""I aim to be both artist and work of art""

Hello I'm Nixiie

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I don't want to waste my life.

I'm only 5'2" tall, but people don't usually realize that when they meet me, i guess i have a big personality?

If I have ANY spare money it usually gets spent on mods. Sometimes I end up spending money that I probably shouldn't be... Its always worth it though.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere and now live in the city. It's a weird transition.



Open relationships

I'm atrocious at meeting people/making friends. Shy, awkward, i rarely make the first move. 

I'm very interested in astrology, i can interpret your birth chart, but it takes a long time. I'm very much a scorpio myself.

When i fall in love i fall hard.

Sex without pain is pretty boring

Depression runs in my blood. I'm working on that.

I love creating things, art is great!

I love cats!

I don't take bullshit and i don't like fakes.


Some of the photos in my gallery are NSFW, enter at your own risk


My Mods:
00 1/2 9/16 5/8 lobes (done for now)
left ear: 2 other lobe piercings, conch, two helix and a vertical helix all 14g Daith 16g
right ear: 14g vertical helix
18g 16g 14g nostril piercing
16g double right eyebrow
14g vertical labret
14g 12g 10g 8g 6g nipples 
14g 10g 86g 4g 2g 0g 00g septum
14g inverse navel REJECTED re-pierced
14g bridge 
two 12g 6g 2g inner labia peircings
Scorpio tattoo on my forearm
Fishie tattoo on my neck
Flower sticknpoke on the back of my wrist
Pentacle sticknpoke on my ankle 
'Social War' tag sticknpoke on the back of my calf
Spine and vines back piece
"Stay Posi" knuckle tattoos
Horned God symbol under my navel 
"You're Doing Better Than You Know" sticknpoke above the right knee
NEVER COMPROMISE rune scarification on my arm


Crucifixion Suspension at ROP BBQ 2011 8/13/11
6pt Resurrection Suspension (Birthday Present) 11/7/11
2pt Suicide Spinning Beam at ROP BBQ 8/2/13 

Future Mods:
Triangle Piercing (retry) 
Anti eyebrow type microdermal?
Tongue piercing?
septum stretched to a 0? Goal reached, and more!
nipples stretched to a 6g Goal reached!
Quite a few tattoos, i have lots of half formed ideas
Ear Pointing?
Collarbone implants?
Many, many more suspensions


M*@ pSFB3TW>XG tTJNA>[email protected] EICTB>M a--- D-- [email protected] b-:. P++ T>+ s->+ S-- I->+ e c---:+ [email protected] r++ x+++(++)@ [email protected] 


7/1/2013 | 5 comments

So i've complained before about the fact that you have to submit so much content to get subscriptions that run out, and that if you go over the maximum your photos just don't count towards anything anymore, but i just reached the ultimate in frustration. A lovely photo of large gauge inner labia piercings had the tag "female genital stretching" which i clicked on because i intend to stretch my own inner labia piercings and wanted more inspiration/eye candy. The link sent me to the "Get a BME Hard gallery subscription" page. I don't have a hard subscription any more even though i have submitted at least a hundred hard photos. Subscriptions don't last long. There was a link to "take a free tour" which i clicked and was lead to a page of thumbnails of photos from the various galleries. You can click on them to see full size. One of the photos in the hard section was a photo of me! BME is showing me that if i pay them money i can access my own fucking photos. WHAT THE FUCK!


On an entirely unrelated note, does anyone know what the page rank system is/how it works?

Hey There
10/14/2012 | 0 comments

So it's been a while, but i'm now realizing i don't have that much to say. I've been a total shut in since school started. Yesterday was the first time in ages i went out to do something other than errands. I got pierced and went to see friends spin fire. It felt really good. I'm gonna start trying to get out of the house more. 

I have fewer mod updates than i though, but there are a few:

I retired my HCH. I really liked it, but it was hindering my ability to enjoy sex. It would be really nice to start, but progress to feeling way too sensitive really quickly and then just be painful, and while pain is great sometimes, i don't want it every time i try to jerk off.... I hope i find a genital piercing that works for me...

As i said, i got pierced yesterday. New Daith. It feels pretty good, but i keep knocking it trying to scratch my ear which is annoying. The ring is bigger than i expect it to be i think...Photobucket

New plugs too :) Hooray for Etsy and $15 labradorite seconds. They're pretty and make my ears really happy. 

Also, i did a project for a class in the last two weeks which involved making an outfit out of beer cans, duct tape, garbage bars, plastic wrap and various other non textile materials. I ended up play piercing part of it it to my chest:Photobucket



9/7/2012 | 3 comments

Waaahhhhh, my hard gallery subscription got cancelled. Seems like no matter how much blood i submit i never get more than a month :(

Ear Stretching!!!! Wheee!!!!!
9/6/2012 | 0 comments

It took me about 4 years to stretch my lobes from a 14g to a 00g, because i never had money for jewelry at a convenient time or whatever. 00g was my goal and once i reached it i sat there pretty happily for about 2 years, then big ears started looking really sexy.... 00 had been my goal because i had heard it was possible to go back from. Maybe not all the way back but to something like a 6g. Once i decided that wasn't something i was worried about anymore and i was going to go bigger i se myself a goal of 5/8, and as of today, i've reached that! wheeee!!! I hopped directly from a 00g to a 1/2", dead stretch with no discomfort at all. They just felt kinda tight for the next while. after about 3 weeks, once they were feeling really loose and getting knocked out in my sleep despite the flared i tapered up to 9/16". I always either taper of dead stretch my piercings because i have a bad reaction to ptfe tape. It my ears try to eat it, and get all pissed off and rashy and gunky and stuck to it. It's gross. The tapers went in real easy at 9/16" but for some reason the jewelry wouldn't follow and i ended up having to try about 15 times each side which royally pissed off my ears, even though the stretch had been easy, because they were being continually fucked with. After a week they felt totally better though and after about three (today) i popped in an a 5/8" taper with no pain at all, and then again had trouble following the damn eyelets though (i think it's the grooves for the o-rings) but got em on the second try with only a little pinch. So now i'm here. My new goal, and i'm stoked! My ears are really little so they look pretty big on me even though they're still relatively small. I'm really happy here though and can't wait to start collecting some fancy lovely organic plugs.

(I know i stretched relatively quickly, but i was listening to my body and waiting until my ears felt nice and loose rather than a set amount of time. My lobes have been kind of thin since i was at a 6g or so, and they're no thinner now than they were when i was at a 00g. I may have gone faster than advisable but i've been careful and have had no ill effects)


I'll take a picture when i'm not exhausted.

Lepht Anonym
8/11/2012 | 4 comments

I discovered Lepht of Sapiens Anonym yesterday, I'm amazed and impressed and slightly terrified. I've gotten really stoked on the idea of magnetic implants since discovering this video and blog, but i'm not sure i'm quite up to doing them DIY (though i am pretty fucking tempted). My lady is also totally stoked on the idea, and we've been watching this shit over and over and discussing pros and cons. I think we're in about the same boat, wanting professional implants but sorely temped to try DIY... maybe this will go somewhere....? I'm not sure. We both have a history of impatience, DIY mods and self harm which seems like the perfect recipe for trying something thats obviously not that smart...

I tired to embed the video, but it's not happening for some reason, so have a link instead i guess: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-Dv6dDtdcs

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