"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

Well, I just got here. That's not really true anymore, but all this still feels new and exploration-worthy to me.
I'm not really good with this whole 'talk about myself' affair, so if you'd want to know what, why and how I got into all of this, please read the story of my personal ascension.

I definitely seem to have developed a passion for body suspension. And because this community seems to be THE place to be to live that passion, I decided to join your little world here. I want to learn as much as I can about it.

No Forum - but I like getting messages. And don't be afraid of the tracking thingie; it doesn't bite.

Events I`d want to attend this year:

My favourite pastime when I`m around here:



2/25/2008 | 7 comments

Does anybody remember what I said about how I discovered this site in late 2005?
Well, the German Government in its infinite wisdom ordered the German branches of Google&Co. to filter the BMEzine.com URL and do not display search results from that URL because the [insert favorite expletive] at the "Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons" (haha, they can't even afford proper translation - this should read "Agency", not "department")  ruled that viewing BMEzine.com would be "harmful to the development of German minors" and censored the site by placing it on an index, right next to racial hatespeech sites and the like.
And now, I personally am affected by that shit! 
But, see for yourself - this is what I found out when searching for "JungleCon"

 - Google at least doesn't leave you in the dark and tells you that they were forced to remove a few hits and direct you to "compare across domains":
Google outside Germany: 8 hits, BME on top  - yep, even Google China shows BME; whereas Google Germany: 5 hits, BME filtered out.
 - Yahoo "behaves well", too - no BME results displayed on the German site. They don´t even give out a censorship warning! US site displays everything as it should...
- Microsoft obviously doesn't give a shit about the German Government - MSN Germany links to BME exactly like MSN USA.
 - AOL search returned ZERO results at all on either the US or German site (although they claim to be "powered by google"). Crappy technology or overzealous filtering?
 - Altavista censors BME: 10 hits on the German site, 13 on the US site
 - Metaspinner, another German search engine,  doesn´t seem to care about the filter rule, too - I get 12 hits, including BME.


welcome new member IAM:drphil by saying "Hello".
She did her first suspension at "my" meeting three months ago, submitted a really well-written experience about that and then had to wait a long time to get her account as the site wasn't updated for ages!
It`s her birthday today, too!

Jungle suspension video footage
12/23/2007 | 0 comments

After much procrastination, I`ve finally managed to upload some of the video Martin shot at "my" event.


These will not stay online there for long - I`m going to delete them again there right after Christmas, so if you'd want to keep any, save them locally (right-click on any of the links and select "save target as").

edit Jan.07, 2008: And that´s what I just did, as the christmas holidays are a thing of the past now and I need to re-use that giant amount of webspace those were taking up. So, whoever would want any of them, send me a message or post in the Forum one entry below.

I promised you'd get this!
11/22/2007 | 42 comments

OK, so now that I finally have gotten around to finally do this long-overdue entry a lot of you have been waiting for, here's a little recap of things that went on at "my" event last month.

But first, let me say THANK YOU again to everybody who came and supported this, and especially to those who facilitated the suspensions (that´s Steve, Benoit, Alice and Marc) -  and let`s not forget my parents, who, although they had no idea what exactly I was up to in there (and know nothing of my suspensions) made it possible for me to use this location as well as dealt with some unpleasant results of an unfriendly encounter we experienced with an unexpected "guest" who came in and raised trouble in a very hostile manner.
Pictures courtesy of myself, IAM:Keff, IAM:stainless, IAM:vespaman and IAM:DarkAndy. If anybody who was there has more, pleasepleaseplease send them my way! All pictures can be enlarged by clicking through, as always...
Although quite a few people who promised they'd come didn´t show up, we had eleven suspensions - in this order:

Traditionally (that´s the second time he "opened" an event I`ve been at), Herfried (IAM:stormchaser) started the event by going first, doing a 4pt lower back suspension over the water. He hung for more than one hour and really enjoyed it!

Then came Clement : He went up lotus with static rigging, for some great pictures see modblog. A really serene and beautiful sight.

