""I aim to be both artist and work of art""

Hello I'm Nixiie

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I don't want to waste my life.

I'm only 5'2" tall, but people don't usually realize that when they meet me, i guess i have a big personality?

If I have ANY spare money it usually gets spent on mods. Sometimes I end up spending money that I probably shouldn't be... Its always worth it though.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere and now live in the city. It's a weird transition.



Open relationships

I'm atrocious at meeting people/making friends. Shy, awkward, i rarely make the first move. 

I'm very interested in astrology, i can interpret your birth chart, but it takes a long time. I'm very much a scorpio myself.

When i fall in love i fall hard.

Sex without pain is pretty boring

Depression runs in my blood. I'm working on that.

I love creating things, art is great!

I love cats!

I don't take bullshit and i don't like fakes.


Some of the photos in my gallery are NSFW, enter at your own risk


My Mods:
00 1/2 9/16 5/8 lobes (done for now)
left ear: 2 other lobe piercings, conch, two helix and a vertical helix all 14g Daith 16g
right ear: 14g vertical helix
18g 16g 14g nostril piercing
16g double right eyebrow
14g vertical labret
14g 12g 10g 8g 6g nipples 
14g 10g 86g 4g 2g 0g 00g septum
14g inverse navel REJECTED re-pierced
14g bridge 
two 12g 6g 2g inner labia peircings
Scorpio tattoo on my forearm
Fishie tattoo on my neck
Flower sticknpoke on the back of my wrist
Pentacle sticknpoke on my ankle 
'Social War' tag sticknpoke on the back of my calf
Spine and vines back piece
"Stay Posi" knuckle tattoos
Horned God symbol under my navel 
"You're Doing Better Than You Know" sticknpoke above the right knee
NEVER COMPROMISE rune scarification on my arm


Crucifixion Suspension at ROP BBQ 2011 8/13/11
6pt Resurrection Suspension (Birthday Present) 11/7/11
2pt Suicide Spinning Beam at ROP BBQ 8/2/13 

Future Mods:
Triangle Piercing (retry) 
Anti eyebrow type microdermal?
Tongue piercing?
septum stretched to a 0? Goal reached, and more!
nipples stretched to a 6g Goal reached!
Quite a few tattoos, i have lots of half formed ideas
Ear Pointing?
Collarbone implants?
Many, many more suspensions


M*@ pSFB3TW>XG tTJNA>[email protected] EICTB>M a--- D-- [email protected] b-:. P++ T>+ s->+ S-- I->+ e c---:+ [email protected] r++ x+++(++)@ [email protected] 


Can't wait
10/14/2011 | 3 comments

At the top of this page it tells me that there are 24 days until my birthday. What it doesn't say is that i also have 24 days until my next suspension. Hooray! Adept tattoos, a very nice local shop will be facilitating a resurection suspension for me on my 19th birthday. That's all i really have to say i guess. I'm REALLY excited though!


The First Day of the Rest of My Life
9/5/2011 | 1 comments

Yesterday was the first day of my adult life, and if first days are anything to go on, it looks like things are going to go pretty well for me. I'm not the kind of person who has an easy time meeting people. I don't really start conversations with strangers and it's just generally hard for me to make friends. Apparently this is not the case in Halifax. Yesterday was my first day all alone after moving to a city whre i don't know a single person. After unpacking/decorating my apartment for a bit i decided to go out and wander around. People are friendly here! I managed to meet a whole bunch of wonderful and interesting people in my wanderings, dance and sing for a drumming busker with some new freinds. Head back to someone elses apartment, make a communal painting, meet a whole bunch more people, play crazy 8s, cheat and poker for things like rocks, dates, bottle caps and bags of bee pollen and finally make it home at 6am with a new friend who needed a place to crash. Today two of the people i had met last night took me around the city and showed me some of the more interesting shops, how the bus system works and where to avoid at night. It looks like i picked the right city to move to, because i have NEVER had such an easy time meeting people.

