"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

Well, I just got here. That's not really true anymore, but all this still feels new and exploration-worthy to me.
I'm not really good with this whole 'talk about myself' affair, so if you'd want to know what, why and how I got into all of this, please read the story of my personal ascension.

I definitely seem to have developed a passion for body suspension. And because this community seems to be THE place to be to live that passion, I decided to join your little world here. I want to learn as much as I can about it.

No Forum - but I like getting messages. And don't be afraid of the tracking thingie; it doesn't bite.

Events I`d want to attend this year:

My favourite pastime when I`m around here:



Off to Thailand...
3/13/2013 | 7 comments

to suspend with the Russians from the Sinner Team.

I really did it - took a week off work and bought a flight to Phuket. Currently I'm waiting for it to depart from snowy Paris - they're already more than four hours late and I'm getting really antsy despite waiting it out in the First Class lounge with all the free booze I can drink Cool


Other than than, life's the same old old, and Dallas and Coachella can't come soon enough!

UPDATE: They could not repair the plane (a brand-new airbus A380!), and so I had to stay the night in Paris. So that's the first day of my preciously short vacation Cry. Back in the lounge now and returning to the waiting game. Oh well... but as long as there's food, internet and good whiskey this is at least bearable.

1/10/2013 | 6 comments

I wish I could just take a couple weeks off and escape to Thailand.
Contemplating in earnest to just do that for a week or so and suspend there.  Messaged Stanislav, we'll see what comes out of it. 

Watch this video and see for yourself: http://vimeo.com/56496977   So BEAUTIFUL.


Speaking of travel, I bought my flights to attend Dallas suscon yesterday. Can't wait to see all my hook love friends again there!
And I just redeemed a couple tens of thousands of frequent flyer miles to get two very dear friends from across the pond to visit in late summer. About time this happened, and now that everything is ticketed there's no way it won't! This vacation is probably what I'm looking forward to most in 2013. Too bad it's still eight months out.
But the account will get filled up again rather quickly - there's the trip to Dallas over Easter, then ten days after I return from that I'll head out to California for Coachella Festival again (if someone scores tickets, that is!), then in May I'll spend a long weekend in the DC area visiting an old friend from Canada, and at the end of September I'll be heading to Omaha for Mecca suscon. Oh, and I hope to be able to attend Oslo again as well this year.
That's quite a bit of flying just for personal enjoyment - thankfully, it looks like I won't have to spend any of it in coach. Hail to king SWU! This year will be a good one, pretty sure about that already.

1/6/2013 | 1 comments

My account finally expired for good a few weeks ago, and it wouldn't let me renew at first.

I really missed this place! Feels good to be back!

Life's the same old, and nothing much has happened since I left off. Attended BMXnet and the Oslo suspension symposium with Stelarc (fantastic event!) in October, made several journeys across the pond visiting my favorite Californian friend(s) and  - with the 'help' of another favorite IAM friend - went to a quaint ancient city in the Polish woods where I ran a half marathon (with no training!) and even finished it in less than the cut-off time.

Life with doggie continues to be grand. 

And now off to see what everyone else was up to!




August 10, 2012
8/31/2012 | 6 comments

will be remembered as one of the happiest days in my life so far. A day that left me in an elated state of mind that's still persistent today, three weeks later and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time to come. The day I suspended from two hooks in my chest from a tree in a park in Budapest - something I've told myself I wasn't ready for (yet) ever since getting into body suspensions. Well, on this balmy day everything just fell together for an incredible experience that changed me not only inwardly but outwardly as well.

Right after this, I had the pleasure experience scarification for the first time and had Gabor cut this into my no-longer-virgin-now body:

I'm in love with them. So much.

Anyway, I'm writing this in an airport lounge at Chicago O'Hare while on the last leg of my journey to attend Mecca suscon in Omaha, where I can't wait to see all my suspension-community friends. I have to get going now, but there'll be more! Also, Ania has written a very nice essay about this day we shared.

So this should have read
7/21/2012 | 3 comments

"Welcome IAM 2.0" and should rightfully have appeared right here almost one year ago. That I didn't feel like doing that was mainly caused by that it took a hell of a lot of time to warm up to this 2.0 thing here. I still wish the old times back, but, well, they're gone and this is what we have now. It may be slow, cumbersome and still missing some key functions, but then this still is my digital home and I'm grateful for its continuing existence, so I might as well use it, no?

Anyway, one year has passed and this years' edition of the  Oslo suscon is just wrapping up their second day. Sadly, I could not make it there this time around (work got in the way, timing-wise) but they have set up a web stream so I can at least watch my friends have fun:


It's offline now as the festivities have ended for the day, but check back tomorrow.


In mod news - my branding has faded to near-invisibility. Boo. Cry BUT there's plans for more in the works, and I can't wait for the experience. Not even two more weeks until we get to go to beautiful Budapest and enjoy our stay with a twist!

Other than that, life's been going on normally. My (our) 2012 Dallas suscon/Coachella Festival/doggie vacation trip was great, although too short (and marred by sickness. Don't eat at Denny's. EVER!).

Life with Jorda contines to be awesome. She's a constant source of joy, and I could not be happier with her.

I promise, the next post will come sooner than this one did.

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