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It's TILT time again.

I guess the most relevant thing is...

♥ I received and accepted my conditional university offer yesterday

I'm relieved. I felt confident I was going to get an offer after my successful interview but apparently it's not official unless my tutor gets a confirmation through UCAS.

My exam was a little meh but I'm not too bothered. I didn't write nearly enough but I'm still ahead of my self-made target and schedule. So already I'm pretty proud of myself. One more assignment before Xmas and then another assignment due in a months time.

I can't believe it's now twenty days until my birthday. Wow 2013 you were full of some harsh times.

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TILT time again

♥ My interview went well. I'm not sure whether I've been officially offered a place because the words the interviewer used were I will definitely be recommending you. I feel pretty excited.

♥ I voiced my concerns to my college tutor, she gave me some great advice and support.

♥ I'm visiting Calais in a month.

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I decided to do a TILT to distract me from the chaos. This week has had some major highs and severe lows. I asked for some help dealing with it, admittedly a little bit later than I should've asked, but I'm getting it now.

♥ Interviewing with the Humanities department next week.

Pumpkin stew

Give 'Em The Boot

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My TILT is pretty much...

I have a job in Sussex for a month

And I drew a cake design for Cloud 9 - my prize was a cupcake.

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♥ I just bought season one of Breaking Bad. I have no prior knowledge of this show whatsoever.

a_darling at sugarcut.com/charity (NSFW)

neon satchels

mashed potato



Desire Lines

Top 10 budget restaurants and cafes in Brighton from theguardian.com

♥ I hope I'll get to see A Doll's House.


Dahlia piercings

Feather jewellery at shop.bme.com



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