"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

Well, I just got here. That's not really true anymore, but all this still feels new and exploration-worthy to me.
I'm not really good with this whole 'talk about myself' affair, so if you'd want to know what, why and how I got into all of this, please read the story of my personal ascension.

I definitely seem to have developed a passion for body suspension. And because this community seems to be THE place to be to live that passion, I decided to join your little world here. I want to learn as much as I can about it.

No Forum - but I like getting messages. And don't be afraid of the tracking thingie; it doesn't bite.

Events I`d want to attend this year:

My favourite pastime when I`m around here:



Clement is going to hang on some walls
11/24/2008 | 3 comments

Anybody remember "JungleCon" held last year? 
Well I just discovered that  Klem`s lotus suspension (that was featured on bodytwo.com back then, which sadly is available only at the internet archive nowadays, sans pictures to boot)  is included in a calendar Shannon has put together from his bodytwo posts. I`d say go check it out!

(picture stolen from from IAM:Klem)

Helene Fjell...
10/28/2008 | 0 comments

...is an awesome photographer.
She sent me a few pictures of my Oslo suspension - and since some people  were pleading me suggesting to post them here - well, here you go:

Love this one. You can clearly see I didn't really 'enjoy' this as it hurt EVER SO MUCH. The pain was overwhelming. But yet, I have forgotten it right after and yes, I WILL try it again. Thanks to Håvve for being there for me!

7/21/2008 | 14 comments

are lacking.
I know, and some of you have been impatiently messaging me.... So I sat down yesterday and typed a looong entry about the meeting in Switzerland and as I was 90% ready and wanted to add pictures, the browser decided to crash.
So you will have to wait for a few more days. I`m still in Oslo, and as the legendary suscon afterparty is going to start in half an hour I gotta get going.

Just so much:
Attended the Swiss IAM meeting as well as the Oslo suscon - two suspensions on susbsequent weekends this month. Ouch.
 -  I now know that even I can enjoy hooks in my back. They just need to be placed right  - and two are enough :)

 -  static rigging is as awesome as it looks. The experience was incredible. I`m still high from it. Oh, and those Oliver-designed hooks a really worth their money.

Oslo is amazing. I`m really really really happy to be here and will definitely return if they let me....

5/20/2008 | 0 comments

I just discovered that since I came in here, FIVE THOUSAND people had a look at this my excuse of an IAM page. I`d never expected that, and I don't really know what to think of it. But I promise to not neglect it so much as in the past - there WILL be more frequent updates!
But nonetheless, I`m curious as to who takes an interest in what I have to say on here, so I installed me one of these tracking thingies. So now I know who you are :). Don't worry, this will only be temporary; I`m probably going to get rid of it in a week or two...

Anyway, there's some imminent changes bound to happen in the near future: I`m going to start at a new job next month and move to Switzerland in the process.
This is going to be a nice career move for me, and I`m very much looking forward to that. Even here, this community comes in handy: I've received valuable tips from various people on here, especially Sandy and Andy have been really helpful with advice.

Sorry about all the pictures - these are still AWOL. They were hosted on a subdomain that no longer exists after some hiatus at provider level, so I'll have to get different webspace and then re-upload and re-link them all. There's no time for that at the moment, so please bear with me for just a little longer - sorry!

Other than that, I`m very much looking forward to see all those nice BME folk again at the Swiss IAM meeting in July - can't wait for that!
And I`m finally going to attend the Oslo Susconthis year - something I was dreaming of doing even before I got in here. Hopefully this will work out - as asking for time off two weeks into a new job might be a little premature, but we'll see...

sorry everybody
3/16/2008 | 0 comments

all pictures on my page unfortunately are gone for the moment. They were hosted on some personal webspace and somehow disappeared as a result of a server migration. I hope to get everything back online in the course of next week... I was amazed a few of you sent me messages and asked about that - so apparently some of you take some interest in what I put up here. Thanks guys, that makes me feel good!

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