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I'm channeling ivonkohler with my fondant fancies


I got a couple of Dysophia zines from Cowley the other day. It's my favourite place to visit.

I applied for a termtime job last week. It's in the college where I used to work. I'm a little afraid I won't be able to make ends meet. Well, I know you're probably thinking a job is better than no job. You're right. However, I'm always afraid of letting people down and I wonder what if I have to leave to get a fulltime job? Stuff like that really. I really like the sound of this job, though. It just doesn't fit in with my plans.

It's gutting that three months ago I was interviewing for a great job. £7k more than the highest paid job I've ever had. People say money isn't everything. I hate those flowery sentiments. I want to travel, move into a studio apartment and save to go back into education. Plus, you know, the state pension sucks? I need to think about my old age. Recent events have made me realise that I might be alone when I'm a pensioner. I need to take care of myself.

I'm feeling the strain of starting anew. I can't manage my finances because I don't have a personal bank account, I can't sign up for one because I cannot prove my address, I don't get post here because I am unemployed and, gah, I just need something to prove something else. But without one I cannot even begin. Gah.

I decided to change my colour theme yesterday and it turns out that my diary links always stay blue. Gah.

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To celebrate my 1000th view I'm giving away a used copy of 1000 Tattoos to the first commenter just_me.

Just leave a comment on this diary entry and send me a message with your address.

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Well, that large update I wrote just got gobbled up by the ether. Gah. Anyway it was written in an hour on not much sleep.

holyjesusboner wrote a TILT last week and I thought I'd write a list of things I'm enjoying ATM. Just to stay positive.

Hearts with your hands.
Smart have a new pastel range - I'm thinking of trying candy floss. knottypink has a pink hair forum if you want to discuss.
•I resurrected
The foolish haiku forum
Please post your attempts
Broken Records.
Crostata di Fichi.
Sven guesting in Gilded Cage.

white ink.
Bientôt l’été.
Sötsak Kakaoboll.

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Kinda excited to see my story on BME tattoo stories.


I was so excited I linked it on my academia.edu profile. Though, I know it's definitely not academic (especially with that glaring typo). I'm proud, it's the first thing I've written for the public since 2001 when an article I wrote about Kim Deal was put on sweetcherrie.com.

I've been away for a couple of weeks because I went to a union conference in Liverpool. My account expired while I was there and I couldn't be bothered to renew because I had an infection (probably from dehydration from the conference hall and hotel air conditioning). I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I went to the Tate Liverpool. I felt really inspired to write for the first time in a decade. I saw 160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People El Gallo Arte Contemporáneo. Salamanca, Spain. December 2000. It got me thinking about body autonomy, or lack of. I've got a lot I want to say about that. But I guess beating myself up for half of my life has made expressing my opinions hard to do.

I've been surrounded by really supportive people for the last fortnight. Ah, so much to say. Maybe I'll save it for the next update.

I'm just listening to a handful of my favourite HellCat tracks:


Mister Misery
The Sufferer
Free Time
Tear That Falls


Dead Or Alive
The Question
No More Crying
Old Dog
Who Knows
86 The Mayo


Earthquake & Fire

King Django

Hustle The Mac

Dave Hillyard

Angry Lady


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