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For some reason, I no longer appear on the front page after I blog. My account hasn't expired (when that happens I can't even blog, or comment, or do anything except log-in and stare blankly at my profile). I just seem to have a little inbetween moment.

There's a blogcademy in London. I've dreamt about it, including going to get an antibrow piercing by Manko during my lunch break and going on a duck tour.

Now that I'm getting, like, two views a day. I'm thinking about what I want my blog to be. My blog is public but many things about it like viewing images, subscribing to my feed, commenting, viewing my forums are for bme subscribers. I like that mix. But I'm wondering if I should just go out on my own.

I think blogs are truly exciting. I also believe everybody has something to say, though that doesn't stop me questioning whether I have something to say. I sometimes feel like I'm overflowing with ideas, but I'm so indecisive. I don't know where to start.

I do like the cutesy, colourful, motivational blogs. I've never been one for self-help books and the like, but I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon. Although I'm deeply critical of way self-help seems to ask you to treat yourself like a brand I wonder if there's a middle ground where people can talk about making themselves feel better outside of consuming.

I've got to head to the PO and get some supplies to make a one page zine tomorrow. So, over and out... to my two readers.

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I'm trying to update regularly but I'm just feeling meh. This summer is painful, I find it hard to move in this heat. I've never felt this hot before, though that's probably to do with my immense weight gain. This morning I woke up and stretch marks had developed on my stomach overnight, damaging my sacred heart. I'm pretty cut up about this, but I'm too distracted to dwell on it. I've had a few scars/marks appear this month.

This week is my husband's (birthday and) graduation ceremony. I feel very fortunate to be invited. I'm proud of my husband. I know it's going to be emotional seeing him wearing his mortarboard and gown. It's hard to believe this week is finally here! When we started looking for properties to move to in Brighton three years ago we had no idea the hardships that lie ahead. I'm not sure if the time dragged or rushed past.

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It's hard to believe in under a month my page views have doubled. Sometimes I feel like nobody is listening to me, but clearly someone is.

Four jobs are being advertised in the college I studied at twelve years ago. I'm weighing the pros and cons of moving back there. For a start, I know I could do this job. I have the experience... I don't have the qualifications but I'm hoping the experience will outweigh that. I'll probably be the most experienced candidate (unless more out-of-town people apply, which isn't very likely because it's the kinda place that you move from rather than move to).

I'll also have a place to stay.

I have a handful of worries. Mainly about loneliness. Loneliness may not seem like a big deal but, when you need a support network around you, it makes a big difference. Then there are just practical things like writing a good application form and making a good impression in the interview.

I'm so stressed out writing this application. I hate the whole ordeal of having to pretend that you'll love this job more than life itself. I genuinely feel like a show dog during job applications, making sure I do the right tricks at the right time. Positive attitude, check. Great customer service, check. Sensitivity, check. Good teamplayer, double check. Dealing with complaints, check to infinity.

Some of you will be thinking Suck it up, we all have to do it. We do. But I think it's a sad state of affairs when you apply for a job exactly like one you have done before, and you have to guess the format in which you have to answer questions to show that you are suitable for the role.

This actually happened to me

I had one interview in an office where I was asked to explain what I think is great customer service (have you noticed it can never just be good customer service?) I explained. The feedback from that interview was I should've given an example of great customer service. Yeah, well that wasn't in the question. Weeks later I had another interview in the same office. I got that question again, except they asked to give an example. My feedback was they wanted a step-by-step guide of how I provided that service.

I'm not a fluffer

I do feel like I'm required to fluff things up. That's the term I use because that's what I feel like I'm doing. In one of the same interviews that I mention above I was asked to describe a time when I dealt with an unhappy customer. I explained how I helped a lady, who didn't meet the entry requirements of her course, enrol. I spent an hour going backwards and forwards from teachers to administrators to the customer. I had to take ownership of the problem because nobody else would. It was a difficult situation but we smoothed it out the next day. The interviewers didn't consider this problem-solving. I helped a crying lady, who was on the verge of a panic attack, find out what her options were (all the time, her friend was criticising me for being unfair).

We all think this

I'm preaching to the converted, I know. There's the unspoken rule that this is just the way job interviews have to be. I have spent hours of my life looking through websites that supposedly show me how to do well in interviews. I do everything that is expected of me, with the exception of being able to understand what a question really asks. I cannot find much helpful information on this subject. I'm sure more educated people than me have less problems with this element of the interview.

I'm also sure this is why temping and recruitment agents are so numerous. People who can navigate the maze of hidden meanings have interviews, the downtrodden and disinterested go to the agencies who only care about their finders fee.

I just want to call BS on all this.

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It's International Zine Month. This may mean nothing to you but I love zines. The challenge for today is leave a zine in public for someone else to find. Sadly, I no longer have any perzines around. I lent out my last bunch. But I thought I'd leave one lying around on the internet for you to read (BTW, the link is a PDF)...



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