""I aim to be both artist and work of art""

Hello I'm Nixiie

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I don't want to waste my life.

I'm only 5'2" tall, but people don't usually realize that when they meet me, i guess i have a big personality?

If I have ANY spare money it usually gets spent on mods. Sometimes I end up spending money that I probably shouldn't be... Its always worth it though.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere and now live in the city. It's a weird transition.



Open relationships

I'm atrocious at meeting people/making friends. Shy, awkward, i rarely make the first move. 

I'm very interested in astrology, i can interpret your birth chart, but it takes a long time. I'm very much a scorpio myself.

When i fall in love i fall hard.

Sex without pain is pretty boring

Depression runs in my blood. I'm working on that.

I love creating things, art is great!

I love cats!

I don't take bullshit and i don't like fakes.


Some of the photos in my gallery are NSFW, enter at your own risk


My Mods:
00 1/2 9/16 5/8 lobes (done for now)
left ear: 2 other lobe piercings, conch, two helix and a vertical helix all 14g Daith 16g
right ear: 14g vertical helix
18g 16g 14g nostril piercing
16g double right eyebrow
14g vertical labret
14g 12g 10g 8g 6g nipples 
14g 10g 86g 4g 2g 0g 00g septum
14g inverse navel REJECTED re-pierced
14g bridge 
two 12g 6g 2g inner labia peircings
Scorpio tattoo on my forearm
Fishie tattoo on my neck
Flower sticknpoke on the back of my wrist
Pentacle sticknpoke on my ankle 
'Social War' tag sticknpoke on the back of my calf
Spine and vines back piece
"Stay Posi" knuckle tattoos
Horned God symbol under my navel 
"You're Doing Better Than You Know" sticknpoke above the right knee
NEVER COMPROMISE rune scarification on my arm


Crucifixion Suspension at ROP BBQ 2011 8/13/11
6pt Resurrection Suspension (Birthday Present) 11/7/11
2pt Suicide Spinning Beam at ROP BBQ 8/2/13 

Future Mods:
Triangle Piercing (retry) 
Anti eyebrow type microdermal?
Tongue piercing?
septum stretched to a 0? Goal reached, and more!
nipples stretched to a 6g Goal reached!
Quite a few tattoos, i have lots of half formed ideas
Ear Pointing?
Collarbone implants?
Many, many more suspensions


M*@ pSFB3TW>XG tTJNA>[email protected] EICTB>M a--- D-- [email protected] b-:. P++ T>+ s->+ S-- I->+ e c---:+ [email protected] r++ x+++(++)@ [email protected] 


Bloodsport is king
8/5/2012 | 3 comments

So my evening began with this:Photobucket

Continued with this:Photobucket

Before progressing to this:Photobucket

And then this:


There are a lot more pictures in my venipuncture/bloodplay gallery. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty blurry, apparently its hard to hold a camera still when there's a naked bloody girl infront of you. However, you can still see how much fun i'm having, which is why i really like taking these pictures. Seeing myself grinning like an idiot makes me feel really good when things aren't going so well.

Also, it should be noted, in movies when lots of blood hits water they mix and make bloody water/watery blood. In real life however you get these delightful congealed chunks because the water is not the same temperature as the blood.... This is just a little of what was there. Photobucket


Account Expire
8/2/2012 | 1 comments

I just got one of those emails saying my account is going to expire.... Does anyone know if that's actually a thing? i vaguely remember Rachel saying something about IAM standard accounts not expiring. I've submitted something like 200 photos to bme over the last year, so i really dont think this should be happening....

I WANT!!!!!
7/29/2012 | 5 comments

I've been browsing photos in the female genital gallery and I've fallen in love.

HCH ladder by Joeltron  


But with a triangle on the bottom instead of a third HCH and no microdermal on top. 

7/29/2012 | 1 comments

A few updates, (i should really do this more often, journals are good for sanity)

I stretched my septum up to a 2 maybe a week and a half ago. I then realized that threaded tunnels are not good for septum piercings as you absolutely cannot get your fingers far enough into your nostrils to unscrew the threaded ends to take them out. And since the edges are kind of sharp and the press on the inside of your nose they're really uncomfortable and very difficult to clean.... I tried like hell to get it out and eventually went to a piercer who did it with two pairs of hemostats. It was rather painful and unpleasant. So, DO NOT put threaded things in septums, especially if your nose is on the smaller side. Now i've got a nice stone single flared plug with no sharp edges. Vast improvement.Photobucket

I stick-and-poked some circles around the flower on my wrist turning it into a bracelet of sorts. I'm pretty stoked on.



