""I aim to be both artist and work of art""

Hello I'm Nixiie

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I don't want to waste my life.

I'm only 5'2" tall, but people don't usually realize that when they meet me, i guess i have a big personality?

If I have ANY spare money it usually gets spent on mods. Sometimes I end up spending money that I probably shouldn't be... Its always worth it though.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere and now live in the city. It's a weird transition.



Open relationships

I'm atrocious at meeting people/making friends. Shy, awkward, i rarely make the first move. 

I'm very interested in astrology, i can interpret your birth chart, but it takes a long time. I'm very much a scorpio myself.

When i fall in love i fall hard.

Sex without pain is pretty boring

Depression runs in my blood. I'm working on that.

I love creating things, art is great!

I love cats!

I don't take bullshit and i don't like fakes.


Some of the photos in my gallery are NSFW, enter at your own risk


My Mods:
00 1/2 9/16 5/8 lobes (done for now)
left ear: 2 other lobe piercings, conch, two helix and a vertical helix all 14g Daith 16g
right ear: 14g vertical helix
18g 16g 14g nostril piercing
16g double right eyebrow
14g vertical labret
14g 12g 10g 8g 6g nipples 
14g 10g 86g 4g 2g 0g 00g septum
14g inverse navel REJECTED re-pierced
14g bridge 
two 12g 6g 2g inner labia peircings
Scorpio tattoo on my forearm
Fishie tattoo on my neck
Flower sticknpoke on the back of my wrist
Pentacle sticknpoke on my ankle 
'Social War' tag sticknpoke on the back of my calf
Spine and vines back piece
"Stay Posi" knuckle tattoos
Horned God symbol under my navel 
"You're Doing Better Than You Know" sticknpoke above the right knee
NEVER COMPROMISE rune scarification on my arm


Crucifixion Suspension at ROP BBQ 2011 8/13/11
6pt Resurrection Suspension (Birthday Present) 11/7/11
2pt Suicide Spinning Beam at ROP BBQ 8/2/13 

Future Mods:
Triangle Piercing (retry) 
Anti eyebrow type microdermal?
Tongue piercing?
septum stretched to a 0? Goal reached, and more!
nipples stretched to a 6g Goal reached!
Quite a few tattoos, i have lots of half formed ideas
Ear Pointing?
Collarbone implants?
Many, many more suspensions


M*@ pSFB3TW>XG tTJNA>[email protected] EICTB>M a--- D-- [email protected] b-:. P++ T>+ s->+ S-- I->+ e c---:+ [email protected] r++ x+++(++)@ [email protected] 


Bigger Nose Hook!
12/18/2011 | 5 comments

Whee! 5g!


12/10/2011 | 3 comments

New Bridge piercing! yay! Very very spur of the moment and i haven't quite decided if i like it or not yet. I really like how it feels, not sure about how it looks. i may end up taking it out. Opinions? Photobucket

It may be a little bit crooked, but for some reason only really appears to be in photos.... oh well. 

6g Septum
11/27/2011 | 3 comments

The eyelet in my septum has been quite loose, wiggling around and feeling like it was going to fall out, so once again, it was time for a stratch. As of now, i'm not skipping any more sizes. I stuck in an 8 and couldn't even feel the diference so i hopped right up to a 6 and fuck is my nose hurting now! 

Septum Stretch
11/11/2011 | 0 comments

I stretched my septum up to a 10g a few days ago, and it's feeling good. It was really ready for a stretch, i was having thes weird urges to stick my knitting needles through it.... I'm wearing an eyelet in it now, which is a lot of fun because i've discovered that i can stick things (like my yarn needles) though it. I've been wearing a needle though my nose pretty often over the last few days and have been getting some pretty funny looks walking down the street. Seeing a little bit of fear in the faces of the guys i catch checking me out is kinda fun :-P 


Birthday Suspension
11/9/2011 | 2 comments

It happened, i'll probably write about it later but i'm really not feeling it at the moment. Check out the pics in my gallery though. Great time overall, but i wasn't too big a fan of the resurrection, it was really hard to breathe, and i don't like having my air restricted. Getting to try out different positions is cool though.

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