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Tags: food

Here's my cake design. It's on the back wall of Cloud 9 for this month.

I could choose a cupcake as the prize. I chose chocolate and coconut. I started unwrapping it before I remembered to take a photo.

The banana cupcake looked great too.

And I had a lovely hot chocolate.

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Tags: TILT

My TILT is pretty much...

I have a job in Sussex for a month

And I drew a cake design for Cloud 9 - my prize was a cupcake.

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I'm reregistering with a temping agency later. I have a number of issues with temping agencies. Mainly them deciding what jobs they want to put me forward for. This agency didn't get me any work last time and I hate the whole what work will you be willing to do? speech. Y'know, I'd like to apply for the job I sent in my CV about.

I've got an interview on Thursday for a month-long position in a local study centre. It's one of the roles I applied for on Gumtree. It's exciting because I applied for this role on two previous occasions. I don't know why my success rate is higher if I apply indirectly, but it is.

It also ties in quite nicely with four other jobs I applied for that are due to start in October.

Oh I love the academic year. I'm just a little sad that I'm not studying this year. But I'm hoping I'll be able to do a TUC course if I'm offered a permanent role before mid-September.

I had a pretty cool Bank Holiday Monday. I went to Brighton Street Diner and tried a black bean and plantain arepa from Toston Tolon. There was so much good food there. I'm going to go back and to see Sultan's Delights on Saturday.

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Tags: music

Song of the day

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Tags: tattoo

So Cheryl Cole has her butt tattooed. I don't know much about her. Honestly. I feel weird saying this but it's true.

You can pretty much write off 00's pop culture for me. I had no TV and/or limited internet access. Plus I'd left school and college so I didn't have the time to absorb all this stuff. I remember loving MTV as a teenager. When I got my first job I joked to my friends that I didn't think adults were boring, they just didn't have time to discover new things.

Of course, most of us here discover new things frequently. I think I do. However, I don't discover half as many new bands as I did fifteen years ago. I can probably thank John Peel for that. I've also become a lot more impatient when it comes to listening to the radio, so if I hear three consecutive bad songs I'll switch the radio off. Sorry.

When I turned thirteen I fell in love with Real World London. I thought reality TV was exciting. I had no idea how much reality TV we'd see in the next couple of decades. I liked the idea of being known just for being yourself.

Nowadays I'm not a fan of reality TV, especially talent shows. But I have to stop and check myself before I criticise them. Although they are pretty awful and there's a lot of offensive content, I'm sure I feel a bit of jealously. So I'll let more objective people do the criticism.

A few years back when I worked in a bank I had a couple of buddies I was inseparable from. One of them commented on how hot Cheryl Cole looked with her new hand tattoo. I disagreed. I'm sorry to say I disagreed aggressively. One of my buddies replied with Oh you can see how much they hate people who are much prettier than them. I didn't really have chance to tell them why I felt the way I did because I was a little shocked they thought that about me.

Rather than providing a strong counter-argument I just became red-faced and reminded them that they took offence when I said a colleague who sat near me was the most handsome man in our office.

I decided to text my friends to say my opinion of Cheryl Cole changed when I saw her butt tattoo. Mostly because I admire her for making such a bold move and partly because I feel embarrassed that my friends thought I was jealous.

I saw tweets that Cheryl had a new tattoo but I didn't care much about it. Then I saw someone post an image on the internet and I couldn't believe it was Cheryl. The tattoo was big and beautiful. I'm kinda ashamed to think pop stars only had bad tattoos. Though, in my defence the last tattooed pop stars I knew about were the Spice Girls. That was the limit of my tattoo knowledge. I'm surprised I even found out about custom tattoos.

I know there are female celebrities with small feminine tattoos. Good on them if that's what they like. I always find those type of tattoos disappointing. I have worked with people with tramp stamps (don't get me started on how much I hate that phrase) or dainty flowers on their wrists/ankles. What I find frustrating is so many people like tattoos but they want something discreet that people will find attractive. My issue is not with their design choices but the fact their wants come second to other people's acceptance.

Although there are the bigots who just hate tattoos, most people I know have a limit. They don't think a woman should ruin her body but if it's a pretty butterfly that's better than a skull. Of course, I don't want people to be put off getting tattooed. But I'd like people to feel they don't have to conform when they do get tattooed.

I applaud Cheryl Cole for getting this awesome tattoo. Especially as, from what I've seen on websites, she is getting loads of flack for it. Without encouraging copycats I hope her fans will be inspired by Cheryl's strength. When you make a statement, make sure it's your statement!

Bravo Cheryl.


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