I DIY repierced my inverse navel, it's now sitting much deeper than it was and is feeling way way better.Photobucket

I'm thinking i want to start stretching my lobes again. 00g was my goal, but i've been here for a year and a half or something and 1" is starting to look really sexy....

I picked up an extra shift at work this week which left me with $90 i wasn't expecting burning a hole in my pocket, and since i'm pretty irresponsible when it comes to spending money on mods and i have enough leftover to make rent i went to go get a VCH today. (Spent the last few days getting really stoked on the idea and doing a ton of research i.e. looking at pictures of pierced cunts and reading stories :D). Turns out however i fall into the 5 or so percent of women not anatomically suited for a VCH. Theres pretty much no space under my hood. I ended up getting a Horizontal Hood instead, which was the first genital piercing i ever wanted. Hopefully this one lasts. This is my fourth genital piercing, but every previous one i had to take out within a few days of getting them. Most recently my disastrous triangle experience and about a year ago two DIY attempts and HCHs that were crooked. Not being suitable for a VCH changes my plans for my genitals a bit. I was thinking VCH, Triangle, 2 inner labia and possibly a fourchette. Now i'm getting stoked on ladders, we'll see where that takes me. 

I know this feeling is reasonably common, but getting my genitals pierced feels like reclaiming my body in a really great way. This is hard to explain. I love my body in general, but there are things i'm not thrilled with, as with everyone. For instance, I absolutely hate shaving my bits, i don't shower often enough to keep it nice and it's miserably itchy and i feel prepubescent and i just hate it. Hell i don't shave anything except occasionally my armpist or my head. On the other hand, i think hairy cunts look kinda gross. Getting pierced has totally changed my outlook on a part of my body i've always appreciated for function but have never been able to find attractive. My cunt is beautiful, and being able to say that is a really good feeling.

Halifax Hates You
7/9/2012 | 2 comments

So back in Halifax. Journeys were interesting, saw my family which was not as nice as i had expected, but i suppose it never is. I should really learn not to have high hopes about going back "home" the reasons i was desperate to leave are all still there. I got to hang out with my friend (and sometimes puppy) Jake though which was nice. I missed that kid and it's crazy to see how much a 16 - 17 year old grows up in a year. Holy shit. Was i that different? I hauled ass back to Hfx because we thought we had a place to move into but it fell through like 15 minutes after we got here which blew. We then figured out two other possibilities but in one house we weren't allowed to move in because someone who live's there's partner has a problem with my partner that he wont explain to anyone, which really pissed me off because i was really excited to be moving into a punk house and i don't even know what the problem is. The other place we found out rent was gonna go up $300 in september which is just not an option. So for the last almost two weeks i've been crashing at my girlfriend's parents house. It's been very nice of them to let us stay and all, but it's really not the situation i was hoping to be in. They let us eat their food which is great, but they also use male pronouns for my girlfriend and call her by her birth name and refuse to admit thats she's a transwoman which is really difficult for me, because i fell like i have to avoid using pronouns entirely in order to not offend them by using female ones since i'm totally uncomfortable using male pronouns to describe someone i see entirely as female and who is often hurt by being misgendered. It's a weird situation. Idk. I did kind of get a job though which is good. I'm working at a consignment shop but it's only one 5 hour shift a week which is not really enough to live off. I'm looking for more. And a place to live. I practically live on kijiji (a classifieds site) at this point and it's stressful as shit. I've handed out about a million resumes and answered twice that many adds, but almost no one gets back to me. Have an interview tomorrow, hope that works out. Girlfriend still cant get hired though, and hasn't saved any money for rent which stresses me out even more. Makes me worry that i'm being an idiot dating such a flaily person and i'm just gonna screw myself over, but i guess i always do that in relationships to some extent.... We've been tossing around the idea of monogamy vs. polyamory too which is also uncomfortable. I need my own fucking space, but i don't know if that meant physical space or emotional space or living space or what... I also had to retire my reverse naval recently that's been rejecting for a while which made me feel really shitty. I've never really retired a piercing before. I don't like it and it looks like crap. So basically, i don't have a fucking clue what i'm doing, or how i'm gonna survive next month, or next week or next year, or what the fuck my living situation is going to be and i'm pretty godsdamned bitter about it. End rant here.

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