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My name is Britney, and I live in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. I currently have 11 piercings; eight in my ears (including tragus), my nostril, my septum, and one microdermal surface anchor on my cheek. I have 6 tattoos; a tiny star on my left wrist, a tiny heart on my right hand, a tribute to my mom on my right wrist, a large vine of cherry blossoms on my chest/shoulder/back, and two large swallow birds on my right and left shoulder blades. One of the best feelings is the feeling you get after a new tattoo or piercing!


New Piercing & Tattoo!
9/25/2013 | 0 comments
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Hey everyone. This is my first post on here! Yesterday I got my first microdermal piercing at No Ka Oi in Philly, PA. It was done by Haley Street, and she was SUPER sweet and informative. I'm so glad I had a good experience there. No Ka Oi has an AMAZING selection of piercing jewelery and will pierce anything you want done. Everyone is very educated in what they do. I have 9 piercings, and by far my anti-eyebrow surface anchor was the least painful. I got a cute little light blue opal gem (14g).

The day before that I got my 6th tattoo, on my right wrist by Matt Brownlee at Baker Street Tattoo in Media, PA. He was one of the nicest tattoo artists I've ever dealt with! The place was very clean and he made sure I was comfortable and calm. My tattoo reads, "X.XXVII.MMI" with a heart above it. It's in Roman numerals and means October 27th, 2001; the date my mom passed away. The date that forever changed my life, and has made me a stronger person. The day that has taught me that life is short and fleeting, and should be cherished always.


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