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I went to Wagamama earlier this week with some friends. I love the carrot juice, it's so foamy. I have been considering getting a juicer but I figured it was too much effort. People always say you can get nice fruit juices in the supermarket anyway, trust me I've tried many supermarket juices and even the pure juices taste like they are made from concentrate (except you can get a few reasonably good orange juices). I also went to the local health food shops, they have a wider variety of fruits but the taste is still the same.

I looked up some recipes and I think I'll start saving for a juicer. These look too good not to try. Photography by ivonkohler:

I don't even have room for a juicer.

I also need to work on my project and a presentation today. Pffft.

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Currently I have one pound to my name. Technically £1.32 but I guess you don't need details. I started my work experience and I'm enjoying it so far. But I just found out my ex-employer started advertising for people to join their work experience placement this week. I cannot apply for it because the placement starts before I finish my current placement. A bunch of people who previously did work experience for my ex-employer are now employed by them in really awesome roles. I feel resentful. Especially as when I asked two weeks ago if any work experience placements were coming up I got an unhelpful answer of I don't think work experience will be suitable for you because you already worked in the college.

Anyway, this is just a checking-in post.

I love Mr Tom. It cheers me up.

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I landed myself the work experience role. Luckily I managed to negotiate the schedule around my course. Phew, just phew.

I'll be volunteering in a Job Centre. I cannot help but laugh at the idea I cannot get a job but I'll be helping people look for work. Unfortunately it will not help with my money problems but I'm hoping that I may build up some camaraderie with my colleagues and they may be more gentler with me when it's time for me to sign on.

My last assignment was a ranting mess. I feel embarrassed. My teacher said my ideas were refreshing but I didn't answer the question. I know that. I had a load of technical questions that I didn't ask. Pffft.

I got married at the end of February six years ago.

Tonight is all about silly songs.

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I'm good at finding things by chance. I've got the knack when it comes to loopholes. I probably should be a SEO or something like that.

I got another university offer. I had my interview and I loved it. By the time I walked home my interviewer had sent me an email confirming I have a conditional offer. For some reason that offer is not appearing under my university profile. Of course, this is probably due to my applying indirectly. So yay for using my initiative and boo for difficulties arising from not using proper channels.  Geez.

I went to my favourite social club today. A few people I knew just happened to be there and wanted to play Scrabble. I like Scrabble but I have only played it about ten times because I don't have any close friends or family who'll play with me. I never win. But today I managed not to come last after suddenly beginning to understand strategy is better than vocabulary. I'm sure there's some symbolism in that, but I'm too tired to think.

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Did I tell you I am a mystery shopper? Well I completed my first assignment today. £10 per assignment though I doubt it's a job that'll give you that many assignments.

I also went back to the Job Centre and the advisor recommended work experience for me. I'm happy to do work experience as my jobseekers allowance should cover my overheads. However, the work experience is fulltime. I did ask how am I supposed to spend thirty-five hours a week looking for jobs if I spend thirty-five hours a week doing working experience (work experience is shorthand for unpaid labour FYI) and I was told I am suppose to look for work around my volunteering. Bear in mind the Job Centre thinks my eleven hours a week course will get in the way of my job search, they think my thirty-five hours a week work placement will not get in the way of my job search.

I'm looking forward to going back to college next week because I'm hoping I'll be able to speak to my teacher about completing early (or at least I can ask her to countersign my grant applications).

On the bright side my advisor today was a total gem. She was supportive and understanding. And she explained things. I noticed she was wearing a PCS lanyard too. Which probably explains why she speaks to claimants like they're human. (Yes I will be spouting my pro-union propaganda here... deal with it).

Here's Moriarty again.


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