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So what's been happening in life for the past month? Besides the truck saga, which is still unresolved.

Lots of work. the other overnighter got Covid, so I worked six nights for a couple weeks. And he's going to a music festival (Lightning in a Bottle, lucky guy) this upcoming weekend. My bank account appreciates it, especially with this unresolved vehicle issue pending.

Last weekend Scott came down to pick me up and go to La Playita for breakfast before seeing a couple of movies on the Landmark Pico's final day of operation. We've been going there for years, and it's where we saw many of out movies with Q&As over the years. The mall that it was it just never recovered from Covid, so they couldn't afford the space any more.

We first saw "Montana Story" which was a small family drama set on a ranch in Montana, so it had some spectacular landscapes, but overall was slow and heavy. The second film we saw was "MEN" which was ultimately one of the more disturbing and graphic films I've ever seen. I'm not sure if what I took away from it was what Garland was going for. Scott and I disagreed about what it was about, him taking a more "men are irredeemable monsters" approach to my "men's redemption is in listening to women" thoughts. After that we went to Big Wok for Mongolian BBQ before he dropped me off back at home.

In house news, the garage has been under construction for a couple of weeks, and we've been getting solar panels installed today. Not sure when the ADU breaks ground, but it ought to be soon after the garage is finished.

And the new Kids in the Hall is pretty great! As is the Always Sunny podcast! So overall a pretty good month, minus the truck situation, but plus another thing that I don't want to get into at this point.




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Coachella, 2022

Sunday, April 24


Last day, sadly. 

Before going into the venue, I went to the camping center to see if they were doing special camping screenprinting on t-shirts (they were not) and to buy the pair of astronaut socks I'd seen someone wearing at the DoLab and fell in need with. The general store only had the socks in foot-only style, but they did have other options, so I bought a pair with skulls on them because Oingo Boingo.

After dropping off my purchase at the truck, I grabbed some acid and some more acid, determined to make what I could of the day. I may have even taken gummy #1 at this time, hoping to go for as long as possible. For the first time in six days, I packed a little plastic bottle of rum, intending to add it to the lemonade I would be getting with my later meal, but my fanny pack was actually checked thoroughly for the first time in six days. The bag check woman told me to drink it there, and after taking a sip, I told her I was just going to pour it out and keep the bottle. So I poured out most of it (honestly probably could've kept more, as she'd moved on to checking on someone else), and had a little bit left for that lemonade.

My first stop was the boutique shop near the DoLab, where I'd seen the astronaut socks I wanted. They had tons of other designs, but at $30 a pair, I figured $60 was more than enough to spend on socks in one weekend.

From there I went to the Outdoor Theater for Mariah The Scientist, a new r&b artist with a great voice that I had come to enjoy in the research phase. I thought she sounded great, and had strong stage presence, I think she'll do well.

After seeing her, I went to the playground art piece again to sit in the shade, taking a few photos as I went. Last Sunday is my typical photo day, though I suppose I should do it first Friday to get the grass, too. I'd also taken a lot of videos at Elfman the previous night, something I really don't ever do. I'd finally come to the conclusion that I'm kind of an idiot for not doing a better job of documenting all the shows I've seen through photos and videos, and decided I should start doing that more.

The next act on the Outdoor was Yola, another great singer and performer I'd found about through this lineup. She has a great bluesy soul sound and a very powerful voice. She's another whose career I'll be following.

After Yola, I made a cross-fest trek to the Yuma, stopping at the NFX booth to pick up a free t-shirt and food voucher coupon ($5 off) that came with claiming the NFT they did this year. Whatever, free Coachella swag. From there, I went into the Yuma for the first time (!) that weekend, seeing Adam Port for about twenty minutes.

At some point, I had a second gummy.

Things were going pretty well by the time I went to see Channel Tres in the Sahara tent at 4:20. Channel Tres is yet another great artist I discovered through research (he was on the poster for 2020). He's from Compton, and plays a blend of r&b, soul, funk, blues, and filters them through electronica. I already knew he was a good musician, but he turns out to also be a great dancer, and was backed with four or five male backups with some great moves.

At one point he asked, "who out there is on acid?" and I cheered. He continued, "I'm gonna fuck up your trip," and I thought," yeah, there's no way anything you do right now is going to ruin the amazing time I'm having, and he played "Acid In Your Blood", and it was so much fun. Again, this Coachella was just highlight after highlight.

