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I still haven't unpacked everything. Nothing's in order.

I'm just listening to Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.
Tony Adams
Yalla Yalla
Johnny Appleseed
Mega Bottle Ride
Coma Girl

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Last week I dipped some pretzels into nutella. It was amazing. I cannot believe I had never tried this before, especially because back in the day I was addicted to flipz.

Anyway, I decided to google pretzels dipped in nutella and, wow, loads of people know about this awesome combination. If you don't, you ought to try it!

I refuse to believe any of you hate pretzels and/or nutella Yell

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I bought some film in a gift shop that was shutting down. It's so cute. It was also cheap.

I am planning to get a new camera, maybe that actionsampler I spoke of previously when I get a new job.

So, I didn't hear back from the university this morning. I figured I didn't get the job and they were going to send me the news in the post (afterall, it's easy to give good news by phone but bad news is not so much fun). But I just checked my email half an hour ago and saw I had received a new message. It pretty much read what I expected Thanks, but we're giving it to someone with previous experience.

I decided to visit my family back in the Westcountry this weekend. I'm hoping to recharge my batteries but I know it'll just be a bunch of questions about my life choices. People can be really insensitive when they are trying to help. If it's quiet enough I might see if I can get a massage in Lush for a bit of a break. Or stop in So'ton IKEA for a snack and wander.

I have another interview in the same office next Tuesday. Seriously, it's my third trip to this office in six weeks. It's great that I'm being shortlisted. It was fun emailing the office with See you next Tuesday. Ha.

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I'll find out if I have a new job within the next twenty-four hours. I'm so excited. I tried to post some pictures here from my silly album the other day but it didn't work out. I have the knack now.

Here's the new t-shirt I bought from SIWA, a charity shop in Brighton.


Here's my new septum retainer, wonky!


Plus I need to shave my head, my hair is growing so fast.



I also made this. It looks like dog food. It's crumbled cookies covered with jelly (or jello) then put to set. Basically, trifle base.


Tonight is a colouring date. Oh Tink.



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