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My mouth has just about regained feeling. I hear anesthetic is supposed to be tasteless but I always get a kinda irony sour sensation in my mouth. My teeth have been feeling much better since my December visits so everyone was hoping I wouldn't need a root canal. Sadly, after an thorough examination it looks like I will.

Because my dentist had started drilling he found exposed nerves and he had to dress them until I can get the money together for a root canal. The dressing will wear away in a couple of months so I made my appointment for six weeks. Now I've just started hoping I'll get a job offer before then.

Geez. I am so afraid of my next visit. I have not felt this amount of dread in a while. I sweat and shook all the way through the examination despite my dentist being the gentlest dentist I've ever met.

My proposal for my independent project is due tomorrow. Naturally I had a flash of inspiration in the early hours of this morning and decided to change topic area. I have to give a presentation on my ideas and then my tutor will decide whether to approve my project or not (you'd think the approval would happen before the research, right?) I'm not really sure why this assignment is set up in such a jumbled way.

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I was suddenly reminded of BAB as I browsed through IAM: Radical. I had planned to go last year but, you know, stuff happened. I thought about moving to Bristol a lot last year. I even put out some job applications. Occasionally I think about it again. One of the reasons I decided against it (other than the not getting any job offers thing) was that if I moved to Bristol hoping it would be a fresh start, I'd bound to be disappointed. Although I know a new location can prompt change in your life, it doesn't always provide the safehaven you so desire.

I'm going to head to BAB this year. Even if I end up walking through an unbearable memory lane.

I have another dentist appointment tomorrow. I'm nervous.

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Tattoos on women offend the collective sensibility because they are bold, unmissable and non-negotiable, and those are traits I’m quite happy to associate myself with.

Beth Granter, Owning my body (via th-ink.co.uk)

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I love the art of Eyvind Earle. I stumbled upon this and had to share it (I'd recommend skipping past Walt Disney).

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Half of my savings disappeared this month. Geez. Mostly to do with dentists visits but I went out a little more than normal too. I promised myself I'd stop spending on things I don't need, but then I saw Aesthetics and Literature in a charity shop.

I'm pretty sure it will be helpful next year. That's my excuse.

The lack of money is making me a bit nervous. I don't think I can even afford a root canal any more. Still I need to focus on getting a job. I was hoping I could find an office job that works around my course but that is seeming less and less likely. I think the only thing I can do in evenings are service jobs, and I'm clumsy so waiting tables is out.

I haven't done much college work during the end of term holiday. I only have two outstanding assignments. Whenever I start to look at them I feel like I'm digging myself a hole. At the moment I'm confident I can juggle everything but I know the pressure will mount over the next few years.

I try to keep myself distracted.

My jaw is so painful. I think I'll make a GP appointment on Monday. I'm sure the GP will have to snap my jaw back into place. I keep trying to do it myself but the pain becomes intolerable.


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