Something I haven't really gone into yet is how great I felt overall to be finally attending a Coachella in skin I'm comfortable in. The last one in 2019, I was at peak mess of a human. But I felt just perfect walking around, dancing, when people would put their hands on my shoulder to alert their passing-though. Plus there's gender neutral restrooms everywhere, so that's fantastic. The men's real restrooms near the DoLab have like ten stalls, so avoid that one. Otherwise, everything was peachy, from security search to using the showers.

After Channel Tres, I went to stand outside of the Mojave to watch some of Kim Petras's set, and again was impressed by a singer incorporating dance into a performance. Major Madonna vibes from Kim. I thought her German accent was coming through more strongly in the live singing.

I saw four or five of her songs, then went to refill my water bottle by the Gobi and watch the last four or so songs of Orville Peck's set. I liked him live much more than I have on record, and can see what the hype is about. He seemed a little more rockabilly live, and his voice is great, as is his backing band. I hope to be able to see more of him in the future.

When he ended, I went to the far side of the Gobi, getting maybe a third of the way back, to wait for Fred Again... He was supposed to be coming out earlier than listed, but ended up being later. The tent was very hot and dusty, and people kept filtering in and joining huge groups of their friends, so it was quite crowded and stuffy by the time they started. 

It was an emotional, cathartic performance, similar to his Actual Life albums. A cute older Asian lady was holding up a sign saying "it's okay to cry," should that help illustrate the mood. It was a fun, hot, dusty dance party, though I personally felt it went on a little long with too many false endings. Or maybe I just couldn't keep up my energy at this point anymore, now six days into the party.

After Fred Again... I made a beeline to the Beer Barn to purchase myself a night IPA to enjoy while watching Duck Sauce in the Sahara (from the comfort of the beer garden). They were a lot of stupid fun, and I fell in love with the track "Big Bad Wolf," getting chills when the first howl came on. During the finale of "Barbara Streisand," they stopped the song to tell us that it was actually that day Barbara's 80th birthday, and they had us all wish her a happy birthday before finishing out the song. Stupid fun!

From there I went to Sonora as fast as I could to catch as much Current Joys as possible. This is the second band by the Surf Curse guy, him being a guitarist in this one. It was a full, fleshed-out band (not just his solo project), five members in total. They were amazing! I might've liked them more than Surf Curse, even. The songs sounded great all fleshed-out.

I'd been looking forward to trying Monty's since weekend one (vegan chicken sandwich), so at this point I went to their stand on the terrace and got a chicken sandwich with tots and a lemonade ($30, but that's a great price for all that in Coachella prices) and got myself back to the Sahara beer garden as fast as I could so I could eat my food while enjoying Duke Dumont. At this point, I dumped the remainder of the lil bottle of rum I had into my lemonade, fulfilling that dream.

The food was delicious, probably best meal I've had on the fields ever. And there was a ton of it. I felt great about my purchase, enjoyed my rum lemonade, had fun listening to Dumont, just another great moment in a series of them that Coachella provided for me in 2022 (with a little help from myself).

I had been wanting to see Denzel Curry, but he was playing against Jamie xx. The Jamie xx experience the weekend before had been so amazing for me, and I knew he wouldn't be playing the exact same set. My brain was telling me Denzel, because I know at some point in the future I'll wish I had made the more novel and unique choice, as the Jamie performances will run together in my memory. But in the monent, I needed to end my Coachella with the spiritual experience that Jamie was going to provide, so it was to the Outdoor that I went next.

And the Jamie xx performance was quite different, starting a little slower before building up. I still loved it, but at this point I was quite tired, my brain chemicals used up. It wasn't the serotonin dump that it had been the previous weekend, me energized and entranced by the music. It was still a very fun experience, and I think I'm going to try to see him whenever I can, so no regrets. Still gotta see Denzel at some point, though.

After Jamie, I went up to see some of The Blessed Madonna x Honey Dijon. Everything they were playing was a celebration of women, and they had some female dancers doing some moves as they took turns spinning. It was also very queer-positive, so a fun set that I wish I could've seen more of, but I also wanted to check out Luttrell, who was closing the Yuma.

