick AKA City Center. 
  • Now recovering from a major depressive episode that lasted since late 2009/early 2010. still struggle with depression and anxiety sometimes but doing pretty ok in the grand scheme of things as of 2016. rarely suffer from serious depression or anxiety anymore.
  • I make art-objects, art installations, sacred spaces, and sometimes paint or draw (badly). Sometimes I make electronic music or mixes. I throw raves and volunteer at parties and festivals. Frankly these days I mostly work, drink beer, embroider, paint, play video games, do gardening and the occasional nature walks and sometimes cook a fancy meal for the ol' lady. I am a member of the local NDP so actually have to volunteer to do political crap. This is a lot more occupying during campaign season.
  • I have a propensity for breaking into impromptu dances and/or improvised song (this has still not changed as of 2016 2019)
  •  Can't wait for 2020 so I can compare the state of the world to the old RPG Cyberpunk 2020



    100 percent all-canadian beefcake! Who do you think of when you mastrubate? K-HOLE


12/9/2003 | 0 comments

mmmmm my mouth hurts a lot, just on the right side. i havent taken any painkillers today but i took 3 before bed last night, and truth be told, if i can function relatively well without them, id rather not have them. i slept in (obviously) and plan on doing useful things today, like studying, and laundry, and experience WRITING maybe some review. yeah, and picking out which um, pin-up photos to use.

*why did they only give me tylenol 3?
12/9/2003 | 0 comments

I want percocet. no wait. morphine. yeah.

I woke up too early, i thought my appointment was at 11.15, IT WAS AT 13.15. Shit! So anyway, they didn't knock me out, atleast I was concious for some of the procedure, like they part when they took my teeth out. hahaaha. I was on morphine though, so I didn't care. And afterwards, I felt giddy and happy. Yeah, then heddi bought me all this soft stuff to eat. like ice cream. i got tylenol 3s, and some funcky mouthwash. And, um, the check for my cleaning months ago finally came from the insurance company, how fucking long does it take to process this thing? I should have atleast two more coming. I need that cash, you know. Anyway, my face hurts.

The end.

12/7/2003 | 0 comments

Oh yeah, you know what pissed me off yesterday? Amarjit was working punched out, so that jackie could supposedly add those hours to next week so he wouldn't get overtime. If I have to explain what is wrong with that, it's not worth explaining to you.

Yeah, work was fine today, tomorrow I have dental surgery. I cant eat or drink anything after 12 tonight. Shit!

Yeah, hillaryd drew my picture for the little stainless studios staff thing.


12/7/2003 | 0 comments

I don';t know why i am hiding this, but I am, so yesterday I um, yeah that guy who lived in evas place shelter came into stainless, and stunk up the washroom, funny i saw him earlier before heddis company party walking down the street. Last night jacob came over, we drank and smoked weed Today I nabbed an "extreme" traveller mug for hillary **BLIST1END** That's why I was groggy this morning... (cryptic y'all?) Yeah, starbucks sucks! Anyway, went out after work with heddi and went to her old store. Then we went to gabby's for drinks. Thats a bar, for those who don't know. Um humm, not much to say today, looking forward to working at stainless tomorrow! Mmm and I thought about my bio for the company website...

12/6/2003 | 0 comments


Yep, got to work on time. That was a mistake. I was slightly groggy from the ridiculous amount of vodka I drank last night, but I was OK. I grabbed an americano from Java, then went to work. I waited for a while. Then Hillary came. Then I got to work. Keary is funny, basically, tom has been soliciting wholesale orders we can't fill, so those are late, and stock hasn't been being made for the store! **BLIST1END** Keary showed me how to make pinchers, and how to blacken ti/nio, so now we made a 10 ga black nio septum pincher and I'm wearing it right now. It's not perfect, but hey, it was my first time. I'll get better!

I have to work at starfuckers tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get an extreme mug and some awake tea for hillary.

I organised the Foxx werks **BLIST1END** wholesale order into sections, because Tom (?) or maybe everybody was just mixing everything in different stages of done-ness together, that's very impractical. I want to make an inventory list too, so we can see what the store needs, and get to that when we have time.

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