Alestorm Show!!!
9/1/2011 | 1 comments

So last night, two friends and i went to go see a show at the Palladium in Worcester MA. The Agoinst, Blackguard, Alestorm and Kamelot. I was really only there to see Alestorm, but i was in for a good surprise. I somehow ended up being crushed right up to the front for Blackguard and they were fucking great. I'd never heard them before last night, but i will be listening to them now! At one point the lead singer, grabbed me by the head and kinda shook me which was pretty exciting. My favorite Alestorm song is Wenches and Mead, and while they played it quite a few 'wenches' ended up on stage dancing around. I got pushed up there and the bassist shared his mic with me to sing a verse. Holy shit, i sang with alestorm! By the end of Alestorm's set, i had smashed a knee in a circle pit and taken an elbow right to the face. I was feeling a little like i was gonna pass out so i went and chilled in the foyer for a while, got a hug from the singer from Alestorm then went up to the balcony to check out the merch tables. The singer from Blackguard was selling their merch and my friend Jake engaged him in a 15 minute or so conversation about working out (the guy is huge, so Jake was looking for advice). I later asked him for a hug and he gave me a kiss on the cheek! Later i went back and bought some Blackguard underpants and got anothr hug and kiss. By the time Kamelot was winding down their set my friends and i were pretty much dead. We left the venue to go home and ran into the guitarist from Alestorm talking with a group of concert goers and talked to him about video games for about 10 minutes. I've never had so much interaction with the bands at a show before. It was a fucking sick night!

8/25/2011 | 1 comments

My back piece is all done!


8/22/2011 | 7 comments
Tags: ROPBBQ Suspension

Finally, IAM is back and i can tell you guys about the amazing experience i had. A week and a half ago i packed up my little car with camping gear and drove down to Pittsfield MA for the Rights of Passage BBQ. I met a bunch of interesting people down there, saw some crazy feats (a pull and a spinning bar suspension) and had a really great time overall, but the thing that really made it wonderful was finally getting to suspend. I was signed up to hang on saturday, and i woke up on saturday morning pretty apprehensive. I'd never done this before, i was sure i wanted to do it, but scared at the same time. I had met Thom (IAM veganjello) the previous evening and knew that he was also doing a crucifixion suspension for his first. So when he decided to go up i went over to watch the process. I figured watching someone else who had never suspended go through it would help me cut down on my nerves. I'll let Thom describe his experience in his own diary and just sum it up by saying that by the time i was watching him swing around on the suspension rig while laughing and grinning i was getting pretty jealous :P When he came down i asked to go up next. I was marked by Brian, and then lay down on the table to be pierced by Brian. Starr and Noah. I had 2 5 gauge hooks in my back and 2 10 gauge hooks in each arm. I asked to have to hooks on the insides of my forearms and wrists because i felt that it would be more comfortable to be pierecd there. The first three hooks went in my left side and they hurt a whole lot less than i expected them to. The one in my back was kind of a bitch though. The three hooks on my right went in even easier. I sat up feeling surprisingly fine (i often get light headed after being pierced) and went over to be hooked to the rig. Thats when the trouble started. I got so dizzy i thought i was going to just faint while half hooked up. Someone brought me a chair and a girl whos name i hate to admite i can't remember gave me a glucose tablet and poured water into my mouth. I wasn't in too much pain, and soon i stood up to get back to being hooked up, but as soon as i did my vision started to go and i had to sit down again. It took some time sitting and drinking water, but after a while i was all hooked up and ready to go. I started walking back and fourth, leaning into my hooks and being pulled a little higher every time. There was a lot of pressure on my back and the way my shoulder blades were being pulled was pretty uncomfortable but there was almost no pain. I gave the guy working ropes (who's name i never got) the go and he hoisted me into the air. I'd always imagined that moment of feel leaving the ground to be amazing, but it was kind of lost in the feeling of being in the air. It hurt, but it hurt so good. I felt incredible! At first i was moaning a little, but soon just turned into laughing. I asked to go higher. Swinging was so much fun, every tim i felt like i wanted to come down i'd swing and and realize how awesome being up was. After about 15 minutes or so i did come down. I couldn't stop smiling. I went back over to the tables and had my hooks taken out and some of the air massages out of my back and i got bandaged up. i didn't bleed much except from my right wrist which needed some gauze and duct tape. Tom asked me if i was ready to fight a bear, i totally was. For the next two hours the adrenaline rush was amazing. I couldn't stop grinning and laughing. I felt like i was on top of the world. Like there was nothing i couldnt do. It was a high better than any drug, a feeling better than orgasm. Since then, whenever i'm not feeling great i remember that feeling and the fact that it was something i'd come to naturally by doing something amazing and remembering it lets me feel some of that awesome powerful feeling all over again. My first suspension was incredible, and i can't wait till i get another chance to suspend!



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