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One week until a day off! Yes. I'm not looking forward to this week. All our students are arriving this weekend and I don't feel ready for the rush. Especially because I haven't been able to take my time in lieu last week or this week.

I've been so busy. It's annoying because things have popped up this month that I'd like some time to deal with and focus on. The days blur into one.

I got invited to a couple of interviews recently, sadly they clash with my course so I had to decline them. They sounded OK too. I'm kicking myself a little bit because the role I was invited to interview for yesterday would've allowed me to do that TUC course I mentioned.

I kinda promised myself a satchel if I end up studying this year, but now I can't find any. Just as well because I was broke until a couple of hours ago.

Freshers is going to floor me. I'm a little disappointed I'll miss the first week of my course. I just want to get started. I'm too tired to make sense right now. Tea then bed, I think.

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It's official. I'm starting the Access course in two weeks. My loan is being reviewed. My manager has given me the time off. I'm waiting for my wages and a deposit refund to hit my bank account.

I've been told my final day in my current job in 27th. Wow. That went fast. I'm tired today. I went to all the student houses with a couple of white van drivers. I dropped off bedding and kitchen packs. It was a long day. The packs weren't very heavy but they were uncomfortable. Just heavy enough to strain my arms, awkward packaging that broke, houses in roads that are hard to park in... stuff like that.

I laid in the bath for ages. I felt so sore when I got home.

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As I was running to the train station today my phone rang. I missed it. I checked my voicemail and heard that someone had withdrawn from a course I wanted to do and the college wanted to interview me. I phoned back and left a message. They phoned back and asked if I'd be happy to do an interview over the phone. So I had the interview and they liked me. I was offered a place. They wanted me to start tomorrow but my manager wasn't in work. I explained next week is freshers week at the university so I doubt I'll be able to get the time off.

I'm emailing my manager so she can give me an answer tomorrow. I'm also applying for a student loan tonight. I'm hoping it all falls together and I can do this course. My tutor sounds brilliant, she did some OU courses like me and then went to Sussex. She wrote for SSPT.

If I can't commit to the week afterwards they'll give the place to someone else. I'm hoping my manager will release me from my contract. Then again, my manager has never given me a contract to sign.

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I've been sleeping like a pro this weekend. Tomorrow is my last day off for a fortnight. My new colleague invited me out last night but I could hardly move after work and I ended up falling asleep. I really wanted to hang with her because she is really cool and wears these awesome vintage clothes. I was supposed to go to a beach barbeque this afternoon but I totally forgot and now I feel like a bad friend because I've let this person down before. Geez. I saw her last weekend and said I'd be there too.


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