"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

Well, I just got here. That's not really true anymore, but all this still feels new and exploration-worthy to me.
I'm not really good with this whole 'talk about myself' affair, so if you'd want to know what, why and how I got into all of this, please read the story of my personal ascension.

I definitely seem to have developed a passion for body suspension. And because this community seems to be THE place to be to live that passion, I decided to join your little world here. I want to learn as much as I can about it.

No Forum - but I like getting messages. And don't be afraid of the tracking thingie; it doesn't bite.

Events I`d want to attend this year:

My favourite pastime when I`m around here:



7/21/2008 | 14 comments

are lacking.
I know, and some of you have been impatiently messaging me.... So I sat down yesterday and typed a looong entry about the meeting in Switzerland and as I was 90% ready and wanted to add pictures, the browser decided to crash.
So you will have to wait for a few more days. I`m still in Oslo, and as the legendary suscon afterparty is going to start in half an hour I gotta get going.

Just so much:
Attended the Swiss IAM meeting as well as the Oslo suscon - two suspensions on susbsequent weekends this month. Ouch.
 -  I now know that even I can enjoy hooks in my back. They just need to be placed right  - and two are enough :)

 -  static rigging is as awesome as it looks. The experience was incredible. I`m still high from it. Oh, and those Oliver-designed hooks a really worth their money.

Oslo is amazing. I`m really really really happy to be here and will definitely return if they let me....

5/20/2008 | 0 comments

I just discovered that since I came in here, FIVE THOUSAND people had a look at this my excuse of an IAM page. I`d never expected that, and I don't really know what to think of it. But I promise to not neglect it so much as in the past - there WILL be more frequent updates!
But nonetheless, I`m curious as to who takes an interest in what I have to say on here, so I installed me one of these tracking thingies. So now I know who you are :). Don't worry, this will only be temporary; I`m probably going to get rid of it in a week or two...

Anyway, there's some imminent changes bound to happen in the near future: I`m going to start at a new job next month and move to Switzerland in the process.
This is going to be a nice career move for me, and I`m very much looking forward to that. Even here, this community comes in handy: I've received valuable tips from various people on here, especially Sandy and Andy have been really helpful with advice.

Sorry about all the pictures - these are still AWOL. They were hosted on a subdomain that no longer exists after some hiatus at provider level, so I'll have to get different webspace and then re-upload and re-link them all. There's no time for that at the moment, so please bear with me for just a little longer - sorry!

Other than that, I`m very much looking forward to see all those nice BME folk again at the Swiss IAM meeting in July - can't wait for that!
And I`m finally going to attend the Oslo Susconthis year - something I was dreaming of doing even before I got in here. Hopefully this will work out - as asking for time off two weeks into a new job might be a little premature, but we'll see...

sorry everybody
3/16/2008 | 0 comments

all pictures on my page unfortunately are gone for the moment. They were hosted on some personal webspace and somehow disappeared as a result of a server migration. I hope to get everything back online in the course of next week... I was amazed a few of you sent me messages and asked about that - so apparently some of you take some interest in what I put up here. Thanks guys, that makes me feel good!

2/25/2008 | 7 comments

Does anybody remember what I said about how I discovered this site in late 2005?
Well, the German Government in its infinite wisdom ordered the German branches of Google&Co. to filter the BMEzine.com URL and do not display search results from that URL because the [insert favorite expletive] at the "Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons" (haha, they can't even afford proper translation - this should read "Agency", not "department")  ruled that viewing BMEzine.com would be "harmful to the development of German minors" and censored the site by placing it on an index, right next to racial hatespeech sites and the like.
And now, I personally am affected by that shit! 
But, see for yourself - this is what I found out when searching for "JungleCon"

 - Google at least doesn't leave you in the dark and tells you that they were forced to remove a few hits and direct you to "compare across domains":
Google outside Germany: 8 hits, BME on top  - yep, even Google China shows BME; whereas Google Germany: 5 hits, BME filtered out.
 - Yahoo "behaves well", too - no BME results displayed on the German site. They don´t even give out a censorship warning! US site displays everything as it should...
- Microsoft obviously doesn't give a shit about the German Government - MSN Germany links to BME exactly like MSN USA.
 - AOL search returned ZERO results at all on either the US or German site (although they claim to be "powered by google"). Crappy technology or overzealous filtering?
 - Altavista censors BME: 10 hits on the German site, 13 on the US site
 - Metaspinner, another German search engine,  doesn´t seem to care about the filter rule, too - I get 12 hits, including BME.


welcome new member IAM:drphil by saying "Hello".
She did her first suspension at "my" meeting three months ago, submitted a really well-written experience about that and then had to wait a long time to get her account as the site wasn't updated for ages!
It`s her birthday today, too!

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