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♥ I just bought season one of Breaking Bad. I have no prior knowledge of this show whatsoever.

a_darling at sugarcut.com/charity (NSFW)

neon satchels

mashed potato



Desire Lines

Top 10 budget restaurants and cafes in Brighton from theguardian.com

♥ I hope I'll get to see A Doll's House.


Dahlia piercings

Feather jewellery at shop.bme.com


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Another TILT as I wait to find out if my job applications have been shortlisted.

lenorefff asks what does the inside of your head look like? You'll not be surprised with my answer.

lenorefff also reminded me of Crush - do you remember that? Who was your crush?

♥ Speaking of crushes, annaliese is looking for crushee beta testers - see crushee.com/beta

♥ I've never tried a reuben sandwich, although I hear people talking about them often. Good job annaliese has a recipe imnotvegan.blogspot.com/2010/01/vegan-reuben-sandwiches.html

♥ Big shout out to letsgetbacksunday. BOMO LOVE. I wish the MFC were active on here again.

♥ I found some tragic topless photos of me here and here. I'm amused by the hair/make-up but saddened that I didn't appreciate my body back them. Now that I'm older and two stone heavier I regret not loving myself more.

♥ BTW I searched my old username bme.com/search/media/all/?q=nii


♥ How full is your calendar for the 10s? BME Events coming up.

If you were any animal... which would you be? I answered hedgehog. I'd like to know what you'd be.

What is your passion? I'm thinking about my answer...

What are you thinking at this very moment?

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Woo. I remembered.
Things I Love Thursday
Polaroid Graphics
weheartit.com (here's mine weheartit.com/ninad)
Penguin Epics covers:

Marcus Kuhn's Gypsy Gentlemen
Red Chidgey's papers/articles on zines and riot grrrl
Couples who met through BME awww


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