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A tea shop has opened in Brighton and I'm pretty happy about that. OK, I know we already have brilliant tea salons but I don't always feel like having a sit down, sometimes I got places to go and people to see.

Bluebird opened maybe about a month ago. I was gifted some Earl Grey Creme in December and I've been pretty excited for the shop to open since. I was not disappointed. They have a little cafe area where they do matcha smooches (no typo) and they have a shop dog (Arlo). I tried the Supertea, next week I want to try the Breakfast Oats.

Also, the teas are so pretty and smell gorgeous. Just look:

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I'm here. I'm just struggling to find words. It's pretty much more of the same. I have an exam next week, and a presentation the week after. The presentation is also happening the same day as when my next essay is due in. My tutor has not briefed me yet on the presentation, we are getting that briefing next week (the same day as the exam). So yeah. I'm not looking forward to the presentation.

I handed in my project last week. I handed it in an hour late and incomplete, I felt stressed the day before but when I realised my project was not in good enough condition to get a pass I immediately relaxed. It's weird how that happens sometimes.

I might go out today and try to blow off some steam. I'm wound-up. But, with so much going on, whenever I go out I feel like I'm wasting valuable revision or preparation time. Realistically I know I'm doing OK with my revision and I can't start preparing my presentation until I get briefed, but I feel guilty being away from my studies.

The new job is going well though it pays 30% less than every job I've had in the past three years. I miss the feeling of security Cry

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What this Easter bunny is doing today:


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I have roughly a week until I hand in my project and I haven't been able to concentrate at all this week. My head has been so messy so I got all my resources together to try and order them into bitesize chunks. I see my problem; I have twelve very diverse sources. The main body of the essay should be around 2000 words. In trying to be unbiased I have spread my net so wide that I haven't been able to analyse anything with the depth I want. Gah. Plus I did a survey too. No wonder it was all over the place.

I also discovered ArtPolitik earlier this month and I haven't started reading it. That said, I don't know how this title went under my radar for so long.

I'm glad to have a job. I finally have the money to buy a membership to AAH. In my free time I've been working on a Mahara page to offer advice/support to access course students. I've also applied to be an Arts Emergency mentee.

I'm probably just procrasting now anyway. I just want to talk.

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A couple of years ago Rookie published a photo/quote by me about my love of Macondo.

I took a few quick snapshots of my Gabriel García Márquez shrine. It is more of a Macondo shrine because I loved the atmosphere in One Hundred Years of Solitude. The flowers and assorted bric-a-brac remind me of the magic and lushness of Macondo. And I’ve always had a feeling of "home" when I read Gabriel García Márquez. - Myself at rookiemag.com/2012/02/not-creepy-at-all/

RIP Gabriel García Márquez.



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