Then we had a little break, as everybody was waiting for the sun to go down.
Next were Lydia and Andreas: They attempted a tandem suspension with her hanging from his stomach while he was suspended from four hooks in his back. Unfortunately, his circulation went down as soon as her weight was applied and so it had to be aborted. Really intense.

He hung for a while from his back, though, and she did a lotus suspension:

Then it was Martins turn. He wanted to retry the 1pt chest he had to end prematurely because of tearing the last time.
Well, this time he succeeded: He pulled himself up for this super-awesome act. I have nothing but respect and awe...

BTW, he brought a video camera, and there is about 45 mins. of footage from the first day that I`ll give to all of you in due course - as soon as I manage to edit it so it´s actually presentable.([....snip....]; vid no longer available, if you want it, message me)


Next up was Andie Christ Superstar who chose  - well - a crucifix suspension while entertaining us all with his usual funny way :). He spun around madly for quite a while. Fun times! But remember: Out of the door, one cross each, line to the left!

At the same time, Kerstin (soon-to-be IAM:drphil :)) did a 2pt suicide - her first suspension! She did really awesome, and wrote an experience about it that`s really worth reading. I am really happy about seeing that she had such a nice experience. She reminded me so much of myself before I did my first one, and it makes me feel all good about having played some role in her decision-making process that led up to this. Just look at how she's similing!


Then, Wolfgang did a really intense 8pt knee/chest suspension. I had the opportunity to hold his head while he was going up, and, let me tell you, that water was becoming really freezing cold after a while... It took him a while (and lots of swear words ;) to get up there, but then he was all bliss. We lowered him down and cut his chest hooks  so he could have some "spinning and fooling around fun" with

Marc who went up 2pt suicide.


Those two certainly had some fun together! That concluded the hangings for the night.


Then, on Sunday it was myself and my 6pt "chest lotus" or whatever you'd want to call this.
I wasn´t really having my best day, felt far from being prepared to being pierced at first and probably upset a few good people with my fidgety behaviour in the piercing room prior to getting the hooks in, but once the first set was in it was all fine. I even managed to put one in myself! Well, I needed "a little help from my friends" to get it all the way through, but that´s a story for another time - and something I definitely will repeat in the futiure!
Anyway, going up was a breeze - soooo easy! I pulled myself up and made it up there in what for me was record time. It was really comfortable up there - as long as I kept my arms raised and behind my neck or holding on to the rig.
Then, after some time enjoying the view from up there, I wanted to have my knee hooks cut down. Well, to make a long story short, hanging just from four hooks in my chest and torso hurt too much for me to feel comfortable, so I come down again soon.
But I learned a lot - I now know that having the hooks in more sideways and pulling outward is the way to go for me. I´ll certainly put that knowledge to use for future use :)


And finally it was Alice whose beautiful 2pt resurrection concluded the day and the event.


And now, here`s a few pictures without people hanging from hooks:


Something less-than-perfect what I normally wouldn't mention, but I think it should serve as a warning for would-be meeting organizers:

 - money spent (in total):                               EUR 1.836
 - money gained (participant contributions):  EUR    885
         deficit, absorbed by yours truly:          EUR   951  Ouch.

Here as well, and that should not go unmentioned, I`d like to say "thanks" to those who supported this by voluntarily donating more than their share I asked for - I deeply appreciated it and it will not be forgotten!
While there will not be another meeting in this location, I have some things in mind for next summer :)

Oh, and on Nov. 22, 2006 I received that first "welcome to BME" email from Shannon when the experience I submited about my first suspension was put on the site. So, this marks my first birthday on BME. I think this past year has been a really good one.

This makes it all worthwhile....
10/29/2007 | 2 comments

So, my 'premiere' at hosting an IAM suspension event is finally over. What a weekend!
A huge THANK YOU to all who made that possible: all who attended or supported it and especially to the "crew", namely Steve, Benoit, Alice and Marc, who managed to facilitate eleven suspensions that all were a complete success.

A big update and pictures will follow, but for now I`d like to point your attention to the experience Kerstin submitted about her first suspension which she did there Saturday night. Go review it!

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