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So much to say about my new job but I'm exhausted when I get home. I walked four miles around some hilly suburbs yesterday. I walked two miles today and stopped to pick berries on the way back to the office today. I've been doing inventories and waiting for workmen in student houses. The waiting gets a bit boring. But it's a nice change from normal administrative work.

I was just about to go to bed but I thought I'd check my emails. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw I'd be invited to interview at the Tate. I sent the application a month ago. I mentioned class in my personal statement. It's a subject I can talk about confidently, but I often refrain from doing so, just because I'd always thought it looked unappealing to employers. An ex-colleague said he didn't think I'd be able to return to my old job because I stirred up a lot when I was there last. I can see where he's coming from.

I'm excited. I have talked previously about why I like the Tate and I'm so inspired that they liked my words. It makes me feel more confident expressing myself. I'm definitely going to take the no holds barred approach to job applications in the future.

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Here's my cake design. It's on the back wall of Cloud 9 for this month.

I could choose a cupcake as the prize. I chose chocolate and coconut. I started unwrapping it before I remembered to take a photo.

The banana cupcake looked great too.

And I had a lovely hot chocolate.

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My TILT is pretty much...

I have a job in Sussex for a month

And I drew a cake design for Cloud 9 - my prize was a cupcake.

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I'm reregistering with a temping agency later. I have a number of issues with temping agencies. Mainly them deciding what jobs they want to put me forward for. This agency didn't get me any work last time and I hate the whole what work will you be willing to do? speech. Y'know, I'd like to apply for the job I sent in my CV about.

I've got an interview on Thursday for a month-long position in a local study centre. It's one of the roles I applied for on Gumtree. It's exciting because I applied for this role on two previous occasions. I don't know why my success rate is higher if I apply indirectly, but it is.

It also ties in quite nicely with four other jobs I applied for that are due to start in October.

Oh I love the academic year. I'm just a little sad that I'm not studying this year. But I'm hoping I'll be able to do a TUC course if I'm offered a permanent role before mid-September.

I had a pretty cool Bank Holiday Monday. I went to Brighton Street Diner and tried a black bean and plantain arepa from Toston Tolon. There was so much good food there. I'm going to go back and to see Sultan's Delights on Saturday.

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