"'Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss' - A. Dumas"

My name is Britney, and I live in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. I currently have 11 piercings; eight in my ears (including tragus), my nostril, my septum, and one microdermal surface anchor on my cheek. I have 6 tattoos; a tiny star on my left wrist, a tiny heart on my right hand, a tribute to my mom on my right wrist, a large vine of cherry blossoms on my chest/shoulder/back, and two large swallow birds on my right and left shoulder blades. One of the best feelings is the feeling you get after a new tattoo or piercing!


10/25/2013 | 0 comments

All of my new piercings are doing great! My microdermal feels great. Knock on wood, I haven't hit it or even accidentally scratched it. It looks and feels amazing. My tragus is still a little sore. I make sure I don't sleep on that side. So far so good. Today is day 3 of having my septum done so it's still pretty sore. I don't have work until Monday so it'll give it a few days for the swelling to go down so it will be easier to flip it up for work. I'm in love with it!! Can't wait to get my forward helix!

Septum Piercing!
10/23/2013 | 0 comments

So, I got my septum pierced today. And I still stand by my word when I say that the tragus was the worst one I've gotten. Before I went to the piercing shop I YouTube'd "how to hide a septum piercing" to make sure that it was completely able to be hidden, since I work and my boss was NOT happy with my surface piercing and doesn't even like my nose piercing. So discretion sometimes had to be a must. I also read some people's experiences with getting their septum pierced. Some said it was the worst pain they've ever experienced and some said it was a breeze. I'm a baby so I feared for the worst. I went into Northern Lights where the awesome and lovely Hannah Bananza, did my piercing. She pierced me with a 16g half-captive ring, pretty small. IT LOOKS AWESOME! (Pix are in my IAM album) It probably hurt the least out of all my piercings, only because it happened so fast! With my tragus it took FOREVER for the girl to get it through the other side. Well, all is well. I will be hiding my new beauty while at my house so my dad doesn't beat me and work so my boss doesn't fire me lol. Can't wait to get some BVLA or IStrength in their!

Tragus Piercing
10/5/2013 | 0 comments

I got my tragus pierced! And it was, by far, the most painful piercing I have gotten. It's not so much that it hurt unbearably, but it just took a little longer to actually pierce since it is a thick area of cartilage. It wasn't just through and through, done! It was through... and a little bit more through... and done, haha. Anyway, it looks great. I have a white opal by Anatometal Inc.  (16g) in there right now. I can't wait to get my forward helix done next! While I was there (at No Ka Oi, Phila.) my piercer (Iva Karageorgieva) changed my nose jewelry as well.. Before, I had a nose bone in there. I had no idea how bad these were!!!! She had to yank it out and it hurt unbelievably that my eye watered really bad. My poor nose hole, it has been closed and opened and stretched and reopened about a dozen times. Once jewelry is taken out, it almost immediately closes up so the piercer usually has to stretch it again. OUCH! Anyway, I traded the nose bone for an Anatometal Inc. pink opal and it looks great! I can't wait to get my white opal in the mail. I ordered earrings to match and another opal nose ring as well. WOOOOOOOOOO~

So Far, So Good!
9/30/2013 | 0 comments

So, so far my new microdermal cheek piercing and my new wrist tattoo are doing a-okay. I do 1/4 tsp. kosher salt and 8 oz. distilled water soak on my piercing each night, and it bleeds a little. I asked my Haley, the girl who pierced me, if this was okay and she said that it was, but that I should stop the soaks for a few days. So just been putting on H2Ocean when I wake up and before I go to sleep. So far so good. I put one of those little circle bandaids loosely on my piercing when I go to sleep, to ensure that I don't accidentally hit it with my hand while it's healing. It makes me feel much better knowing I can't scratch it or hit it while I sleep. I also sleep with my cats right near my face so this also ensures that cat hair and stuff can't get to it. 

9/25/2013 | 0 comments

So my anti-eyebrow microdermal piercing looks great. And feels great! I'm in no pain at all and don't even know it's there! Last night I slept with a clean piece of gauze and medical tape over the piercing to ensure that I wouldn't snag it during the night while I sleep. I soaked it with a saline solution last night (1/4 tsp.. kosher salt & 8 oz. distilled water). The piercer said that since there's only one exit to my piercing, the warm saline solution will help drawl all the bad stuff out. And it did! When I soaked it, it bled a little bit and got the rest of the crusties out. I'll be soaking it with the saline solution once before I go to bed, and cleaning the area with H2Ocean in the morning and how ever often necessary throughout the day. I'm wary of getting a shower though. I don't want shampoo or my face wash to get into my piercing =/. I think maybe I'll put a water bottle cap over the area and secure it on with medical tape, to ensure nothing gets in there while I shower.

My nose piercing still isn't healed all the way. Right now I have a nose bone in there and I'm dreading taking it out. I've had it done almost 1 year in December and every time I take it out to change the jewelery it starts closing up immediately. So annoying. Love my nose piercing though!


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