I'd been planning all day to exchange my NTX food voucher for a churro, so I decided to go on a hunt as I crossed the field to the Yuma. The first place I went to, the guy apologized and said they were out of churros and only had pretzels, so I found a second stand on the outskirts of the enormous crowd gathered at the Main Stage for Swedish House Mafia x The Weeknd, and despite serving a customer right before me and having a ton of churros within the stand, the chick working would not give me one. She told me they were closed. Like....who the hell are you to go on a power trip and deny someone a churro during goddamn Coachella? What, you're just going to throw them out instead, because you can't just reach over and grab a thing that's right there? It kinda threw a damper on the end of the night for me, just...why be so mean for no reason?

Anyway, I got to hear "Can't Feel My Face" again as I went over to Yuma, so not all bad.

Luttrell was pretty good, and he played an amazing remix of one of my favorite songs, Animotion's "Obsession," so it was a great way to end yet another successful Coachella. At midnight, the lights came on and the security guard practically chased us out.

Overall an amazing Coachella, though I didn't really manage to talk to anybody or meet anyone new, which I had been hoping to do. And my truck's engine imploded on the drive home, but that's a whole other thing that needs its own entry.




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Coachella 2022

Saturday, April 23


I'd had this notion of making my second Danny Elfman performance extra special by taking mescaline on that day. The only mescaline I had was 16 tar pills made perhaps a decade beforehand. I brought along half.

I was very concerned about the possible violent vomiting, so my stomach was all in knots Saturday morning. It was easy to not eat anything, but I drank a lot of different liquids, hoping to both hydrate and give myself something to throw up, if needs be.

Swallowed them two at a time starting around 11:00 AM. It was not easy, and the taste brought back some unpleasant memories of prior pukes.

After about an hour, I still felt ok. So I got packed up for the day, taking along a little acid just in case things didn't work out. Also an MDMA capsule, also on the old side. If I was going to take MDMA again in life, it was going to be to Danny goddamn Elfman.

Grabbed a 9% iPA and headed out.

My first band of the day to see was Yard Act, a British act with a singer who reminded me of Mark E Smith of The Fall (their overall sound was quite Fall-like). They were quite enjoyable.

After they finished, I went next door to kill time at The Gobi before returning for the next act at Sonora. Alaina Castillo was the Gobi act. She had ok songs, a fine voice. But she gave long, rambling introductions to all the songs, often mentioning that she was famous from YouTube. But was seemingly quite appreciative of the die-hard fans up early and gathered close. 

I was only there for about fifteen minutes before it was time for Beach Goons, whom I very much enjoyed. It was about three hours after capsule ingestion, and I still felt absolutely fine, and figured there would be no terrible expectoration this day, but also seemingly not much of a mescaline trip.

From there, I briefly stopped in to see Amber Mark sing a few songs (she's good, would like to give her more time in the future) before getting to the Gobi for Surf Curse. Scott had introduced me to Surf Curse years earlier, and they were one of my most-anticipated acts. The previous weekend, they had been on the Main Stage in the middle of the day, so I was glad they'd been moved to a tent instead.

They had a Wizard of Oz backdrop with Emerald City and the yellow brick road, and were all dressed as Dorothy. The singer later said they'd all been dressed as different characters the previous weekend, with him (a drummer-singer) in a lion costume and absolutely dying from the heat. And I could see why, as they played their songs with a fast fury that's only hinted at on record. At the end of the set, he got into the audience and walked out the back of the Gobi into the walkway, then turned around and went back to the stage, singing all the while. So they exceeded my hopes for them, and I will gladly see them whenever I get the chance.

When they ended, I had fifteen minutes until Beach Bunny started, so I went over to the playground-looking art piece and sat in the shade and watched Masego on the main stage to kill the time. I thought he sounded really good, and I enjoyed him more than anticipated.

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon now, and I'd eaten nothing all day. The moment Beach Bunny started, I beelined for the beer garden/food area next to the Outdoor Theater, planning to eat whatever pizza was available in there. Would never have suspected I was about to have one of the best slices of pizza I've probably ever had.

I was immediately intrigued when I saw they had a pesto, but they didn't have one ready, so instead I got veggie. And this veggie slice had red onion, kalamata olives, eggplant, artichoke hearts, tons of olive oil, I'd never had a slice like it at Coachella, and definitely wished I'd discovered this booth earlier in the festival! I found a spot in the shade and enjoyed my pizza with the sounds of Beach Bunny, a band I quite enjoy. A few little dust devils twirled by, depositing dead grass all over me. I protected the slice as best I could.

