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(Following on from Appy.)

Here are my responses to the feedback.

Tester had problems logging in, this was probably due to my updating the app however I understood the login function was not clear. I put in another icon, so one is clearly login and the other is home. Once logged in, you need to click the home icon because I don't have the skill to redirect you. Sorry!

Again, I'm unable to put in a view your own profile or update your own journal function. This is due to unique URLs and technical ineptitude.

I put in a journal function that leads to Quickview. Do people use this function? Or would it be better replaced with Following?

I should be able to get a new phone today, so I can test the final three functions. I get the feeling they may have some teething problems (a root canal, more like).

Thanks again to my testers, you really helped me in the absence of an internet-enabled phone.

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I made an app for IAM. Hooray.


I'm a complete tech dummy. Half way through the creation process I realised that I couldn't test because I have no internet on my phone. Urgh. What an idiot.

There were a couple dozen things I couldn't do but I just liked the idea of staying connected.

Feel free to try it out. I asked Nexi Zydrate to test it (Nexi inspired me to make it) and so far the feedback is positive Kiss


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