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What this Easter bunny is doing today:


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I have roughly a week until I hand in my project and I haven't been able to concentrate at all this week. My head has been so messy so I got all my resources together to try and order them into bitesize chunks. I see my problem; I have twelve very diverse sources. The main body of the essay should be around 2000 words. In trying to be unbiased I have spread my net so wide that I haven't been able to analyse anything with the depth I want. Gah. Plus I did a survey too. No wonder it was all over the place.

I also discovered ArtPolitik earlier this month and I haven't started reading it. That said, I don't know how this title went under my radar for so long.

I'm glad to have a job. I finally have the money to buy a membership to AAH. In my free time I've been working on a Mahara page to offer advice/support to access course students. I've also applied to be an Arts Emergency mentee.

I'm probably just procrasting now anyway. I just want to talk.

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A couple of years ago Rookie published a photo/quote by me about my love of Macondo.

I took a few quick snapshots of my Gabriel García Márquez shrine. It is more of a Macondo shrine because I loved the atmosphere in One Hundred Years of Solitude. The flowers and assorted bric-a-brac remind me of the magic and lushness of Macondo. And I’ve always had a feeling of "home" when I read Gabriel García Márquez. - Myself at rookiemag.com/2012/02/not-creepy-at-all/

RIP Gabriel García Márquez.


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Just sayin'. By summer my hair will be long enough for this awesome style.

Also, I'm so nervous about my interview today that I think I'll be sick. Gah!!!

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I treated myself to an ugly jumper today. Oh wow. It feels great, I will upload a picture later this week if I'm not too busy. The jumper is a pale terracotta colour and has rhinestones and silver chains on it. It's going to be a nightmare to wash. I only just realised that.

I was checking myself out in the mirror earlier and I don't like what I see. And I've finally admitted it is a problem. I always thought my bad health is something I could deal with later on. Occasionally I try to change my lifestyle but it is so physically arduous I give up. Over the year things have just become more and more difficult. I never thought I'd see the day when everything felt like too much effort. It's sad. I'm trying to figure out what to do about it.

I ended up getting rejected for all four jobs I interviewed for last week. I took it hard. But I was extremely excited when one of the interviewers phoned me to say that wanted to recruit me for a temporary summer position. I spent Friday trying to sort that out (I needed to arrange a time to meet and register with the temping agency as well as speak to the department team leader).

However, towards the end of the day it became apparent some sort of miscommunication took place. The department were expecting me to start fulltime. I pointed this out and they wanted to know if the original interviewer who offered me the role knew about this. I did discuss this previously but I'm assuming the confusion occurred because the jobs I applied for were fulltime roles but I had applied for them as a job share.

So I have a follow-up interview tomorrow to discuss my situation. I've asked for a six week parttime period so I can try to complete my course early. I know my teacher will not be happy but I'm too desperate to turn away work any more, plus the job search is distracting me. I do not think I'll be able to complete my course with this much upheaval.

I'm hoping I can appeal to my teacher's goodwill. The interviewer has set up this job role so I'll be fulltime during summer and then they will take me on adhoc during my time at university. Tomorrow is also the start of the end of term holiday so I won't be able to speak to my teacher for a fortnight. I may have to make a snap decision tomorrow and I'm afraid that waiting may cause me to lose this role and accepting my ruin my chances of completing (which will result in me not meeting the criteria to get admitted into university).

So whatever happens I need to make a major dent in my project this week. Speaking of which, I found this book in Oxfam. I haven't looked at it yet but I hope it'll have some usable material in!


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