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Things are hard. Just don't wanna deal with it. I cried in the supermarket when Days came on the stereo.

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I love Kaylah's blog

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No convention for me. I'm ill. I finally caught the illness that has been going around the office on my last day!

I even got a leaving presentation from my office. I totally wasn't expecting that. I only had a month contract. It's a bit weird having a leaving presentation when I haven't even met a third of the people in my company. Everyone gave me really encouraging words about my course and future plans.

The first week of my course went well. My assignment for this term is to write a personal statement. I haven't met my tutor yet. A classmate pointed her out at the event I went to on Wednesday but I was in conference rooms all day and I didn't want to disturb the speaker by getting up. I'm really behind everyone else on my course. Most of my class had their interviews earlier this year so they've been working on their personal statements all summer. I've had three weeks.

I feel a bit lonely sometimes. I'm just finding it hard to relate to people. I feel like I have to hold back a little in lessons, just because I want other people to have a chance to talk. But I have so many ideas and questions which I'd like feedback on. I guess being shy in school happens when you're in your thirties too.

On Wednesday I went to a workshop that was led by two lecturers from the school my husband studied at. I've been emailing one of the lecturers about my research plans for the future and I feel like she'd be great to study under. She has emailed me with loads of helpful information and now I know more about the support I would be able to get. She spoke about a taster lecture which happens to clash with some of my classes. I've asked my tutor if I can get the time off to go.

I promise when I'm better I'll do some fun posts. Really. I feel like the last two weeks read like a shopping list.

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My tutor emailed me yesterday to ask if I was aware the class is going to Brighton today. I had forgot. But I managed to dodge looking like a fool by asking if I was required to attend the tutorial scheduled at nine o'clock.

I believe the event is organised by the Compact team. I applied for a job with them earlier this year so it would be interesting to see the people who interviewed me. I feel a bit weird going to this event. Just because the team and university have so many links to my husband. I'm following his footsteps so closely now that I feel I can reach out and touch him.

Yesterday I went to a talk held by the Marxist Society. The talk was the Relevance of Marxism Today. I meant to go with a classmate but she had an assessment which overran so she didn't get out in time.

I'm a little sad I'll be leaving my Sussex job this week. Everyone I've met on campus has been lovely. I feel very at home there. Time for another leap into the unknown.

I got to get a train in an hour so I better wrap up.

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I definitely have that Friday feeling today. Oh yeah. The week has been so hectic. I've been running around student houses so much. On Thursday I asked my manager if I could start taking taxis that afternoon because my joints were killing me. Pretty much my whole office has been off ill at some point. I'm not 100% sure but I think I'm the only administrator who did the whole twelve days in a row.

The colleague that I work under has been off ill since Monday afternoon. In her daze she gave out my personal number to one of our suppliers who was pretty rude to me on Tuesday because I was supposed to be waiting for a workman in a student house. I checked the schedule and I wasn't booked in that morning. I explained I was temping, I wasn't told the schedule had changed and no other colleague knew about it either. Then she asked why I didn't answer my phone. I hadn't realised it had rang and it took all my self-restraint not to tell her (i) it's my personal phone so I don't use it at work, (ii) I was having a lay-in because I worked until late going to student houses checking boilers and (iii) I was having a half-day holiday but I had only come in as a goodwill gesture to help out a colleague.

I didn't mean to tell that story, think of it as a bonus episode or something.

I think my manager was a little concerned with my lack of structure this week. I normally sit alone in the staff room waiting for tasks when I'm not off-campus. She gave me some data entry work to do that I actually enjoyed because I could actually sit in an office with other people to talk to (the amount of people off ill meant we had more desks than staff, for the first time). But after a few hours my mind started to wander.

I've been sneaking glances at my course materials at work. I'm feeling daunted. I've read some of the assignments and it seems pretty difficult. I awoke last night because I was trying to counter-argue myself.

There have been some cool moments during Freshers. I've enjoyed the food stalls and I was excited to see my favourite bookseller from Upper Gardner Street Market. I donated a bunch of magazines and bric-a-brac to the Free Shop. I would've liked to have gone to some of the social events but I'm hoping I'll get a chance to meet some more people next week.

I guess there are a few things I need to get this weekend, like a backpack and a waterproof coat. It's annoying because it's money I don't want to spend but they'd be helpful if I had them.

I keep thinking about going to the London Tattoo Convention. Ah, I need sleep. Bye for now. Zzzz.


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