At this point it was quite evident that the mescaline was having very minimal effects, so I had one of my gummy worms infused with a drop of liquid lsd. Packing the pizza's crust away for later, I headed to the Gobi to see some of L'Imperatrice. They were just about as fun as everyone who'd seen them w1 had claimed, much more enjoyable live to me than they had been on record. Really good band, too, and the frontwoman is great. I definitely think they'll be back sooner than later, with a much bigger stage and better time slot.

When they ended, I went over to the Main Stage to see some of Conan Gray, sitting on the hill by the terrance to make my trip back to Mojave easier. About as soon as I'd sat down, sky-typing planes flew overhead and spelled out "Coachella". I managed to catch it as the last few letters were going up.

Conan has some fun songs, but alas was playing his sad ones, so I got up to head for Mojave. As I walked, more planes flew overhead and spelled out "Someone Will Love You" to which I thought "yeah right, prove it," but they went on and spelled "Better," so I figured that's ok. Their words don't apply to me anyway since no one can love me better, so maybe it'll touch someone in a bad relationship right now.

Anyway, the band playing the Mojave was Japanese Breakfast, and I thought they were great, with songs that grew and swelled, full of poignant lyrics. I'd missed a couple of chances to see them in the past, and was glad that I could finally do it. I'd like to see more one day.

When they finished, I headed for the Gobi water refill so that I could hear the end of Arlo Parks' set while I waited in line. She was also very good and I wished I could've seen more, but that's just Coachella conflicts for you.

Next was Mannequin Pussy in the Sonora, another group announced for the 2020 lineup whom I'd quite come to enjoy. Their songs reminded me a lot of Pixies, quiet loud quiet format. They have a nice mix of punk ragers and slow burners. I very much wanted to see more (hoping they play Desert Daze), but had to leave a little early to trek over to the Sahara Tent.

I gotta say, 100 gecs was probably my favorite 2020 lineup discovery. They're seemingly quite divisive, but I love their stupid autotuned pummeling tracks, and I'd been looking forward to seeing them for over two years now. And Josh Freese is working on their new album and served as their live drummer for some of the live tracks! So I got to see him twice in the same day.

It was such a fun set! I had a group of five or six thirty-something friends in front of me who were also going nuts with how fun it was. And yeah, it's just two people doing crowdwork and singing terrible autotuned noise, but I still had an absolute blast, and it was a pleasure to hear their music over the Sahara soundsystem. I don't think they would've played that tent in 2020, but they've kinda blown up since, so they absolutely earned that placement. Loved it!

After gecs, I hightailed it over to Mojave for Turnstile, first stopping at the restroom to take my MDMA and...I think I took another acid gummy because the effects of that weren't particularly strong, either. Anyway, I've also quite gotten into Turnstile since 2020 (I miiiight have caught some of them in 2019, too). I didn't want to deal with the crowd in the tent, so I stood outside and watched the moshers from a safe distance. They sounded great, and took time to play slow songs and hand out water when things were getting too hot down in front. I can see why people say they're one of the best rock bands of today, and expect that they could headline one day if their trajectory continues. If Rage can do it, they can.

After Turnstile, I went fast as I could to the Beer Barn. My plan was to acquire a beer, pour it into my Gatorade bottle, and get to the Outdoor to get as close as I could for Elfman. My hope had been to find a stout, but I was unable to, so I grabbed a West Coast IPA that ended up being delicious (I think Mumford made it), spilled a little more than I was hoping to in the transfer, grabbed a bottle of water, and headed out.

Disclosure was still wrapping up when I got to the Outdoor, but only had a song left. Learning my lesson from last weekend, I instead went to the far side of the Outdoor. Once Disclosure ended and the crowd emptied out, I walked to the front til I couldn't walk any more, and ended up about six people back from the stage, pretty much right in the middle. If you ever get to see a recording of the performace, I was a few people behind the guy holding the white "welcome back" sign.

I chatted with a couple girls behind me while waiting, but I was also kinda awkward about it, so our conversation petered out before really going anywhere, I mostly just watched the orchestra set up, unaware of how much of a crowd was building up behind me. Though I was way up there, I had some personal space, and no one was trying to shove it, though things did get a little bit tighter as showtime drew closer.

Once Danny came out, I knew that I had an amazing space. Had a fantastic view this time, pretty much entirely unobstructed. And I was surrounded by fans! Everyone around me was having about as good a time as I was, and I was feeding off their energy as well as Elfman's and the other performers, all of whom also seemed to be having a better time this weekend.

