"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

Well, I just got here. That's not really true anymore, but all this still feels new and exploration-worthy to me.
I'm not really good with this whole 'talk about myself' affair, so if you'd want to know what, why and how I got into all of this, please read the story of my personal ascension.

I definitely seem to have developed a passion for body suspension. And because this community seems to be THE place to be to live that passion, I decided to join your little world here. I want to learn as much as I can about it.

No Forum - but I like getting messages. And don't be afraid of the tracking thingie; it doesn't bite.

Events I`d want to attend this year:

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I could not believe my eyes
4/27/2014 | 6 comments

when I just refreshed the main page I saw this:


NO MORE NSFW AVATARS appearing in the main page, unless you explicitly click on or mouse over one. I remember NSFW avatars being a hotly contested/discussed issue ever since coming in here almost seven years ago, and there were countless requests for a filter implementation ever since the software change.

So it seems that the site isn't as dead as it appears, and there's active development work done on it? If so, thanks to whoever is responsible, and hopefully this is just a sign of more good things to come!

in other news, LotN, our dogs and and myself just enjoyed a fantastic twelve-day vacation. We went to TWO back-to-back Coachella festival weekends and had a mountain hiking doggie vacation in between. Sadly, as the dates clashed, I had to miss Dallas suscon this year.

Jorda is a lot better, and I expect her to fully recover. She went running (well, not quite running, but she tried!) around the mountains chasing rodents and rabbits in the desert with Sabrina already.This dog amazes me anew every single day.

There'll be pictures and stuff soon !

One Year...
3/15/2014 | 2 comments

Today, one year has passed since Shannon left us.

From time to time I keep revisiting his blog and every time I see his last words it just hits home that he's gone and I'm made painfully aware that I'll never read anything new by him again.

Just a depressing day. Jorda is feverish and doesn't want to walk at all, and when she does, she tries to avoid putting weight on her left hind leg. Went to the clinic with her again and they said it's because she has pressure marks from the cast which are hurting her. They changed the bandages and felt up her leg  - she didn't even flinch when her wounds were groped at, but even with extra padding she refused to stand on this leg after everything was put back together. If this isn't better by Monday they'll xray to check.

Poor Jorda...
2/18/2014 | 9 comments

She got hit by a piece of farm equipment (farmers who don't know how to drive a tractor :() and broke both her hind legs yesterday.

She underwent surgery today in an animal clinic. They put in titanium braces into her legs and the Drs say it's most likely she will eventually recover fully.  But right now, life's pretty sad. She's really a pitiful sight, heavily medicated and largely motionless. It's like having a sick kid, or probably worse as kids can at least talk where she only has those sad blue eyes...Cry

Posted those to her FB already, but then there's friends in here who don't have access to that site. So, here you go - sadness impersonated:

It's going to be a tough next few weeks.

1/25/2014 | 3 comments

Sitting in what appears to have become some kind of home away from home lately (London Heathrow, Galleries First lounge) having lunch and waiting to board my flight that's getting me to Hawaii where I'll spend a week vacationing with a very special IAM friend.

Tropical paradise, here I come!

Jorda is fine again No more health issues, and she's happier than ever because she now has a companion for those daily forest-escape adventures. For a dog turning ten soon, she's amazingly fit.



I guess it's true - pets are like kids...
1/6/2014 | 9 comments

it was amazing to see the whole family be affected by Jorda's state. In guess in some way she's like the grandkid we so far have failed to materialize to my parents...

Anyway, the seizures have not returned, and she's back to her normal active self. Very happy about that. I love that the vet recommended to 'wait and see' instead of putting her on medication (with heavy side effects) right away.  I want back to work today  and she was alone for the first time in two weeks...

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