Where do you start when trying to describe a little about yourself?

I guess I have an interest for all things in life, but to list a few that are not the obvious:

Science, Ancient history, Vegetable gardening, Reading, Drawing & Painting, Building things, Music, Walking my dog, Mountain biking, Surfing, Traveling just life and pretty much everything in it. I especially like all those little things we have in common, like laughing so much that bending over causes you to dribble a little on the floor! (I know I'm not alone on this) even Gandhi does this stuff!

As for things I don't like? I try to find the best in everything so really it only comes down to the out right nasty.

Although I will give this a good attempt I may not get on as often as I'd like. So if you need to get in touch feel free to email: bluelotuspiercing@hotmail.co.uk


Local corsetry nightmare
2/17/2013 | 6 comments

A young lady walked into the shop asking me to replace a ball on her 'corset piercing' I recoiled inside, 'what exactly do you need'? i inquired.' A clip in ball for one of the rings in my back' was her answer.

Upon inspection she had 20 BCR's running down her back, they had been in for an astonishing 2 weeks and many were in so deep less than 1/3 of the rings were above skin level.

I spent the next 20 minutes explaining all that was wrong with what she had been subjected to. The studio (who's name she did not disclose) had informed her that the £300 was well spent on permanent piercings that would heal like any other piercing O.o

After almost begging her to allow me to remove them, she promised to return after talking with her mum. I tried with all my might to insist, but as I saw her walking out the door I feared I'd never see her again.

What can we do in these situations? How can these people sleep at nights, I don't need to spell out here whats wrong with what happened, there are too many things to list, I just need to rant >.<

Scarification boom
2/1/2013 | 2 comments
Tags: scarification laws fashion

So there seems to be a sudden boom in Newcastle, England in the old scarification department. 'Im getting the most unusual requests from the most usual people. We have an almost total 'regulars only' policy due to the un-predictability of those wee sexy hypertrotrophic scars but part of me is worried what may happen to the industry in the future if wanna be butchers start 'having a go' :S

in the beginning!
10/21/2005 | 0 comments

Hi there

All my piercing and tattoo photos are taken when healed only and i try to show the healing process for scarification.

Keep checking back for newer work 

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