The setlist was basically the same, though the Nightmare Before Christmas tracks were changed up so that it was only Jack songs, no Sally. Knowing what was coming enhanced the experience for me, and somehow weekend one's best-show-ever was topped. Really had a phenomenal time. AND SCOTT RECORDED THE LIVESTREAM FOR ME!!! So now I can revisit it whenever I want to, and it is just soooo gooood.

This time I knew where to go next, so when Elfman and band finished taking their bows, I headed for Mojave to catch the end of Caribou's set. They were good, and I really enjoyed the live band setup, but glad I didn't miss any Elfman for them. I'd be into seeing the live band again some time, though.

Didn't have much to do at this point, so I got to the Gobi early to wait for Hot Chip, and had a decent spot near the front middle as a result. They were an absolute dance party, as they tend to be. They didn't play "One Life Stand," alas, but they did do "Over and Over" and a cover of "Sabotage," which I quite enjoyed, as it's not like I've ever had a chance to hear that one live before (they played it to sound like the Beastie Boys' version, not a Hot Chip makeover).

When they finished, I went next door to Mojave to see some of DJ Koze. The set was very dark and trippy, and I like DJ Koze, but as soon as the show started going next door at the Gobi, I had to go.

Weekend one goers had said that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu had been on of the most fun sets of Saturday, so feeling like I needed more fun and color in my life, I joined the party. It was ridiculous and fun, a cartoon come to life. Apparently the weekend befoe she'd had backup dancers, but they'd gotten ill. I can't even imagine. She did have cute cartoons behind her doing the same dance moves she was doing. She was wearing giant balloon stars on her back, and a huge hoop skirt. When she said, "clap your hands," I clapped my hands. When she said, "wave," I waved. When she said, "jump," I put a little more dip into my knees. And the music was just absurt, gecs like in that way, but fun instead of discordant.

I left that night thinking about how I'd just experienced one of my best Coachella days ever.





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Coachella 2022

Friday, April 22


Got on the road slightly later, and arrived slightly later, too. Maybe ten minutes or so.

Camping security check took even longer, over two hours. The line next to me was done a full forty minutes before I was. Ended up parked almost exactly where I was the week previous, though one row closer and a couple cars over nearer to the perimeter.

Got inside the venue before 1:00 and headed first for a second opening with MEUTE. They were even better this time, and the show was much better attended.

I left before they ended, wanting to catch some of Torres Martinez Birdsinging and Dancing. It was a singing and dancing ritual being performed by people descended from natives of the Coachella Valley, all dressed in their colorful traditional garments. It was interesting to watch, how songs would be started and build, with the dancers becoming more animated as more and more voices joined the songs.

After that, I went into the Sonora to see the end of Giselle Woo & Night Owls, a local band from the Valley who were quite good, a mix of Spanish and English language songs. It was nice to start with local stuff.

I think I may have taken acid already at this point, my memory is of starting early this day because I wanted to go again later the next day. I think I also accidentally packed my Indica vape cartridge, because I was sooooo tired at this point. I watched a few songs of Arooj Aftab, but it was too slow and I legit thought I might fall asleep, so I didn't stay there long. 

Next I went to Jean Dawson in Sonora and really liked him. He had a nice mix of big rock and rap. Huge songs with big electronic effects. Quite enjoyed that.

From there I went over to Gobi to see some of The Regrettes. Got a slice of pizza as I watched their set. I left early to see if I could get into the Yuma to see some of Purple Disco Machine's set this week, but the line when I got there was much, much longer than it had been the week before, so I immediately turned around and figured I'd go enjoy Code Orange again, as I'd quite liked them the first weekend.

They had a much larger crowd in Sonora this time, with lots of moshers and stage divers. I stood in a back corner and let the strong fans blow the AC on me. This weekend was already feeling hotter than the previous one. Enjoyed Code Orange again, they seemed to really feed off of the energy, and made comments about Weekend 2 being better (as had The Regrettes).

From there, I went to check the line at Yuma once again just in case, but it was still bad, so I watched the end of Ari Lennox's set. She's got a great voice and had good stage presence. When she was done, I went to the Outdoor to finish up Omar Apollo's set, who was also pretty good. Plays a mean guitar, at least.

After that, back into Sonora for Spiritualized. It was my third time seeing them, and the most intimate of the settings. They were so damn good. Just lovely hearing those songs build up and unfold. Loved being able to see them in a venue like that. The Sonora was so good this year, and it's been a pleasure watching that stage get introduced and then grow up into one of the best ones at the fest.

