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Tags: photography

NSFW link. This lady rocks some awesome spectacles. And AP.

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Tags: reflection

I've been at an award show, an art show and an austerity talk this week. I've also helped out with meeting and greeting job applicants in my department. Everyday is so busy and different. I'm tired but relaxed. I spent most of today sleeping.

I'm dedicating tomorrow to reading a book about Victorian attitudes towards charity. I'm not looking forward to it, but I think that might be to do with my reading it to prepare for a presentation.

People at work are commenting on my skillfulness and idea contributions. I'm making a good impression. My colleagues finally wore me down and I'm going paintballing with them next weekend. I'm also organising a team night out in the restaurant below the flat where I used to live.

I've also been eating/living slightly healthier than normal this month - though yesterday went wrong because I was so busy working the door on an event that I didn't get time to take a break (then when I did the only canapes left were brownies, cupcakes and mousse). And the fact that I haven't got out of my pajamas today isn't good either. Last week the headaches that have been plaguing me since half-term disappeared, which could be related to the relief completing another module. I'm a little headachey today but that normally happens after a lot of sleep.

I really need to book some time off to visit my family. But I can't think that far ahead in the future. Plus, I get so swamped with work that self-care slips down my list of priorities.

I'm aiming to go to town tomorrow and getting some new hair dye to make me feel a bit more colourful, maybe I'll head to Knickerbox too (I hate going too far into the town centre because it's busy and I worry about bumping into people who would be pained to see me). I'll also see if I can pass by Grand Parade to see the dissertations on display. The titles are so interesting and they are making me excited about studying again next term.

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I stumbled upon this while looking through thebookof8.tumblr.com. I'm thinking it'll make a great thigh piece.

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Tags: Animals

I saw the Hachikō statue in Japan. When I heard the story behind it I cried uncontrollably. I want a dog.

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Tags: art

Mona Lisa Smile was on TV today and I decided to watch it. I had watched it before on youtube (in ten separate videos, with parts missing - but I didn't have a TV back then). I had totally forgotten about art history, Pollock, and Tori Amos in it. In retrospect I could've spoken about it in a presentation I did yesterday. Damn my timing. The students' reaction to the Pollock painting would've gone well in my project too.

I've taken the rest of this week off to relax and catch up with college work.

Hooray. I've had 5000 views.


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