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Las Vegas
6/29/2013 | 1 comments

Recently I took a quick trip to Las Vegas (during the APP convention, although I didn't actually go). Hunter had set up an appointment with Steve to get a magnetic implant in his finger. It was a much needed break and I was particularly excited because implants are awesome. While in Vegas we had some awesome vegan donuts and raw vegan food.  Hunters appointment with Steve went really well and I enjoyed watching every step.  I don't know what it is about scalpels but they excite me more than a piercing or tattoo needle ever could.  Needless to say I got so into the idea of an implant that I decided that when Steve comes to Colorado at the end of July I'll be getting a skeleton key implant in my hand. It will be the first procedure since my scarification appointment that I am super excited about.  

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