I left Spiritualized a little early because one of my favorite new discoveries was playing the Do Lab, a group called Mindchatter. I'd only just found out about them when the Do Lab lineup came out, and they became an instant favorite. I spent very little time at the lab Weekend 2, but made sure to make time for them. They've got simple, bouncy dance music with a male falsetto singer. Good cover of LCD Soundsystem's "I Can Change". Quite enjoyed them.

After that, I went to Mojave to catch the end of Idles. I watched the pit from outside the tent, not feeling any need to get in to the crowd. I'm not sure if I'd watched them before as I'm not a big fan of their recorded songs, but they do put on a great live show.

When Idles finished, it was back to the Sonora for Pup, another group I may have seen before at Desert Daze. They were great, much punkier than I was anticipating, and the crowd was going nuts with stage diving and crowd surfing.

After that I went next door to watch some of Tokimonsta. The show was a bit uneven, and I'd intended to watch more, but they'd changed Run the Jewels' day and time so that they were now playing next door (rather that on the Main Stage in the middle of the day), and I wanted to see them at a time and place more suited to their energy, so I left Toki after just a few songs to catch the end of RTJ. It was definitely a better performance, and the crowd was going nuts, but I dunno....maybe I should've stayed for the more novel experience.

When they finished, I went back to Sonora to see Amyl & The Sniffers, an Aussie punk band fronted by an absolute firecracker of a woman. One of those tiny but mighty ladies. I thought they were really good, and her moves were just fun to watch.

I left a little early to go nextdoor to see what Phoebe Bridgers was like, as she's playing another festival I'm going to, and I wanted to know if I should prioritize her. She plays very pretty songs, but slow burning ones that take time to build. It was an odd choice for the Outdoor on Friday night. She had a great backing band, though, and I'd be happy to see more if I get a chance.

I didn't stay long because I wanted to catch some of The Avalanches at the Gobi. I enjoyed their glitchy, chopped-up dance numbers. It was a DJ set rather than a live band, but sounded good.

I wandered a bit after that, going to Do Lab and walking around, not sure where to go. Thought maybe I should see Daniel Caesar and have a unique experience, but instead decided to go back to Sonora and see Ela Minus again. Last time I'd watched her sitting down, so I figured I would dance this time to make it different. She had a pretty good sized crowd when I got there, and put on another fun show. Not sure if I'll ever have a chance to see her again, so that also justified my attendance. It was the final show in Sonora of the day, and I had seen every act that had played (minus a DJ who played early in the day).

When she ended, I went to Sahara to watch more of Big Sean's set, as I'd only caught the end the week before and had enjoyed him. I thought he was pretty great again. He had a live backing band and great stage presence and crowd control. More fun than it should've been.

After that I went to Mojave to watch Lane 8. It was a feel-good dance party, and I was tempted to stay til the end, but it was getting a little samey, and I was curious about King Gizzard's performance for this week (and crowd size), so I left with about half an hour left with Gizz. They were playing 'Gaia' again when I finally got to the Outdoor, so a repeat from the last week. But they finished up with 'The Dripping Tap', which was new to me, so that made it worth it. They did have a larger crowd and seemed to be in better moods overall.

They ended a few minutes before 1:00, and I saw Lane 8 was still going in the Mojave, but I didn't have the energy or the care to go up there, and instead called it a night at that point and went back to the truck for some much-needed rest, one more day of Coachella in the books.




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Coachella 2022

Sunday, April 17


Got into the venue soon after opening and headed for the Yuma first to see some of Cole Knight and get my early dance on. There were tons of recyclables in the restroom area that I thought about gathering on my way out to turn in for a prize, but when I reemerged from Yuma, they'd been cleaned up. Ah well. Didn't end up gathering any bottles at all this year, actually.

First band I saw was Carino (accent mark on the n), a young girl group from Spain. They were very good, and had a decent-sized crowd for the early set.

From there, I bounced back-and-forth from Sonora and next door Gobi, seeing Sampa the Great (very good, had a great band), Altin Gun (second time after Desert Daze, love them), Hayden James (absolute dance party of the exact music I love, early in the day), Skeggs (very fun rock band), and beabadoobee (90s alternative rock is alive and well in this band).

