"I have come too far, and I cannot return..."


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I am:

  • 32 years old 37 years old 40 years old
  • Looking at BME pages since the BME/WORLD started.
  • Member of IAM since August, 2002
  • Former maker of body jewelery.
  • I have lived in the Wizard's Tower... (In fact, it's "mine") A funky apartment in Kensington Market, in a building covered in psychedelic paintings, I've been there for 5 years as of April 1st. 2011 Now live in my dead grandparent's derelict and disintegrating house since end of May, 2011
  • I live with a girl named Gilly-Bean, a busker named Jamie who is about to move out, my long term girlfriend/fiancée (see below) and my two four kitties Aurynn Pants Magnificence (a magnificent tabby) and the Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes ("Goldie") (a gold, white and black calico) AND NOW Rudy (a grey tortie) and Norman (a beautiful sealpoint himalayan)
  • After about a decade of polyamory and womanizing I am in a single recent (1.5 months) long term (5 years as of tomorrow) (8+ years) awesome(sauce) relationship, with DJ Perple Doorknob Broomstick AKA City Center. 
  • Now recovering from a major depressive episode that lasted since late 2009/early 2010. still struggle with depression and anxiety sometimes but doing pretty ok in the grand scheme of things as of 2016. rarely suffer from serious depression or anxiety anymore.
  • I make art-objects, art installations, sacred spaces, and sometimes paint or draw (badly). Sometimes I make electronic music or mixes. I throw raves and volunteer at parties and festivals. Frankly these days I mostly work, drink beer, embroider, paint, play video games, do gardening and the occasional nature walks and sometimes cook a fancy meal for the ol' lady. I am a member of the local NDP so actually have to volunteer to do political crap. This is a lot more occupying during campaign season.
  • I have a propensity for breaking into impromptu dances and/or improvised song (this has still not changed as of 2016 2019)
  •  Can't wait for 2020 so I can compare the state of the world to the old RPG Cyberpunk 2020



    100 percent all-canadian beefcake! Who do you think of when you mastrubate? K-HOLE


12/21/2003 | 0 comments

one, and just one, of my fillings has been really bothering me for the last few days, if it doesnt stop soon i think i will have to go back to the dentist. fuck!

speaking of which, my insurance company owes me a damn lot of money for my prior dental claims, sure taking thier time about them eh?

12/21/2003 | 0 comments

my picture index caught up, reviewing some experiences. My nipples are a little sore from the sensitive from the stretch, but not bad.

12/20/2003 | 0 comments

who makes a 9 hour movie or whatever it was without an intermission? THats just mean man! THere were so many people getting up in the middle of it. And about half an hour of completely unneccessary ending. In case you were wondering, i am talking about "the return of the king" which I went to see last night with tom, two of his neighbours Ivan and something, badur, Tim, Caroline and most critically - HEath er. Hey I also left a message yesterday with Caroline Defoy about getting my tattoo, thats it.

bun bun bun ting of fire, ting of fire...
12/19/2003 | 0 comments

yeah and i listened to the white album at work again today. what joy in life. Badur came by the shop again. i made stuff, worked on the lathe, made a 10 ga barbell for myself - tonight... think i finished my very simple and long overdue tattoo design... hah why'd it take so long? OK next task -- cleaning up basement, getting in contact with carolyn, and um, designing more tattoos? no wait, getting all the rest of my stuff from moms house.

Just Missed it!
12/16/2003 | 0 comments

"You have submitted 145 images this year, putting you in 54th place on the leaderboards. You would need to submit three more images to be tied for 53rd place, or 2,121 to tie for first place. You have submitted four experiences, putting you in 15th place (tied with 34 other people). You would need to submit one more experience to be tied for 14th place, or eighteen to tie for first place. "

so close, yet so, so far away. next year maybe hahaha.

christina came over today. heddi and i got in a fight.

Tim was in the studio today.

I could have had a more productive day, but i still had a nice time. Working on some personal references to make some things a little easier and more organised. That is all.

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