Where do you start when trying to describe a little about yourself?

I guess I have an interest for all things in life, but to list a few that are not the obvious:

Science, Ancient history, Vegetable gardening, Reading, Drawing & Painting, Building things, Music, Walking my dog, Mountain biking, Surfing, Traveling just life and pretty much everything in it. I especially like all those little things we have in common, like laughing so much that bending over causes you to dribble a little on the floor! (I know I'm not alone on this) even Gandhi does this stuff!

As for things I don't like? I try to find the best in everything so really it only comes down to the out right nasty.

Although I will give this a good attempt I may not get on as often as I'd like. So if you need to get in touch feel free to email: bluelotuspiercing@hotmail.co.uk


Triple Mandible
2/5/2014 | 2 comments

Ive been thinking about these a long time, finally had chance to put the thoughts into action today. Im looking forward to watching them heal and learning as much as possible on the way

The centre piercing is completely healed, over 18 months now.

Lordy lordy lord
8/13/2013 | 3 comments

We all hear of stupid things. We all hear of nightmare hospital stories from shitty back street/inexperienced bloody cowboys. But get this, Today a lovely lady called into the shop explaining that the hospital had cut her rook open to remove a curved barbell because they didn't know the ball screwed off.


She explained that they believed her ear to be infected and wished to drain it and whilst attempting to do so they cut the 'tiny' piece of skin to remove the bar, they never even asked her.

What are we supposed to do?

Local corsetry nightmare - Update
5/6/2013 | 0 comments

So, A lovely lady calls in for a piercing with a friend, we talk, pierce, discuss the meaning of life... all normal. Then she mentions a friend who has a 'corset' piercing down her back with skin almost growing over the rings >.<

After some gentle probing we came to the realization that she was friends with the lady I have been trying to track down. (I love a good coincidence!)

After a small debate over how to sort this little lady life out, my fantastic customer called 'said lady' and put her on the phone to me!!!

Needless to say she wasn't best pleased at first to have been tracked down by the crazy piercer who was desperate to remove her £300 piercings, but after I bribed her with the offer of a beautiful photo session and some well placed, TEMPORARY corset-try for free, I think/hope I got her convinced. :S

Who knows? As much as I begged and offered I still can't tell if this wee woman is going to come back in or not. Keep an eye out because if she does I want to give her a real good experience and I'll post pictures.

My only regret is how rude it would have been asking for the girl's phone number. I thought it a step too far, but I did thoroughly inform her friend of the risks she faces. That way there is a rat in her camp!

Fingers crossed

Itch for something messy
3/15/2013 | 0 comments

You know that feeling you get when you wish someone would just walk through your shop door and ask you do start something epic? I've had an idea in my head for a few weeks now that involves some scarification, dot-work tattoo, corset piercings and some face paint! Now I just need the willing victim customer!!!

Lip stretch torment
3/11/2013 | 0 comments

So a year ago I made the decision to start stretching my labret. Ive a ton of friends that took the plunge with successes and failures and even a few stitched closed after scalping. I went for the good old fashioned technique of stretching over scalping purely because i don't like the scaring from closing it back up after cutting, that and I knew I'd shrink quick if I was to change my mind. Ha!...

What I didn't account for was how many times I'd have to re-stretch! The first loss was to a drunken night where it expelled itself as I emptied the contents of my stomach in the loo! The next loss was experienced as i ate an apple whilst driving and swallowed it! The third loss was due to shouting for my dog whilst fiddling with it and hopelessly abandoning it in a huge pile of nettles! Each time Ive lost at least 3mm and approximately 2 months as I had to wait to get home/work to find more jewellery and start over.

Now I face my biggest hurdle. My appointment for a varicose vein operation came in the post. My year long struggle will dissapear down the pan when I'm unconscious. When I'd just took the largest step yet, a difficult jump from 5mm to 6mm. Am I the only fool who insists on doing it the hard way? Am I alone in my shrinkage?

Im gonna demand the surgon stores his skin marking pen in my face during the procedure! (here's hoping)

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