""I aim to be both artist and work of art""

Hello I'm Nixiie

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I don't want to waste my life.

I'm only 5'2" tall, but people don't usually realize that when they meet me, i guess i have a big personality?

If I have ANY spare money it usually gets spent on mods. Sometimes I end up spending money that I probably shouldn't be... Its always worth it though.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere and now live in the city. It's a weird transition.



Open relationships

I'm atrocious at meeting people/making friends. Shy, awkward, i rarely make the first move. 

I'm very interested in astrology, i can interpret your birth chart, but it takes a long time. I'm very much a scorpio myself.

When i fall in love i fall hard.

Sex without pain is pretty boring

Depression runs in my blood. I'm working on that.

I love creating things, art is great!

I love cats!

I don't take bullshit and i don't like fakes.


Some of the photos in my gallery are NSFW, enter at your own risk


My Mods:
00 1/2 9/16 5/8 lobes (done for now)
left ear: 2 other lobe piercings, conch, two helix and a vertical helix all 14g Daith 16g
right ear: 14g vertical helix
18g 16g 14g nostril piercing
16g double right eyebrow
14g vertical labret
14g 12g 10g 8g 6g nipples 
14g 10g 86g 4g 2g 0g 00g septum
14g inverse navel REJECTED re-pierced
14g bridge 
two 12g 6g 2g inner labia peircings
Scorpio tattoo on my forearm
Fishie tattoo on my neck
Flower sticknpoke on the back of my wrist
Pentacle sticknpoke on my ankle 
'Social War' tag sticknpoke on the back of my calf
Spine and vines back piece
"Stay Posi" knuckle tattoos
Horned God symbol under my navel 
"You're Doing Better Than You Know" sticknpoke above the right knee
NEVER COMPROMISE rune scarification on my arm


Crucifixion Suspension at ROP BBQ 2011 8/13/11
6pt Resurrection Suspension (Birthday Present) 11/7/11
2pt Suicide Spinning Beam at ROP BBQ 8/2/13 

Future Mods:
Triangle Piercing (retry) 
Anti eyebrow type microdermal?
Tongue piercing?
septum stretched to a 0? Goal reached, and more!
nipples stretched to a 6g Goal reached!
Quite a few tattoos, i have lots of half formed ideas
Ear Pointing?
Collarbone implants?
Many, many more suspensions


M*@ pSFB3TW>XG tTJNA>[email protected] EICTB>M a--- D-- [email protected] b-:. P++ T>+ s->+ S-- I->+ e c---:+ [email protected] r++ x+++(++)@ [email protected] 


5/17/2012 | 1 comments

I've run away to Montreal. New tattoos today. I'll try to update better when I have access to an actual computer

2/20/2012 | 3 comments

Hey there. 

I've had STAY POSI sharpied on my knuckles on and off for about two weeks. I'm thinking more and more about actually getting it tattooed one of these days. Some days i need a reminder, and even on the ones i dont it's a good message to share.

It's been a hell of a long time since i've been on IAM and it's nice to be back. Answered some messages and did some nice browsing.... (i know that's not a sentence). I've been pretty busy as of late and even when i'm just wasting time i'm almost never alone which has pretty much been the case since my girlfriend essentially moved in with me in january. I love having her around, but it's also nice to get some time to myself. So yeah i'm home alone now and taking advantage of it. 

I've been into stretching things lately it would appear. Three days ago i went in to a shop and had my nipples stretched up to a 10g the which was pretty fucking painful, especially on the 20 minute walk home because it was a fucking cold day. The bus drivers in Halifax have been on strike for almost three weeks and it's pretty killer. Makes my walk to school in the morning pretty shitty on the days i have early classes. Anyway, the only bars the piercer had in a 10g were anodized a kind of pinkish purple which i'm not too stoked on (and i probably won't take pictures because of them). But i guess that's just a reminder to stretch 'em up again as soon as i heal up. I figure i'll give em at least a month maybe more like two depending on how they're feeling. I can't wait to get up to a 6g. 

I stretched my septum up to a 4 about a month ago but i got a really bad cold and my nose started filling up with this nasty scabby crap from running all the time and the piece of jewelry i had in was this little tiny crescent which moved around a bunch and was just constantly feeling shitty so i downsized back to a 6. My nose was feeling way better last week (it didn't hurt to push up on my septum for the first time since having it pierced) so i figured i'd stick the crescent back in. It felt alright, but again, the constant moving was not pleasant so i went back down to the 6g plug i'd had in since my last stretch. When i went in to have my nipples stretched i grabbed a 4g tunnel, and just put that in about an hour ago. It feels pretty nice, a little pain, but not bad, and i can't smell the weird septum funk smell for the first time in about two weeks which is pretty nice. I can't decide how i feel about that smell. Sometimes it's kinda comforting, but other times it makes me feel a little sick; it's certainly not something i want to be smelling while i'm eating.

