"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

Well, I just got here. That's not really true anymore, but all this still feels new and exploration-worthy to me.
I'm not really good with this whole 'talk about myself' affair, so if you'd want to know what, why and how I got into all of this, please read the story of my personal ascension.

I definitely seem to have developed a passion for body suspension. And because this community seems to be THE place to be to live that passion, I decided to join your little world here. I want to learn as much as I can about it.

No Forum - but I like getting messages. And don't be afraid of the tracking thingie; it doesn't bite.

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5/12/2013 | 3 comments

I love sunsets. And while this isn't Southern California with its spectacular sunsets over the ocean, at least I can enjoy the sun setting over the mountains while having fun of the off-leash kind with doggie who sure loves her evening outings.
Daily routine has us back, and besides work and enjoying those long walks/bike rides with Jorda, there's not much room left in the days for anything else.
Canceled the trip to DC I wanted to go on this weekend to visit my Canadian friend (we have three long weekends this month thanks to holidays!). I spent a bit too much money lately (last months cc bill was almost $5k!) and just need to take it easy there for a bit.  

Went hiking with Jorda in the mountains instead, checking out trails and places to go when Sabrina and her two-legged family will visit in September. I can't wait for this to finally happen!





Sleep is for the wicked,
4/27/2013 | 4 comments

or so they say. My body obviously didn't want to let me get up again after only 4 hours of sleep and decided I had to sleep in. So when I woke up at 9:30, my flight was GONE. Since two hours.

So, had to discover that my ticket couldn't be changed and all later flights were fully booked. Oh, and they wanted $2,500 for a walk-up fare. Yeah, as if... So called AA, and lo and behold, they managed to find an award seat in first class. To New York.  So, now, 50,000 miles and $388 in 'taxes' later (fuck BA YQ and UK APD!)  I'm on my merry way. Will arrive in PHL at 10:00 pm. Hopefully the party won't have died down by then!

Typing this from the first class lounge in Heathrow which has become something of a second home so much time I spent in here lately.

Keep the drinks cool for me, and see you later!



five hours....
4/26/2013 | 1 comments

before I have to get up, get to the airport and take a flight to Philadelphia. To see all of you at Stay Calm. So, see y'all tomorrow!

Just got back from my California trip yesterday. Coachella was epic, like always, and we pretty much have decided to go for both weekends from here on out.

Hey, I'm on youtube!
4/12/2013 | 5 comments

Not in the correct chronological order, but, hey... I have the time for a few sentences and linking to a video. I don't have the time to sort through and resize dozens of pictures and then write something meaningful about it, so I'll only get to my second Thailand experience this weekend. 

Filmed by the Third Eye Perception guys at the post-2013 Dallas Suscon 'BackyardCon' afterparty, held at a friends' of Matt Brawley's house in a Dallas suburb. I had a perfect experience on a breattiful day-thanks everybody involved. Especially you-know-who for the foot massage Wink.

No idea why the embed option apparently doesn't support starting at the 4:27 time I set.  Anyway, that's when "LawnCon" starts in the video. Actually, that's a good thing, and the reason why I'm not worried about being in it for everyone out on the internet to watch me hanging from hooks in my skin. Everyone watching this video for almost five minutes before I finally appear must be interested in the topic enough to not just stop or skip, so I feel reasonably safe from being 'outed' by it. (remember, outside of this community nobody knows about this passion of mine).

FreeFall suspension: a small step for mankind, a huge leap for me
4/7/2013 | 6 comments

or: the longest five seconds of my life.

Because five seconds is about the time my FreeFall suspension lasted before it transitioned to the now-familiar feeling of hanging from hooks in my back.

Five seconds of an experience I travelled halfway around the world to Thailand for and spent something like a quarter of an hour up on the exit point staring down into the green abyss  before finally getting up the courage to take the plunge and JUMP, held by nothing but two hooks in my back (and a safety line).  The strange thing is, we did a test jump the night before with me strapped into a harness, no hooks but just jumping into the rope so I could get a feel for it – and there I didn’t hesitate for one second but jumped as soon as I got the “go”. So I did not expect my brain blocking my muscles for awhile telling them to “hey, wait a moment , I  need to process this first”.

And it was all worth it. There’s a quote in one of my favourite movies that, modified a bit, describes pretty well how I felt then (and still feel): After jumping, everything else in your life has the volume turned down. You could deal with anything. And I do.  

The Sinner Team guys (and girls) are really on to something with these. The adrenaline rush during (and long after) the jump and fall is incomparable to anything I’ve done or experienced before. This is bringing suspension to an all-new level. And really tests the boundaries of anyone’s mental strength. I was fascinated in a “need to do that” way by this when I first saw the videos floating around the internet, and then I met Stanislav and Elena at the 2011 Oslo suscon where he explained the technical concept behind this in detail. It looks so easy in these videos – it’s just a little jump, after all, but let me tell you, it definitely isn’t all that easy when it’s just you looking down a hundred feet of nothing but air and there’s nothing to hold you except hooks in your back.

Stanislav told me this would be the most painless suspension ever, because the rush from the fall would totally drown out any pain I might feel when pressure is applied to the hooks – and he was right. Indeed, the thing that hurt most was getting pierced with these hooks. For FreeFall suspensions, they are using custom-made all-titanium Gilson-style hooks with a 5mm diameter pin. These things are lightweight but GIANT.  I bought me a pair and they will get used again for sure.

nice view of TonSai Bay from the suspension area:

setting up:

setting up

well-anchored ropes

note the rigging: EVERYTHING is duplicated for safety. There's two independently rigged ropes with each designed to hold the load on its own, so even in case of equipment failure you're safe.


in with the hooks: getting pierced with 4mm (6g) needles and then stretching things up to the 5mm (4g) diameter of the hook pin sucked. I muchly prefer same-size hook and needles. They do this to minimize bleeding and to fixate the pin in the skin so it has no wiggle room in your skin which is a bad thing when it's about to be loaded with the force of a free fall suspension. The Sinner Team normally uses four or even six hooks (for longer falls)  to distribute the forces more widely and have an additional safety margin. In this case, since the free fall would last for only a few meters, two were deemed acceptable after some consideration :).

getting pierced

hooks in

I like the idea of using those slings for hookline rigging. They're incredibly strong and reasonably cheap (200 baht) to be disposable.

using slings for hook line

the zipline for slowing down the fall. Here again, note the duplication: everything from the rigging plate upwards is duplicated.

jump ropes attached to a zipline

getting attached to the jump ropes

one last check:

checking the rigging

all rigged up and ready to climb up to the exit point:  The stepladder was made by Stanislav,  so non-climbers could get up there. The amount of preparation and work that went into this is incredible

all ready to climb up

and up...

aaaand JUMP: 8these are frames from video, so excuse the quality)

jumping 1

jumping 2

jumping 3

jumping 4

junping 5

jumping 6

jumping 7

jumping 8

jumping 9

 and that's it.

 I was so overwhelmed by what had just happened that I didn't even ask to swing around a bit more although I was hanging there comfortably.  Just as promised, the pain from the hooks as they were gradually loaded and was nonexistent. My neck was not bothering me in any way, either (don't let my Dr. see those pictures, though) .

I was brought down pretty quickly, had my hooks removed, got claned and bandaged up and we were on our merry way.

No tearing at all:


one thing that remained to be done - we got to this the next day, after buying a can of signature orange spray paint in Ao Nang:

I had the honor of putting MY bird on to the Fire Wall rock, commemorating the first ever Thai FreeFall suspension.

This was an experience for the ages, for which I cannot thank Stanislav and the Sinner Team enough.

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