The acid was already hitting me as I went to the Main Stage for Run the Jewels. El-P made several jokes about how cruel it was to put two fat guys on stage during the hottest part of the day in direct sunlight, and he wasn't wrong. The crowd was small, but I thought they sounded amazing and was dancing my ass off near the soundbooth. The lsd had me feeling amazing, and I was glad that I hadn't used up all of my serotonin or tripping abilities over the past couple days. It was pretty brutally hot, but I was kinda enjoying sweating it out in the sun. As they ended, Killer Mike gave a touching speech about how much he loves us that had me tearing up a bit.

Once they ended, I hiked across the grounds to the Sahara tent, getting there about five minutes before Vince Staples started. Vince has crept up on me over the years and has become one of my favorite artists, and I thought he sounded amazing. I love his backing tracks so much, they're so different from what most mainsteam rap artists are doing. And his delivery is so unique, with his high drawl. I had a great time at his set, getting down with the other fans.

From Vince, I got to the Outdoor as fast as I could to catch Solomun. Loved this set, too. So German! The type of techno he played naturally led to this sort of tick-tock dancing style that was super fun. Everyone around me was absolutely blissing out, no one talking, all stuck in this movement caused by the clip-clop of the songs. SO GOOD! The sun started going down near the end, and it was just lovely watching it go down behind the mountains and the day finally cooled off.

My intention after Solomun was to get to the Sahara for Duck Sauce, but as I was walking over, I ended up getting distracted by Dave. What a talent! He raps, sings, writes songs, plays piano beautifully and guitar amazingly. The fans in there were absolutely enthralled, and I was, too.

After some of that, I went to check out Joji at the Outdoor. It was terrible. I didn't understand what was happening, actually. The lead guy had zero stage presence, and his voice sounded so terrible that I was trying to explain in my head how he'd even gotten on stage (I assumed his dad was bankrolling the band and the recordings were studio magic). After one song, the music stopped and didn't start up again, so after a few minutes, I got up to go. Just as I was out of there, it started up again. (The story was that the guy had some medical issue and was told to perform or not get paid, but rumors said he was just too wasted, so I dunno what actually happened there.)

So instead I went into Sonora for Nathy Peluso. She and the band were doing traditional-sounding Latin numbers, which sounded great, but weren't really my thing. But her band was so incredibly good and she had such a great voice that I stayed for a few songs. Needing to go to the bathroom got me to head out, and as soon as I did, the sound the band was playing completely changed and became more of a heavy electronics thing, so once I'd gone to the bathroom, I immediately returned to see how this about-face played out. It was the craziest switch I'd seen since Princess Nokia went emo in 2018 (or 19?). For the rest of the performace, Nathy was channeling punk rock and the performance just took off. I absolutely loved the electronic/rap half and found the whole thing just wild. Her band continued to impress me, switching instruments to back this whole other version. Great stuff.

After that, I went to get a beer and got to the Sahara side of the Beer Barn just as Duke Dumont was finishing up. But I enjoyed what I heard and decided I'd try again next week to see him.

Then it was back to the Outdoor for Jamie xx. I had not seen Jamie solo before, but absolutely adore The xx, so was excited for this set. I wasn't excepting the spiritual experience that it ended up being. Besides Elfman of course, top set of the weekend. Couldn't stop dancing and smiling and crying and surrendering to the music and visuals of the crowd moving. I was blown away, and have since come out obsessed with his music. I can't stop listening to his songs and reliving this performance (and the one I would see the next Sunday). Absolute top performer, and I will see him whenever I get the chance.

He went a little long because Swedish House Mafia were late, so I got even more Jamie than I was supposed to. Sooooo gooooood. I wanted to inject it right into my veins.

I was still high enough from acid and xx that I actually enjoyed the Swedish House Mafia portion of the performance. I mean, it was nowhere as good and reminded me of how shallow and simple some house music can be, but it was fun enough. I really just wanted to see The Weeknd, but was willing to tolerate some SHM again.

Good God do I love Abel's voice. That gloriousness coming over Coachella's speakers is some of my favorite stuff in the world. He's absolutely one of my favorite artists. Because they started late, I was afraid he'd only get a half-hour set, but he ignored curfew and just kept on going and going! And Sunday curfew is a "big deal". But he went on for twenty extra minutes, putting in a full hour of the hits. He'd say stuff like, "I always got your back, Coachella, because you've always had mine," and I'd think, "yeah, but the $8.5 million surely helps." Whatever, it was still very fun and a great ending to weekend one.

Goddamn was I happy that I was going to be able to do it all again in five days.






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