Shit, that was long, i guess i had a lot to say. Oh, my scarification is healing very well, it's shiny and pink and not raised at all. I need to get someone to take a picture of it so i can post on. It's been almost two months now, but i can never find anyone who can take a picture that isn't blurry as fuck. Hopefully soon.

Blood Play Session
1/7/2012 | 3 comments
Tags: bloodplay

Life is good. I am happy. 

Lots more pictures in my gallery.

12/27/2011 | 5 comments

Wheeeeeee!!!!!! New mods! (and my very first scarification piece!) NEVER COMPROMISE in runes. By Ryan Ouellette of Precision Body Arts in Nashua NH 


Fucked up Triangle
12/24/2011 | 2 comments

I wrote this out to submit to BME as a story so i can get my hard membership extended, but i figure'd i'd stick it here as well for all you lovely people to hear about my recent adventures:

I'd been thinking about getting a triangle for a long time. I had done a fair amount of poking around and was pretty sure i was suited for it physically but i figured i'd leave that to my piercer to determine over all, so i didn't get to set on the idea. I had flown back from where i was living in Canada to visit my family back in the states for christmas, and my first trip out upon coming back to my old hometown was to visit my trusted piercer of many years. We had previously discussed me getting a triangle, so he knew what i was there for. We went over jewelry options and i picked out a 12g titanium CBR and got to watch (and have the process explained to me) as he anodized the ring dark purple and the ball blurple. When this was finished we went back to check my anatomy and mark me up. I lay back on the table as he determined that i was indeed suited for the piercing and then marked and poked with a receiving tube and a toothpick to find the right spot for the piercing. When he poked the spot he had marked it didn't feel like the right place to me. He seemed to be pressing too much on my clit rather than under it. I figured he knew what he was doing though so i didn't say anything, i should have done so, my results would probably have been different if i had. He asked if i was ready that then got ready to pierce. It hurt a LOT but was also rather pleasurable, it was a strange feeling certainly. He then slid the ring in which pinched more and bending it to the right size to receive the ball wasn't so easy either. i could feel the piercing on my clitoris the whole time which felt good in a way but there was also a lot of sharp shooting pain. My piercer cleaned me up, gave me some gauze to but in my underwear and let me get dressed again. Putting on my shoes was difficult as the bending required to do so was rather painful. I paid my fee, drank some water, assured my piercer that i was ok to drive and then hopped in the car to go home. Driving was a little painful, but nothing i couldn't deal with. I had rather a long way to go though and i had to stop and use a public restroom. When i pulled down my pants i realized that i was bleeding rather heavily. I did my best to clean myself up and reposition to gauze to catch the blood. By this point i was hurting a whole lot. It was really unpleasant. Over the next two days i continued to bleed (though not as heavily) and swell and bruise. On the third day i took a bath and finally got all the blood and gunk off. I had a good look at the piercing for the first time and was distressed to discover that i didn't seem to go under my clitoris at all rather over and possibly partially through it. I poked around at it a bit, but because the ring was there and it was still pretty swollen around the area of the piercing i couldn't really tell. I was really upset about this since i really trust my piercer and have been going to him for years. I know a triangle is a difficult piercing that shouldn't be performed by someone inexperienced, but i was certain that he, of all the piercers i know, would be able to do it best, he has many many years of experience and runs a clean and professional shop. The next day, the swelling had gone down and the piercing still seemed to be misplaced. i could feel my clit when pushing down on it rather than pulling up and it was very painful. I sent my piercer a message telling him of my discovery and that i wanted to come in and have him take a look at it. I wasn't going to be able to go in for a few days though and he told me that if i was sure it was wrong and i though i could remove it safely i should do that. i wasn't sure at first but i figured i'd give it a try. I soaked the piercing in salt water (I had perviously found that my divacup was the perfect thing for this, hooray divacup!) then sat down and removed the ball followed by the ring. This was relatively painless and afterwards the intense pain i had been feeling for the last few days subsided almost immediately. There was no blood, so i put my pants back on and continued about my day happy to be able to walk normally for the first time since being pierced. After a few hours i washed my hands and felt around where the piercing had been and determined that it had definitely been placed wrong. It was more like a very deep HCH, so that the jewelry pressed directly against the top side of my clitoris, and may have even nicked it (though i don't seem to have lost any sensation thank the gods). My piercer promised to re do it for free, saying that he felt terrible for having done it wrong to begin with, so i'm going to give it some time to heal and then go back and try again. It feels so much better already, that i have a feeling the healing will be pretty quick. Next time i'm going to make sure i have am more vocal during the marking to ensure that it is placed perfectly. I also have a feeling that it will be quite a bit less painful when it is placed correctly. Having metal constantly pressing against my inflamed clitoris was not a pretty thing. I'm planning to go back in about a week, hopefully i will have healed up by then. I'm excited for the redo, i can't wait to have a healed triangle!

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