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I don't know much about history. I think I enjoyed it at school because I don't remember the feeling of dread before I went into my history lessons. In fact, I don't remember who taught me history after I turned thirteen. Humanities were optional in the later years of my school and I dropped them because the syllabus was a bunch of Englaaaaaaand fuck yeah! kinda stuff (well that's what my friend who took history told me).

History is part of the degree I plan to do next year. People are shocked when I tell them about my course. I guess they assume I don't care about history because I cannot provide dates and locations of landmark battles when asked. I don't know where this idea of history = knowing about the world wars came from.

Today my tutor briefed me on my individual research project for next term. I immediately had ideas about what I want to focus on, but after the lesson I went to the library and started to research. I found, or rather didn't find, much research in my areas of interest. I know that's no reason to abandon my project plans, however I don't want to spend my first ever research project jumping into the great unknown alone. I'm primarily concerned with aesthetics and I don't think any of my tutors specialize in this particular area, so I think I'll take a side-step into literature.

I saw one of my old friends today and when we chatted about this he suggested I look at Constance Markevicz. He then decided to pop quiz me in front of my classmates and it was all kinds of embarrassing because he mocked me for not knowing this information already. I then went on to explain what I'd like to do and he then suggested I look at A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.

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I handed in a really unfinished piece of work. It had no introduction, conclusion or citations. Part of me feels bad but the rest of me thinks...

I'm just looking forward to dinner with my classmates and time off.

I'm also pleased I managed to get The Block Reader In Visual Culture for £2 in a charity shop this morning. The last two academic books I saw in a charity shop were £10 and £15. Yeah, they are worth it but I can't part with that amount right now.

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I went to the hygienist today; my teeth are whiter and my wallet's lighter.

Aside from the cost, the visit was a pleasant experience. Not only did the hygienist explain the procedures she was about to do on me and offer helpful suggestions, she actually seemed to listen to me. My last two dentists made comments about my piercings and how they are harmful for my teeth, one even said he felt heartbroken when he saw a young lady with a pierced lip.

Also, I know I haven't always cared about my health as much as I should but I am trying to change that. Previous dentists have berated me, but my hygienist only had positive things to say. I wish every medical professional was like her. I felt so cared for and surprised that someone attributed bad health to something other than laziness.

Her last words to me were she'd like to see me again but I should only book my appointment when I can afford to. She said that she understands hygienist visits are expensive and NHS patients struggle to meet the costs.

I got a callback about my job interview. I wasn't surprised I was rejected. I cringed when I was told it was my IT skills that let me down, especially as they are skills I have a reasonable amount of control over. The first time my IT skills have let me down this year was the day I managed to do an OK interview - how frickin' typical.

I just checked my emails and I marginally passed my exam. Yay.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on an electric toothbrush. It is a top of the range model. So, all my birthday money is gone. It has a guide on it that makes a frowny face when I haven't used it as much as I should. Yep, I'm going to shame myself into new good habits. It may be a bit extreme but the hygienist says unless I change my habits I could face severe problems in the next few years. I don't want to be gummy.

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It's TILT time again.

I guess the most relevant thing is...

♥ I received and accepted my conditional university offer yesterday

I'm relieved. I felt confident I was going to get an offer after my successful interview but apparently it's not official unless my tutor gets a confirmation through UCAS.

My exam was a little meh but I'm not too bothered. I didn't write nearly enough but I'm still ahead of my self-made target and schedule. So already I'm pretty proud of myself. One more assignment before Xmas and then another assignment due in a months time.

I can't believe it's now twenty days until my birthday. Wow 2013 you were full of some harsh times.

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I had a job interview a couple of hours ago. I'm not expecting a callback. I did awfully in the IT test. It was a fifteen minute test and once I had completed the data entry task I panicked when I had to do a formula in a few minutes. I realised I wouldn't have time to finish the formulas and pie graphs. Then I couldn't remember the formula. I should've revised. But I did formulas in my last five job interviews, I thought they'd still be in my memory.

I guess this would be a good anecdote in years to come, when I hopefully have a job and the disappointment has worn off.

Learn your IFs and VLOOKUPs, kids.

Then I garbled through the interview. It was a miracle the panel stayed straight-faced.

This afternoon I'll be preparing for my exam tomorrow morning.


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