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It's weird that this video was on the front page of youtube.com when I looked on it this evening. I saw a man earlier today laying shirtless on the pavement up a side street roughly six metres from where I walked past. I didn't realise it was a body until after I walked past the street. A drunk man was standing over him. It seemed like they knew eachother because the man standing up was very close. I should've checked he was OK. I do discriminate.

Yesterday when I was walking to work a crying girl came up to me. She needed to use my phone because she lost her bus ticket and she needed to phone her mother. She was upset that she had twelve minutes to get to school for an exam. I waited with her for the bus and paid for a ticket.

I was late for work as a result but my team admired my actions. I'm not sure if I do. If she hadn't been a young girl I don't know if I would've helped.

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I planned this bank holiday to be full of relaxation but that didn't really happen. My friends asked me out every day this weekend. I love the company but it does not help my productivity one bit. The thing is I'm such a slow walker and easily distracted so a one hour trip to see my friend turned into six hours out of the flat. Yikes. TBH, my friend didn't realise I was waiting for her so I ended up waiting for an hour. We then spent an hour talking and I went into seven charity shops on my way home.

But I did get a great charity shop haul. I should take photos but my camera batteries don't hold power anymore and there's a loose connection in the camera anyway (sucks! I so wanted to do photomarathon). I got Anarchist Studies vol. 16 2, Little Twin Stars stickers and a Marx Memorial Library mug.

I had planned to go to the Doodlefest with another friend a couple of days ago. She didn't turn up when planned and after an hour I decided to go alone and draw Amsterdam on a postcard as part of the exhibition. She did turn up a bit later but I had since found out about a protest at my college which I didn't want to miss. I only stayed for a short while because I had forgotten how awkward it feels to bring your friend along to a protest (she was happy to be at the protest, but I felt like it was unfair to split myself between her and my ex-colleagues).

I saw a bunch of people from my old trade union branch and I was touched when one of the reps asked me to be in the branch photo. I loved working with and for them, I'm still so thankful for the support they gave me last year. 

The next day my friend asked me if I wanted to study with her. I said yes but after an hour I felt too cold, tired and surrounded by noise (we were working in a studio in town). When we went out for lunch I kept bumping into people I hadn't seen for ages. It really shook me out of my negative mood.

Speaking to my friends about my plans and ambitions has felt really good. I'm touched that people are so excited for me and supportive.

Towards the end of last week I hit an unexpected low. I felt I had been recovering for months but I fell back. I can see the flat where I used to live from my new office. At breaks and at lunch I just used to stare out the window. My team leader suggested I take over the planning of an event because it'll look good on my CV. I think my achievements are pretty impressive already but when I hear comments like that I get frustrated at the whole emotional labour thing. Then I felt like I'd fallen into some sort of time warp. All of my previous employers gave me additional tasks to do, with the promise that it would look good on my CV and every new employer couldn't care less about the adhoc tasks I've done. I've mentored, I've been a team leader, I've overseen reconciliation projects... it's all a bit meaningless in the end. And I feel unable to call out this BS. Like phoning a hotel will enable me to put event management on my list of skills.

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It's the final hurdle at college. I give my project presentation next week and despite feeling terrified I can see now that I have so few lessons left I don't care whether I make a fool of myself or not. Because I won't see half of these people ever again.

I'm on my final three modules now. And in two weeks I will have accrued enough points on my course to have officially met my university entry requirements.

My exam didn't go well today. I know I always say that. TBH I think my teachers' are too generous with their marking. But I actually missed one question off my exam because my mind went blank. The annoying thing is that I thought about a good answer two hours later when I was boiling the kettle. I slapped my forehead and groaned. Regardless, I'm happy with every other question. I'm sure it'll balance out.

I have a feeling this summer is going to be loooooooooooong.

I might do another giveaway to celebrate my 5000th view (when it arrives). 'cause by then I'm expecting to be in a much happier place.

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A tea shop has opened in Brighton and I'm pretty happy about that. OK, I know we already have brilliant tea salons but I don't always feel like having a sit down, sometimes I got places to go and people to see.

Bluebird opened maybe about a month ago. I was gifted some Earl Grey Creme in December and I've been pretty excited for the shop to open since. I was not disappointed. They have a little cafe area where they do matcha smooches (no typo) and they have a shop dog (Arlo). I tried the Supertea, next week I want to try the Breakfast Oats.

Also, the teas are so pretty and smell gorgeous. Just look:


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