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It's TILT time again.

I guess the most relevant thing is...

♥ I received and accepted my conditional university offer yesterday

I'm relieved. I felt confident I was going to get an offer after my successful interview but apparently it's not official unless my tutor gets a confirmation through UCAS.

My exam was a little meh but I'm not too bothered. I didn't write nearly enough but I'm still ahead of my self-made target and schedule. So already I'm pretty proud of myself. One more assignment before Xmas and then another assignment due in a months time.

I can't believe it's now twenty days until my birthday. Wow 2013 you were full of some harsh times.

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Tags: reflection

I had a job interview a couple of hours ago. I'm not expecting a callback. I did awfully in the IT test. It was a fifteen minute test and once I had completed the data entry task I panicked when I had to do a formula in a few minutes. I realised I wouldn't have time to finish the formulas and pie graphs. Then I couldn't remember the formula. I should've revised. But I did formulas in my last five job interviews, I thought they'd still be in my memory.

I guess this would be a good anecdote in years to come, when I hopefully have a job and the disappointment has worn off.

Learn your IFs and VLOOKUPs, kids.

Then I garbled through the interview. It was a miracle the panel stayed straight-faced.

This afternoon I'll be preparing for my exam tomorrow morning.

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Tags: photography

Calais was OK.

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I don't know what's with me ATM. I booked a trip to Calais tomorrow to perk myself up a bit. I like getting out of the UK around winter time. I know it's only Calais but I like the architecture and I think it looks pretty in the cold evenings. I thought it would help me relax before my end of term exam, and be a little celebration of my success so far on my course.

I feel afraid. Like, not just something bad will happen to me afraid. I am afraid something will change and I'll have another year of not knowing who/what/where I am. This fear seems to have sprung up from nowhere. I am so confused. The only thing that's even remotely making sense in my head right now is that my resolution for last year was to travel to the Low Countries, my memories of the two trips I took are bitter-sweet.

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My ethics presentation is over. I'm certain I've passed. I'm disappointed with my performance but my teammate was happy with the overall presentation and I'd consider myself an awful friend if I rained on her parade. We did good. I knew it would be an assignment I'd struggle with. And, TBH, I'm too tired to dwell on it. I'm comfortable that my argument was strong, even if I didn't vocalise it well (or at all, in some instances).

I went to the dentist today. I need a root canal and I have gum disease. I figured as much. I guess I just wanted to avoid facing up to it. The root canal would be £400. I knew it would be expensive but I wasn't prepared for that. I think I might just get it extracted. Though, my dentist seems to think he can fill it because it's not giving me that much grief.

This evening a went to a late lecture and then wandered around my old stomping ground. I waited outside my old flat block for half an hour. I don't even know why.


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